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So, last night I sent letters to my state's senators and my congressman, about SOPA/PIPA and please for the love of all things fluffy don't vote for it.

The congressman?

Wrote back.

Sure, it's probably the same form letter that anyone who writes in on this topic gets, but... answer. Back.

Way to be awesome, dude.
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*pokes* Is this thing on?

*waves* So, um. Am still alive? Hi!

An update on the Boodledop since... um. Good lord, when is the last time I updated this thing? Last January? *fails at blogging in the RL*

1) Am now the lead vet at my clinic. I am not entirely clear how this happened, but I'm still doing my best to kick ass and take names. Some days I succeed. Some days I threaten to become a waitress in France. (Long story)

2) Martha the Wondercat is still an awesome bundle of fuzz, though she's earned herself a nasty reputation at the clinic. She's a saint!kitty... right up until someone goes for a needle. Then she decides that it's only fair that she gets to poke people back.

3) Drove in the snow for the first time this Thanksgiving. There are even pictures of my snow-going mini!SUV. It was pretty awesome, yo.

4) UTTERLY fell off the 'taking care of oneself' bandwagon. Working on getting back on that, yes.

5) Am working on my Yuletide fic, and I wonder sometimes if the organizers of that thing if they look at what I offer, and purposefully pick the one offer in the canon I love, but haven't read/watched/etc in a while. Every year! *flail* Gonna make it. Must has more research!

6) Am doing Christmas Cards! Better late than never, right? Responses are hidden if you give your address (I'll unlock the others, unless you say otherwise), and... I think the cards are cute. :D
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Alright, since it seems my co-doctor has managed to get to work and I haven't recieved any frantic 'OMG NO DOCTOR HALP' calls, I'm in the clear to get my stuff done today. Thus, list!

The List of DOOOOM
Clean/dust apartment
Finish emptying the last of the big move boxes for crying out loud
Hang up the Christmas lights. :D!!!
Re-pot that poor plant outside that doesn't seem to know it's a poor plant 'cause it's going nuts
On that note, weed the garden
Cooking food for the next week
Wreath-making! :D!!!

*eyes list* It is a good list. For now. We'll see what else it needs as time goes on. And if it all gets done? Yosemite tomorrow. :D

Also? CHRISTMAS CARD POST in my previous entry. Go. Give me addresses. The power of the cute critter on the cards demands it.
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So, here I am in College Station. It's rather muggy, but otherwise nice. The Grandparents are already here, we'll be meeting them for dinner, I guess. Sis picked us up at the airport, which was surprisingly large for a town this size. The flights were uneventful, and as sis predicted, there was no free WiFi at Dallas-FW. There was, however, yummy frozen yougurt.
Am currently being the bad sister, and not going to a little ceremony my sis is going to for a certificate of something or other. I'm tired, and all bleh from the airplane, and I'm barely a social creature at the best of times. Oh well.
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So, my car is trying to wreak my perfect record.

I get in the car this morning (after being allowed to sleep in, because we started late today), and... the engine does that unhappy 'oh, where'd my oil go' thing that it does. Me, realizing that I hadn't yet restocked on my oil supply in the trunk, hopes that the car is just at an odd angle or something (which does sometimes cause this).

Check the oil.

Yup, low.

All of the sudden.

It was fine a week ago.

WTF, Bessie the car. I thought we were over this.

So I got to call in and say I'd be late before dashing over to the store (which, luckily, isn't that far away) to buy mucho oil and dump it into Bessie. Turns out I wasn't late after all (getting all of the Oncologists into one room is a bit like herding cats), but it was a close thing.

Not on, car. Not on.

In job search news, I've applied to a couple different places now, including Banfield (boo hiss, I know, a job's a job, for serious), and discovered I still hate writing cover letters as much as I did before (why hire me? HELL IF I KNOW!), and still no replies. Um. From last night, so. >.>

Now, to call the CA Boards people and go 'oi, where's my packet, you people who have too much power over my life?', and hope they don't laugh before hanging up. After is fine. Before is just demoralizing.
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So, somehow the senior student covering the surgery services over Thanksgiving things he's only on-call and not responsible for a surgery patient (my surgery patient, which I actually don't want to be here to take care of this weekend, shockingly).

My sis is currently in a plane (or at least in an airport) preparing to come here, so we can drive to Tahoe tonight (once I'm free from my patient and have watered my poor plants).


And my clinician keeps forgetting I'm so not going to be here this weekend. With no. Please to be stopping giving me orders for this weekend. For really.


And my dragons keep dying. Possibly because I haven't been posting the eggs as often. Eh?
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So, this weekend I may be getting glasses! (Finally, I know) The school's insurance program has added a vision plan, so I'd probably only end up paying $25-35 on a visit and new glasses.


Lenscrafters isn't on the list. So.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate picking new doctors? And how much I hate eye exams? (And doctor's visits in general but yeah)


*scowls at 'list of doctors in your area!' list and contemplates throwing darts*
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Now, this is not a post about Obama vs. McCain (Though, I liked both candidates last speeches, and the Obama girls are adormidable). This is a post about disappointed McCain supporters.

If you're going to be snarky about the Obama win?

Don't do so by saying he can't speak intelligently in public.


*facepalms yea mightily*

That said, I am, on a note unrelated to the politics of the situation, impressed at the nation for going from a slavery-supporting country to one that now has Obama as a president-elect in such a (relatively) short amount of time.
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Managed to not fail at adulthood today and got up early to vote. It helps that I don't have to be in to school until 10am. :D But the line was huge, even at 7am - there was a group of old folks ahead of me (defined by how they kept using the term 'young folks' in loud patronizing tones that made me want to wallop them over the head with my purse) that talked the entire time (repeating themselves frequently) about how they've never seen a turn out like this before.

That's what happens when you have the combination of Presidential race and hot-button propositions on the ballot as we have in California today. The news ought to be interesting tonight, anyway.

In other news, maybe free ice cream tonight? *eyes the Ben&Jerry's thing and wonders if it is worth it*

In other, other news, I managed to go for a run for the first time in two-ish months. It was in the rain, and while it was getting dark, but I still did it. *wins*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!



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