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I think Ace needs to catch Dean doing this:

Best of Ever

? :D
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It's been a weird day. So here, a meme that I've seen around. Comments are screened, and it seems LJ has decided my e-mail account is crap, and is refusing to cross-post. Which. Just makes me more cranky at LJ.

Leave me a topic to write a post about. Serious, funny, anything in between. Comments are screened.
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*blinks at the news page* So, I understand that they wanted a picture of Romney that was all 'yay, I won, so there!' for capturing the Florida primary...

But dear Lord, could they have found a picture less flattering of his wife? Poor gal! Just, like, a second later when she's got a real smile on? The weirdest thing is I've seen the same picture on two 'news' sites (AOL and DELL MSN, so not exactly the most hard-hitting news pages ever).
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My second attempt at walking around the park went much better - evidently yesterday I made every wrong turn ever. >.> This is why maps are awesome, kids!

22.4 miles toward Rivendell. I am now 4 miles into the hobbits' second day.

Good grief, hobbits.
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Okay, I'm not sure who on my list watches/reads Doctor Who stuff, but:

Lyricwritesprose does the most amazing fic, yo. I started reading her stuff for the Rory (omg the Rory) and... I'll admit it, I'm an adamant anti-Doctor/Rose shipper, I thought that was one of the more ridiculous plotlines ever, but I adore it in these fics.


Of course, the latest one about River and the Doctor and falling is amazing, so.
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So, today, I decided I was finally going to walk to the park near my apartment. I've lived here two and nearly a half years, and I've only driven by the thing!


8.4 miles later, I think I probably should have researched the park more? It's huge, and a tendency to go 'well, let's see where this path goes' isn't exactly the smartest.

So. 18.6 miles on the way to Rivendell. >.< The hobbits have just started off on their second day of walking to Crickhollow, and Pippin has revealed that he really isn't a morning person. Poor Pip.
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Further down along the road...

I'm now 10.2 miles on the way to Rivendell - and during this leg, I totally squawked like a strangled chicken when a biker swooped by me that I hadn't seen coming. >.< Hobbiton is now out of sight, and it's about a mile until a bit of a hobbit supper.
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And we're moving on! 7.6 miles on the way to Rivendell - I am, apparently, at this point here:

"As they began to climb its first slopes they looked back and saw the lights of Hobbiton far off twinkling in the gentle valley of the Water."

Almost out of sight of Hobbiton!
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So, last night I sent letters to my state's senators and my congressman, about SOPA/PIPA and please for the love of all things fluffy don't vote for it.

The congressman?

Wrote back.

Sure, it's probably the same form letter that anyone who writes in on this topic gets, but... answer. Back.

Way to be awesome, dude.
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So, I was industrious this morning (aka crazy) and walked. I am now 4.6 miles on my way to Rivendell - I'm aaaalmost to Tookland.

There is, actually, a quote appropriate for today.

"Ah!" said Sam gloomily. "We'll just wait long enough for winter to come."
"That can't be helped," said Bilbo. "It's your fault partly, Frodo my lad; insisting on waiting for my birthday. A funny of honoring it, I can't help thinking. Not the day I should have chosen for letting the S.-B.s into Bag End. But there it is: you can't wait now till spring, and you can't go till the reports come back.

When winter first begins to bite
and stones crack in the frosty night,
when pools are black and trees are bare,
'tis evil in the Wild to fare.

But I am afraid that will be just your luck."

Yes Uncle Bilbo. Sorry, Uncle Bilbo.
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Last seen on [personal profile] ceitfianna's journal:

Comment with a couple of characters and a song and I will drabble for you.

Hit me!
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I've seen multiple posts of folks who've gotten a hold of the latest Sherlock. Anyone showing it this side of the pond? *hates on BBCA*
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So, I'm doing this

So far, I'm 2 miles on my way to Rivendell.

Also, hobbits are ridiculously hardy creatures. So, no, am not going as far or as fast as a little scholar hobbit and his gardener. WTF.
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So, today sucked. It was almost made of awesome, but in the end?

OMFG suckage. Which I can't really detail, 'cause lalala privacy things. But. As I'm leaving the hospital, the lights go out inside. PetSmart's still lit, but. Bad sign. I go up front, 'cause I knew the manager was leaving then, to find out that nope, she's already gone. I'm locked in.

And then I get too close to the front door, and the everloving alarm goes off.

