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So, I finally saw Avengers...

Now, all of this is with the caveat that I haven't read any of the comic books, and I still haven't seen the Hulk movie (though he has a different actor now so should I really?) or Captain America.

I think Hulk/Bruce Banner and Iron Man/Tony Stark kinda entirely stole the show in whatever scene they were in - the bit where the two of them were geeking out over Science while the rest of the bridge kind of stared at them in pure wtfery was amazing, and I loved Tony hero-worshiping just a smidge.

And. You know.

Hulk Smash Loki. Kinda the best scene of ever. Sorry. Stupid Gods.

Though, for me, it was slightly overly convoluted - Fury bringing them all together under the pretence of 'oh, we're just finding the cube thingy and then you're all free to go :D' with both Bruce and Tony standing there going 'um, no, you aren't, um.... does anybody really believe this? You do. You do? WHY?' The Entire Time.

Also, protip for Fury - you are dealing with a demigod who likes to make fake images of himself. Plz to be making sure you have the right one before putting him in a cage? Kthx.

Also, I'd kind of love a Black Widow-Hawkeye movie, but not if Hawkeye is going to be a woobie the ENTIRE MOVIE. Badass woobie, to be sure, but the only person who broods more is Batman.

Now, this part is only because of Millicanon, and I don't know if the character already has a backstory that'd infurate comic fans if I misappropriated it... but the dark-haired agent that is Fury's assistant/backup gun through the entire movie? I can totally write Scaramouche into that role. With some training, some inter-world travel, and a makeover. I kinda want to write the fic to create it. Kinda. Sorta. Really do. >.> Also, Scaramouche says that Fury isn't allowed into buildings anymore, they just tend to fall down around him as people shoot at him a lot.

(Also, isn't that UNIT's flying ship? They're gonna be pissed when they find out SHIELD took it.)

I loved the way the battle ended, but please tell me I wasn't the only one who saw it coming a million miles away? As soon as Cap started ranting about how Tony wouldn't lay down his life to save others, I knew that Tony Stark was going to do something ridiculously brave and self-sacrificing and somehow survive it anyway. Also, is there going to be nothing to address the amount of bruising that man must have? Full armor or no, if you free-fall from space(whut) and are only slowed down a few hundred feet above ground, and there's no way your suit is doing anything to compensate for the deceleration, there's gonna be pain. Was Tony hopped up on morphine for that final shot?

(Also, tots did not get the final scene, after Loki and Thor go back to Asgard - they're all driving off with brave and stoic faces to do... what? Party at Tony's place?)

Also, randomly - why didn't Fury have a plan for when Bruce went all Hulk Smash? Surely he didn't think that Bruce was going to go calmly into the cell. I mean. Really. It seemed his plan consisted of 'hope you can lure him close enough to the edge of the ship before he destroys everything so you can shoot at it with an F-16'. Srsly?

In short - really liked the movie, thought it had some holes but less than some other superhero movies I've seen (*cough*X-3*cough*).
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