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Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.
Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

The first round is from [personal profile] ceitfianna!

1-What's your current favorite piece of media and why?
Oh, goodness. Um. Can I list them by type? TV - definitely 'Grimm', which is a police procedural with a fairytale twist (that beats the pants off of 'Once Upon a Time', no matter what any reviewers say). Music - ............ I'm still going to have to go with Queen's 'Slightly Mad', because that's kind of epic. Movie - can I pick something that isn't out yet? Because the ad for 'The Hobbit' makes me squeak like a fifteen-year-old-Bieber-fangirl. Just sayin'. (omg the dwarves sing OMG). Book - I'm looking forward to King's latest Dark Tower book, but I fear it's going to be like his last one - a lot self-serving and entirely too drawn out. I guess my favorite book is right now occupied by 'Busman's Honeymoon' by Sawyers. I've been a Lord Peter Wimsey fan for ages, and I'll re-read the books every so often. Very often. Whatevs. Life always needs more Bunter.

2-How did you get into roleplaying?
I was hanging around Neopets, and over there they have a forum board. And in the forum boards, there was a lot of very basic RP - and 99.99% mary sue-riffic. I'll freely admit I used to set MS bait with 'a blond royal elf' who turned out to be Thranduil who'd happily inform the MS du jour why she was an unholy creature. (Seriously. How many red-eyed black-nailed unearthly-gorgeous purple-haired elves can there be? Especially when they're all the daughters of Elrond?) Eventually, though I found one that frequently popped up, a group of folk who played hares from Salamandastron (bonus points if you know what that is without google!) and I finally started playing, regularly, a medico hare who had a distinct curse where head injuries were involved. Wot?

3-Somehow you get to visit the world of one of your favorite canons, which one do you pick and why?
The problem I have with this question is most of my favorite canons are not so safe. I'd say Doctor Who (because OMG TARDIS and OMG DOCTOR and OMG KICKING ASS) but if I did end up in that 'verse, odds are in favor of me being killed by a shop model or ending up as a Cyberman or getting slaughtered by a Dalek (etc etc etc). So. I'd say LotR, but I suspect someplace non-epic like Bree or even most of Rohan) isn't so big on the indoor plumbing, the hobbits would consider me a Big Person (whut) and ignore me, and the Gondorrim, while probably indoor-plumbing-having in the bigger cities (and they might even believe in regular bathing!), would not be impressed with my non 'tall, dark-haired, silver-eyed' self. Also, there's orcs and Nazgul and ghosts and Harradrim and trolls and (and and and) other things that like to munch on people that aren't, y'know. Epic. So. Um. I'd say Grimm, but odds are in favor of getting et/kidnapped/et/evicerated/et/drained of all fluid/or, you know, et by some sort of creature feature.
Maybe Star Wars-verse. In the time of the Old Republic, because there's a higher chance of Jedi, and a lesser chance of whatever those bizzaro creatures are that they introduced to destroy all the old characters and make new ones so the book-verse can be continued forever and ever amen. (*is not a faaaaaan*)

4-Ideal day off?
So, it's my Sunday, because I' usually not zombiefied by then. I've got a plan as to what to do that day, so I don't just leave the alarm clock off and sleep in until late morning. It's late spring, so it's nice and warm but not evilly hot. I get up early, grab some lunch things from the supermarket (aka some sausage, some hard cheese, some tasty bread, some fruit, maybe some pickled peppers) and some Starbucks anna tasty breakfast bready thing, and drive somewhere to hike. Then we hike. Somewhere. Hopefully I don't get too crazy ambitious. And then, on the way back, stop at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner (with sangria). Win!
Or, you know. Any day off where I don't have to make major decisions. I make enough major, often emotionally painful decisions at work. Say thankya.

5-What's your current soundtrack at the moment?
All the stuff by ThePianoGuys, and the '21' album by Adele. The remake of 'Paradise' by Coldplay by ThePianoGuys is EPIC.

6-What do you enjoy most about writing?
I like that you can explore things that just aren't fully explained in canon. There's so many little throw-away lines and scenes and tidbits that never get used, tragically.
(Also, wtf, Grimm did a episode recently that was scarily similar to my Yuletide fic. Though theirs was way scarier. They won.)

7-You can have any combination of critters to live with you, what would they be and why?
Well, obviously my Martha the Wondercat, and probably another kitty, either a Siamese or an orange tabby (so want an orange tabby). Then a saluki, and maybe something bigger and fuzzy. The second dog changes breed every time I watch a dog show. Or it could be a mutt! Go hybrid vigor!

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Date: 2012-02-19 06:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ceitfianna
I'm all for long answers as they're interesting. I think I remember you mentioning before the Neopets, LotR, Redwall RP connection as it made me think that I never found that part of Neopets.


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