Oct. 26th, 2015

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Hi yuletide writer!

First off, thank you in advance. I know how these things always seem to eat up more time than they should, and time gets precious this time of year - I definitely appreciate the effort!

For general likes/dislikes - I'm a pretty easy keeper. In general, I love slice-of-life / behind the scenes / scene expansion, and of course adventures in the style of canon are always awesome. :D Shipping is fine, as long as it doesn't alter what's already canon or force characters to be out of character. H/C can be awesome when well written (and clearly I have no problem with it in general, since it's in the requests...). TBH I tend to skip over smut unless it's either integral to the plot or very well written, so.

I don't like noncon/dubcon, mpreg, omegaverse.

And then, reposting the requests for ease of not having a million tabs open:

Ashes to Ashes:
Shaz is one of my favorite characters in this series, with her double challenge of being a good cop and being a woman in what's still decidedly a man's world. I'd love some Shaz-centric work, whether it's what she got up to when Alex was back in the real world / in a coma, or the rise and fall of her relationship with Chris, or what happened from her POV when she was stabbed by Hollis... basically, the world needs more Shaz.

Cadfael Chronicles - Ellis Peters:
So, Hugh is an awesome guy - confident, skilled, intelligent, moral... and he's _forever_ throwing himself at trouble and only very rarely getting himself hurt. While this is probably better for him considering his timespan's lack of antibiotics or understanding how disease spreads, this doesn't seem realistic to me. So I'd love a little H/C with Hugh with Cadfael getting to lecture his favorite arrogant sheriff to his heart's delight. Alternately, I know they're on opposite sides of the war, but surely there's a situation where Hugh and Olivier can work together and not have to constantly be dancing around each other (other than as one part of one book c'mon I need moooooore).

RED (movies):
I'm fascinated by Victoria, and I want more about her - her time in MI6, her illicit love affair, why she felt the need to pretend to be a Martha Stewart twin in her civilian life, how she got into spy work (or how she got into wet work particularly), daring escapades, the jobs she's been taking on the side, difficulties in dealing with the non-spy world... anything. Go nuts. :D

Star Wars Legends: X-wing Series - Aaron Allston & Michael Stackpole:
So, this is hands-down my favorite series in the Star Wars book-verse (how much have I been hoping that the new movie will have some flyboys in it? SO MUCH.) There's so many ways I'd love this to go - Adventures with the main four pilots, Wedge/Iella romance (zomg those dorks), Tycho trying to maintain some sort of Alderaanian dignity in the face of the combined might of Wes and Hobbie, Wedge unloading an old-fashioned smackdown on some poor hapless idiot newbie, Operations does not take orders from Intelligence (and vice versa)...


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