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And now?

Sister has her very own mouse story.

*should not laugh, should not laugh, should not laugh...*
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Know what's worse than taking care of dying animals all day?

Coming home and having one APPEAR IN YOUR HOUSE.

One of the cat boys brought in THE SECOND MOUSE OF THE DAY. And it was all beat up and limping and I called the emergency line at school but at best, since it's wildlife, it' wouldn't be seen until tomorrow and.

And now I feel like a crap human being because I couldn't help mousie, or even kill mousie humanely.

*glarinates at cats* Damnit, kids, learn how to FREAKING KILL MICE and stop with this half-dead thing.

Adopt one today!
And the new egg is sick. I think. *eyes it*
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Sometimes I hate my roommate's cats.


Because they just brought a mouse into the house.

AGAIN. This is live mouse number four.

And, unlike other, normal cats, they never bring in dead mice.

I think it's in the closet, but I can't find it. YICK.

How do I know it wasn't my cat that did it? Because my little fuzzbutt just dragged herself downstairs for a bite to eat, and the two boys came tearing in after the mouse from the start.

Ew, guys. Seriously. Ew.

I have successfully removed the mouse from the house, making me 3 for 4 in the mouse hunting game. (Roommate got the other one, as it was first deposited in her bed BETWEEEN HER SHOULDERBLADES WTF CATS) Though one of the males (the very happy if not incredibly bright one) is still nosing around the closet looking for rogue mice. Considering he was pouncing on the area they first dropped the poor thing in for a good ten minutes after it had run into the closet, I'm not overly worried about the possibility of a surprise!mouse!number!5.

*SNORK* The beach chair in there just fell over from the boy's poking, and Martha the wondercat streaked out of the house like greased lightening. *pets her silly over-reactive head*


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