Ten-fifteen minutes later, the cops show up. They think this whole thing is hilarious. I want to go hide under a rock somewhere and never come out again. Twenty-ish minutes after that, manager shows up, going 'wtf why are you still here', and me going 'mostly 'cause my day is made of omg suck, and needed to get one last shot in'.

Can I just take a rain check on tomorrow and skip to my weekend? That sounds like a good plan.
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For the record:

Rose Bowl Parade > Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

By, like, everything.
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2011 ended with me driving 3 hours from the city I live/work in after being stuck at work for 2 hours overtime, to spend New Years Eve (or at least the very last bit of it) with my family. This was not a bad thing :D.
Today we spent at the San Francisco Exploratorium - this may be the most fun museum ever, excepting only (maybe) the Smithsonian. It is fueled by Science!
(Also you can play with bubbles. This wins always and ever.)

So, Yuletide Reveal!
The fic I was assigned:
Ponce de Leon's Folly - Grimm - This thing ate my brain for most of December, but the challenge was to have poor Nick face a Grimm creature that isn't European-mythology based.

The fic I did as a pinch-hit:
Long Family Tradition - Grimm - Eddie and Christmas and the awesomeness of Christmas (and Eddie).
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So, I've backed up Bones, Ace, and Balthazar on DW - I'll probably do Katya and Shaz too, to round out the ones of mine I play most - I should, honestly, delete the others (save Romana, I swear I'm trying to play Romana more, poor girl) since I barely touch them. But then I can try new pups! :D
(Still think I could have made it with Hon Rosie)
(Am determinedly not re-apping Hon Rosie)

OMG end of year inventory is coming up. It is majorly not of the non-stressful. *makes flailyface*

So, the exerbeats game? Ridiculous amounts of fun. For serious. Still think I should go no where other people can see me with the hip-hop stuff. *fears*

So, here's some things I never did get around to posting earlier (links go to the Kodak website, swear):

Martha the Pirate Kitty

My Christmas Tree, and oh yes, I have the coolest calendar this year

In other news, does anyone have a good recommendation for a online photo-storage site? The one I've been using for almost 7 years has suddenly become a portal to that evil 'omg you're infected with a virus click on THIS TO SAVE YOURSELF' virus. Thank goodness for MacAffee. *snuggles it*
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It's about time I did this - there's some great stories written this year. So, starting from the top:

The Shop Around the Corner Alice (2009) - Hatter attempts to adjust to the routine of Alice's world. It is so sweet!

Written in the Stars Cowboys and Aliens - Even with his memories back, Jake still has nowhere to go. Basically, the ending the movie deserved.

Lullaby Dark Tower-Stephen King Eddie can't sleep, can't get comfortable on the beach or in his own skin, and can't really believe Roland said something that actually helps.
If Stephen King's new book only has a little of this, I'll be happy.

Go and Catch a Falling Star Lord Peter Wimsey / Doctor Who "No," Harriet Vane said, having given it some thought. "I don't suppose I do believe in spontaneous human combustion." OMG. The author needs to write More Of This.

Role Model Lord Peter Wimsey Viscount Saint-George never meant to make a role model out of his uncle, but somehow Peter wormed himself into Saint-George's conscience. This is... just perfect. So perfect.

Less Substantial Than Fairy Tales Nochnoy Dozor / Night Watch
Olga adjusts to life off the shelf and the modern world of the Night Watch.
OMG. I've linked this one before, it's the one written for me for Yuletide, and it's amazing, yo.

Clear Skies Star Wars X-wing Series A routine escort duty provides Wedge with some long-overdue relaxation. In theory. And this is why we love this series. :D

Midwinter Toast Wire In The Blood In the aftermath of a case, Tony and Carol share their first Christmas. Pure, unadulterated fluff. Title taken from the Thea Gilmore song of the same name. It's the fluff we wish the author would indulge in more often. Also, I love that the cat has a tag.

That's just my short list of favorites with a brief read-through. Now I need to go through and find the ones I missed. :D
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a) So, things I learned today that I'm not so good at Life. But pretty good at Canasta! :D

2) I have a new Exerbeats game. Things I already know - I should never, ever take the hip-hop moves out onto the dance floor.

iii) I suck at memory games. Considering the trouble I have remembering people's names, this is not a shock. Oddly, I remember pets really well.

IV) Tomorrow we go see Sherlock Holmes! :D


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