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So, I've held on to Bessie the Car for some months now, even though the new CR-V is kind of made of awesome and I don't entirely trust Bessie not to break down on me in the dark again. But the registration is due, and I needed to get it smog checked. I've been putting it off for about a month now, but finally I got it all settled.

Bessie won't start.

I think, officially, this is the end of Bessie. And while I really shouldn't be getting all waugh about this, because a) I have a very much functioning car and b) I hadn't trusted Bessie that much anymore anyway and c) Bessie has been a source of frustration for various reasons for years now...

I am.

And here's where I wax poetical about a <i>car</i> )

Bessie the Car, 1997-2011

So now, I need to find a good charity to donate Bessie to, and a name for the CR-V. Why? Because cars need names.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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It is being a morning.

Bessie the car has started this new thing where the 'stop for repairs' light (or whatever it's called) will flash on... and then go off. Randomly. Usually only in the very cold morning. Maybe the oil I put in isn't rated for cold? It's due for a trip to jiffylube anyway, but... could we find a less annoying way to announce that, car?

And then I was locked out of my building. So I had to go into another building, up the stairs, over the breezeway, down the stairs into my own building. Which isn't that annoying except I'm failing at walking with coffee this morning. LA.

I dunno. I call do-over. Can I get one on the last four years?

In less early-morning-cranky news, 'Castle' was hilarious. :D

EDIT: Also, someone who is not me needs to tell the Air Force pilot I saw this morning while getting coffee that yes, his hat and shades and leather jacket are way cool, but that more-than-half-hanging-out-envelope in the pocket four inches or so above your boots just looks lame. Sorry.

EDIT: Also? Other people's goof-ups need to stop being my fault. WTF.

EDIT: And my first patient on this service, the one I spent three days taking care of, was just euthanized. Today is totally fired.

EDIT: There are no words for how freaking annoyed I am right now. RARGH.
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So, my car is trying to wreak my perfect record.

I get in the car this morning (after being allowed to sleep in, because we started late today), and... the engine does that unhappy 'oh, where'd my oil go' thing that it does. Me, realizing that I hadn't yet restocked on my oil supply in the trunk, hopes that the car is just at an odd angle or something (which does sometimes cause this).

Check the oil.

Yup, low.

All of the sudden.

It was fine a week ago.

WTF, Bessie the car. I thought we were over this.

So I got to call in and say I'd be late before dashing over to the store (which, luckily, isn't that far away) to buy mucho oil and dump it into Bessie. Turns out I wasn't late after all (getting all of the Oncologists into one room is a bit like herding cats), but it was a close thing.

Not on, car. Not on.

In job search news, I've applied to a couple different places now, including Banfield (boo hiss, I know, a job's a job, for serious), and discovered I still hate writing cover letters as much as I did before (why hire me? HELL IF I KNOW!), and still no replies. Um. From last night, so. >.>

Now, to call the CA Boards people and go 'oi, where's my packet, you people who have too much power over my life?', and hope they don't laugh before hanging up. After is fine. Before is just demoralizing.
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Note to self:
When the only thing for breakfast in the house is cereal, it would be smart to check the milk the night before to make sure it won't make you gag later.
Exasperated love,

In other news, the cats are crazy this morning. Sunny keeps meowing at me like he is starving to death right this very instant (even though his bowl is full of food), and Martha and Slater are tearing around the house like their butts are on fire.



In other, other news, Bessie the car now has operating windows! Totally made of win. Lemme tell you, opening your door at toll bridges gets old in a hurry.
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Well, tomorrow I start the Radiology rotation, which means I start at 9am, end at 5pm, and get an hour and a half lunch break guaranteed every day.


They're just softening me up so when I hit Emergency in two weeks I'll cry that much harder.

Bessie the Car's problems have been diagnosed, and in two weeks when I have a free weekend that'll get fixed. Yay! Functional windows for the win.

Historical link of the day:
This article talks about the oldest veterinary school in the world, which is in France. The article in itself is fairly interesting.

If you click on the link, and go to their 'collections' page, you'll discover that I am by far not the weirdest person to enter veterinary medicine. Though, technically the guy (sicko deluxe) responsible for the jigging baby fetuses or the 'death' scene with the injected penis is technically an anatomist, not a veterinarian.

Bonus points if you find the dead vet student.
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Item the first: Mike Traceur looks like Luke Skywalker.

Item the second: I will say I like the TransAm more than the Mustang. And I miss the accent. But KITT Jr. is still made of awesome.

Item the third: Still annoyed about the car. Mrr.

Item the fourth: Siiigh, Monday. But! I get to go home tonight yay!
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So, latest minor!crisis on the horizon: The driver's side window on Bessie the Car is performing at the same level of malfunction as the passenger side window. In that when I lowered the window to give money to the toll guy as I drove back up to Davis, the window refused to go back up in a normal position. I had to pull off at the next exit (after going over the Benicia bridge with my window down, so much unfun) and push said window back into submission. Of course, I'd been reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series all day, so sitting at a deserted stop sign in the middle of freaking no where wasn't much fun either.

Window is now back in place, but you better believe it's not going back down until someone who knows a whole hell of a lot more about cars than I do (which is roughly 90% of the US population) has a look at Bessie and possibly beats her into submission.

So I watched the Knight Rider movie again, because what one needs to fix a bad drive is a movie about a supercar, yup. And by KR movie, I mean the 2008 one, not the earlier one of horrificness where they freaking killed Devon and took KITT out of his cool TransAm. Mrr.

Second week of the shelter med rotation starts tomorrow, with a day spent with the resident answering already answered questions again. And rounds. This means I'll probably be online all day. I'll probably take another stab at that fic prompts list, but if anyone wants to give me more, they're totally welcome. :D Anyway, I'll be at ARF in Walnut Creek on Tuesday and Wednesday, the SPCA in SacTown on Thursday, and taking a field trip with the whole crew to Oakland on Friday. Oh, we're supposed to get a second student on the service tomorrow, so that ought to be interesting. Or something? La.

Saw some Equestrian eventing today (Olympics) and: EEEE PRETTY PRETTY HORSES. Also, much flailing at that last horse the Americans were riding. Silly pony, go over the jumps!

But mostly pretty pretty ponies EEEEE!

Oh, Sis and I caught 'Runaway Bride' on BBCA and... um. What is with the really really bad editing? They cut out a good chunk of important dialogue - Donna re: Rose trusting the Doctor in the car chase, Donna getting the Doctor to stop under the Thames... and there was another, but I can't remember it just now. But... important scenes! Also, there needs to be fic reconciling how they wrote Donna in 'Runaway Bride' with how she is in the rest of the series.
Oh! They cut out the scene where she refuses to go with him! WHUT?
Though, I am glad they added Grandpa when she rejoined the show. Grandpa is made of awesome, and was missed in 'Runaway Bride'. Must write fic to explain why he wasn't there.

Annnd I should be in bed. *flees*


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