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Hahahahaha last night.


I'm sleeping, like all good vet students should at 3 in the morning, and suddenly there's a bright flash of light and a crack-boom like something exploding.

I thought something had exploded, at first. When I failed to be dead, I re-evaluated my problem list. It seems the bouts of severe thunderstorms that had been going on in the Sierra foothills had decided to come on down to the Sacramento area for a bit. And this wasn't a typical CA thunderstorm, with a few strikes here and there, and long rolling (quieter) thunder. This was a never dark for more than two seconds, sounding like an artillery range, which Norse god did we piss off thunder storm.

All you East-coasters who are wondering why this is news, this doesn't happen in CA. Our natural disasters/exciting events tend to be ground-based - earthquakes, land slides, flooding, avalanches, raging brush fires. Our major weather-related things tend to be droughts. Not natural fireworks shows.

It was gorgeous.

Just... 3am.

Definitely a coffee day. And it's supposed to happen tomorrow (tonight?) too.

Also, my internet is out at home - hopefully just the little box thingy (I'm so technologically knowledgeable) just needs to be reset, but there's a chance it took out a local tower or something. A couple of my friends have had their power knocked out entirely, so I should be thankful I still have things like light and heat and such.
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So, I had one last on call shift for surgery.

Guess where I am! ;)

There's two definite surgeries, with another possibly coming from San Jose, all neuro cases, which means 5ish hours surgery each. Which, since we still haven't gone in on the first, means maybe I'm only picking up two of these, 'cause it'll be someone else's on-call shift by the third. Maybe. La?


Got all 3 of my references, so now I just need to hash out a start date. (YAY EMPLOYMENT)

OH! And I got my plant, the one I totally missed by five minutes at the last plant sale. And a supercheap pepper plant for the roommate.

Also, our living room rug is clean. It is amazing. So is the junglegym of furniture in our dining room. Moving all that back is gonna be fuuuun.

EDIT: It's 2am, and I'm home. And we didn't actually cut anything, out of three dogs. One we're probably not going to cut at all, one's going tomorrow (which... is gonna be weird, hopefully will be transferred to SOMEONE ELSE to stand in for the surgery because c'mon guys s'not fair), and the third was put down because it was not a good surgical candidate in any sense of the word.


Gonna sleep for 4 hours ish, wake up, have a blisteringly hot shower, drink the rest of my cola, and go see what the hospital gods have for me tomorrow.
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Alright, now I'm really done with medicine. :D On to behavior, where... I know nothing. Whee? >.> Anyway. Coffee time for me.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Am so tired.

I don't know what kept waking me up, but it's so not appreciated.

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One of the good things about donating blood (above and beyond the whole 'you're donating blood, genius' aspect) is that they take your blood pressure. It's an easy way to keep tabs. It's why I got serious about weight loss last year - my BP was edging over into the high zone.


Now on the edge of too low. It would explain why I've been so tired, though I'm still inclined to give 'not nearly enough sleep' and 'running around the hospital like a lunatic' as my primary rule-outs.

*facepalm* I win.

Now to go take care of my inpatient that wants nothing more (other than the procedure she came in for) than vet student finger tartar, and to drink coffee and read board review notes and drink more coffee and present myself to the pre-anesthesia room in time to stop the anesthesologist from actually knocking down my patient too early due to my resident not taking personal time into account when scheduling procedures.

Vet student: Part grunt, part ignoramus, part social secretary.
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It is early.

Entirely too early.

And I spent the last hour not sleeping terribly well (should've just gotten up despite that only making it 5ish hours) due to a combination of my overly ambitious housemate's radio alarm going off at an hour she never gets up at, and the party next door.

The party, on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

Full of noisy people who appear to be in at least their late twenties, if not older.


So freaking tired. Today is a day for coffee and cola and praying nothing too complicated comes in but that enough comes in that Dr. A won't want to round on brain-hurting subjects. La.

Post-coffee my brain is still melty and marginally functional. Oh, this is gonna be fun. I'm debating more coffee/cola, but I'm afraid that all it'll do at this point is make me a jittery zombie, instead of just a regular zombie (which is somewhat better than falling-apart zombie of 5:30am).

Zombie-ism comes in classes in senior year. Yup.


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