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I just want to know:

Why is it no one actually believes we are definitely, entirely closed at 7pm (except, y'know, obviously for emergencies, but you kinda have to tell us before 7)? No, I'm not re-opening for vaccines at 7:45. I'm only here because I got my ass kicked and have a ton of notes to do. No, I'm not sorry.


I mean, really?

*is so confusled*

In other news, cute bebe kittens are cute and oh so fierce. :D

In other, other news, Neil Gaiman is way creepy in his short stories. Dude. I mean, going off this collection, he has a somewhat disturbing facination with ghosts and said ghosts getting people to commit suicide. O.o
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*sheepishes* Um. Hi!

So much for that New Year's resolution to update this thing more. Um. ANYWAY. Still alive, still a vet, still... pretty much the same as last time? Martha the Wondercat is still just as feisty as ever, the temperatures around here refuse to go below 100 for more than a day or so...


In the grand tradition of misdirection, how 'bout some picspam? For example: Things I do at work when not taking steak bones out of doggies and string out of kitties:

I make puppy superheros. Well. I make their costumes.

Dun da daaaah! Captain Microfilaria here to save the day!


Yeah, it was slow today. How'd'ja guess?

Someday, when it isn't almost midnight, I'll work on putting up pictures of the trip I recently took to Alaska. Which was, in fact, amazing. Though tragically free of bears. But omg the eagles! :D
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*pokes* Is this thing on?

*waves* So, um. Am still alive? Hi!

An update on the Boodledop since... um. Good lord, when is the last time I updated this thing? Last January? *fails at blogging in the RL*

1) Am now the lead vet at my clinic. I am not entirely clear how this happened, but I'm still doing my best to kick ass and take names. Some days I succeed. Some days I threaten to become a waitress in France. (Long story)

2) Martha the Wondercat is still an awesome bundle of fuzz, though she's earned herself a nasty reputation at the clinic. She's a saint!kitty... right up until someone goes for a needle. Then she decides that it's only fair that she gets to poke people back.

3) Drove in the snow for the first time this Thanksgiving. There are even pictures of my snow-going mini!SUV. It was pretty awesome, yo.

4) UTTERLY fell off the 'taking care of oneself' bandwagon. Working on getting back on that, yes.

5) Am working on my Yuletide fic, and I wonder sometimes if the organizers of that thing if they look at what I offer, and purposefully pick the one offer in the canon I love, but haven't read/watched/etc in a while. Every year! *flail* Gonna make it. Must has more research!

6) Am doing Christmas Cards! Better late than never, right? Responses are hidden if you give your address (I'll unlock the others, unless you say otherwise), and... I think the cards are cute. :D
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WHOOHOOO! I am now on the intarwebs, without the help of the iPod. As previously mentioned, the trusty laptop has bit the dust due to the computer version of H1N1, proclaimed dead as a doornail last Monday by two computer specialists.

I am... um. Ridiculously behind on my Yuletide fic, but I have an idea for it, and since I love this canon (though honestly, I can't remember ever seeing any fic for it ever), it should come along nicely. Or at least come along.

NaNoWriMo has defeated me once again (yes, I know I have a couple more days, but dudes, I've only just barely cleared 10,000 words and... um. It was all on the laptop. So no. I'll get you next year, nearly-impossible writing task!

Work continues to be work, with it's joys and sadness and 'no seriously tell me you aren't that crazy'-ness of it all. Lalala yay.

Also! I now have Christmas lights! And cards! So I'm going to make all replies viewable by me only, and say HERE BE CHRISTMAS CARD POST. They have the requisite cute animal. Srsly. C'mon, it's me... did you really think it wasn't going to have a cute animal on it? Even if I should have your address tattooed on the back of my eyelids, plz respond, for lo, I am a disorganized critter, and people move, and things. Yes, I'll send cards overseas.

And. Um. Yes? Thanksgiving (done a day early since I had to drive home last night (5 hours omgwtf) was marvellous, and evidently it's snowing in Tahoe now that I've left. Figures, though I'm glad I didn't have to drive home in the snow.

Also, I need a Christmas icon. I had one lined up - Urahara with a Christmas hat, but it was... say it with me... on the laptop. Alas.
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I am tired.

I am tired, my knee aches, I'm working my sixth day in a row, yesterday had entirely too many charming clients in it, I feel overweight (am, but not moreso than usual, sigh), and I wanted to murder my alarm clock this morning.


I'm leaving to go Tahoe after work.

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Today was... overly traumatic. Some very very good things, but...

Tomorrow is my Friday. YAY.

Also, I've uploaded a (very very very very) small portion of my Yosemite pictures thus far:


I'd do a whole traditional picspam thing, but I'm tired. :(
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Reason #1 I rock: We have to drive back and forth between the hotel and HQ every day in work-supplied vans. This morning, my group's van was between two other work vans, and deliberately boxes in. My group wanted to wait for the other groups to move their vans.

I popped the trunk, climbed through the van to the driver's seat, and freed the van.

Booyah. :)

Edit: Evidently the other groups were standing at the hotel window laughing. Awesome. What time is my flight?
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Note: There is a cross-stitch store in downtown Portland with gorgeous kits. I could totally spend an entire paycheck there. In other news, business trip continues apace. But I'll be flying home tomorrow yay!

I may never be able to eat m&ms again.

Haven't run into Cap'n Clueless again, which is of the good.
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Well, here I am, sitting in the San Jose airport, one hour and fifteen minutes early for my flight. Almost got stopped by TSA again - evidently laptops go outside the bag now. Who knew?

Got a list of things... The overhead just went off - the only problem being I'm not sure if the guy said a hairdryer or someone's curly hair was left at security. The first is more likely, but the second is a funnier mental image.

Anyway, I have a list of things to do in Portland today, and my camera, so we'll see what happens.

Oh! Taking drabble requests. Fandoms include Doctor Who, Torchwood ( including CoE), Star Wars, Star Trek (TOS and TNG), Bleach (up to two months ago in the scans, I'm behind), LotR, aaasnd anything else you think I may have knowledge of (or I could make up stuff, for the most OOC drabbles ever.

One good thing about posting from an iPod - it's almost time for boarding now!
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Brains, I evidently does not have them.

Though, I did manage to work out this morning, yay?
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So yesterday was the first day of work, and when I say 'work', I mean 'lots of paperwork and spending most of the day trying to figure out the computer system'. Today will be more of the same, with shadowing, but... BUT BUT BUT I'm being paid to do it SO. I'll do all the paperwork they want.

Also I got the gym thing sorted out, so I was able to go for a run this morning, which was awesome.

Also also? I officially have my CA license. SO MUCH YAY, people.


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