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First: Thank you! I love Yuletide fics, so thank you for taking the time to write this.

Request 1: Peabody Mysteries
I'll admit, Ramses is my favorite character, and has been since he first appeared as a tiny trouble-making boy. The parts right before and during WWI are the best - I love his stoic act, the scenes where he drops it just long enough to show the character underneath.

Request 2: Night Watch
My favorite parts of this series are when Anton (or whichever Dark character is narrating at the time) gets out of his own head long enough to describe some of the down time on either side - Katya's summer party (and her weapons collection), hints of the story of how Seymon hitch-hiked across the whole of Russia, the way the older Light Others know something about how scary Olga can be but never really say, Ignat and his conquest of the feminine half of both watches, the way Bear and Katya are so comfortable together (and maybe their not!romance?). And yeeeah, I like the Light Others better - they seem better defined and a bit more quirky. I'd love a fic elaborating on some of these - go nuts!

Request 3: Star Wars
In my opinion, the flyboys rule the extended universe. I love how this particular series allows the reader to see the universe through the eyes of 'normal' (albeit ridiculously talented) people. And of all of those, my favorites are Wedge, Tycho, Wes, and Hobbie - slightly predictable, but their friendship makes the series. Also, any time Wedge gets to prove that younger does not equal better to the new hotshots who think they can outfly Rogue Squadron veterans.
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