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So, I've held on to Bessie the Car for some months now, even though the new CR-V is kind of made of awesome and I don't entirely trust Bessie not to break down on me in the dark again. But the registration is due, and I needed to get it smog checked. I've been putting it off for about a month now, but finally I got it all settled.

Bessie won't start.

I think, officially, this is the end of Bessie. And while I really shouldn't be getting all waugh about this, because a) I have a very much functioning car and b) I hadn't trusted Bessie that much anymore anyway and c) Bessie has been a source of frustration for various reasons for years now...

I am.

And here's where I wax poetical about a <i>car</i> )

Bessie the Car, 1997-2011

So now, I need to find a good charity to donate Bessie to, and a name for the CR-V. Why? Because cars need names.

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I know that exercise is good for me. After nearly a month of no regular exercise other than dashing around the hospital, two days in a row is fantastic.

What's not fantastic is my currently-not-as-fit-as-it-was body feeling like it has been beaten with particularly large sticks.

Remember 'Run Fatboy Run', the scene riiiight after the spin class, where Dennis is sprawled on the locker room floor? Yes, like that, just without the powder (say thankya). Though there was the greatest line in that movie, and one you know I'll be thinking every time someone feels the need to comment on my weight.

Anyway. Two more days, and then it's back to the hospital grind. Maybe I'll get some cool cases. Maybe with the power of Ettinger backing me up, I won't be as much of an idiot. Maybe it will be much like last year, just with a graduation ceremony in the middle.

Got my hair cut today. Once it dries and goes all curly-like (which is does much better, at the moment), it only just brushes my shoulders. Which means I really do need to discover a good way for keeping it out of my face while on duty, without succumbing to the horrors of the minuscule pony-tail. The hair that was cut off is just about long enough for Locks of Love, so it'll be heading that-a-way once I find a padded envelope. Yes, it had been a really long time since my last hair cut. Try years. Srsly.

Have discovered that while I am finally able to beat Civ III by world domination, I can only do that on the default difficulty setting. Up one level, and everyone wants to go to war with you, and develop tanks entirely too fast. Spoil-sports. I'll go back down a level and return to beating up on archers with my mechanized infantry. Neener.

Saw little shelves for plants, that have full-spectrum light sources built in. I'd have to get some of those if I ever moved up north, to defeat the winter BLAH due to the sun mysteriously disappearing and betraying all of us who need natural light to not go wailing to Ben & Jerry's for Chocolate Therapy.

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Why? I'm not entirely sure. *eyes result skeptically*
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Finally didn't wake up feeling like someone'd busily stuffed my airways full of cotton overnight, so I went for a run.

Totally did 5 miles. So even if I didn't meet my weight-loss goals this year (by a lot, sigh), I still am more in-shape than I was one year ago, and that's heading in the right direction. *nods firmly*

In other news, I need to figure out how to get music on my iPod. This should not be difficult, considering I had one before (albeit the very first model) and it's all rather self-explanatory... but the last time it synched with my computer, I know I had some music on iTunes, and there is still none on the iPod. Curiouser and curiouser, yes?

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Armed with the new iPod of awesomeness and my Ettinger of all the things I can't remember and chocolate bacon, I'm totally set for the new year. Bwah!

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EDIT: Saw the CiN DW special. Emphasis on 'whut?', definitely. *stares* Moffet, don't make me throw things at you.
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Sending patients home
It is then I realize this:

In non-haiku form (it's national haiku day today), I'm sending both of my inpatients home (the last one in an hour), so... I can go home after that! *shock* I still need to do a bit of cleaning, but not much, and a bit of packing, but also not much, and a bit of cat-catching (... much), but then!


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*eyes all the autumns* My only defense is they are pretty pretty dragons.
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I'm not... at all sure what this is. Other than the most cheesy, hilarious thing ever. It's like he decided to make his very own rock video, and wanted to be a fantasy hero, and... really really couldn't choose a genre. Or a plot. Or. Um. Much of anything. THE DRAGONS, PEOPLE.

In other news, felling slightly less like roadkill, but that could be due to repeated doses of Theraflu (in that after drinking that cup of nastiness, you have to feel better, relatively).

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So, my morning/afternoon is being fairly cruddy, mostly due to catastrophic disease in my patient and the owners are going to cry at me, I know they will, and it will be ugly and I'll be crying and.

Andandand. Damnit.

In other news, I caught my very own Autumn egg, though it's already sick, silly thing:

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Saw a dino egg and a chicken egg, but wasn't quite fast enough for those.

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Dear self: Today is hardly going to be one of the more difficult days of the week. You got through the massively over-booked, under-staffed yesterday, and Wednesday hopefully won't be under-staffed (still over-booked), but today? Two easy keepers, one with a procedure you just have to kinda keep an eye on, and the other a short surgery.
Suck it up and deal. Srsly.
*thumps self*

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Nov. 29th, 2008 10:44 pm
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Driving home tomorrow morning - slightly tragic, since it seems we just got here, and I'll have one week of Orthopedics before getting dumped into Neurology where I'm going to get my butt kicked. Awesome.
We didn't find any cute Christmas cards today (they were all rather.... eh), but we did get mint cocoa from Starbucks, and we found the missing Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (even if their employees were lazy layabouts), and we got movies and stuff for mint chocolate brownies.
And I finished my book, and basically didn't think about school all day.


+ Post it in your own journal and encourage others to copy, paste and complete their own answers to the following questions to let others know a little more about themselves.

+ Re-post this as your name followed by "-ology"

Cut, because this got really long )

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So Thanksgiving was fantastic, with all the yummy food as always, and I liked the Chianti even if no one else did (more for me, neener). Friday morning was good too, with a long hike in the Sierras down by the lake (complete with bushwacking, because of the people leading the hike, which was okay until there was rock scrambling along the lakeside, which makes me nervous).

Friday evening... was not fun, in the food-poisoning sort of way. Whee.

But! It's a whole new day, and maybe there will be shopping, and even if the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has vamoosed and left us without yummy chocolate treats, it will still be fun. And maybe I'll find adorable Christmas cards.

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And now: Amazing Race, the Sierra Edition!

*cues dramatic music*

So our two heroines, 'Ro and Raurence, can be found teaming up at the UC Davis VMTH, where they're cannily making use of the working printers and printing out directions to their next destination.

And, totally talking about the relative eye-candy merits between 'Quantum of Solace' and 'Australia', which isn't exactly race-worthy behavior, but Hugh Jackman is hot. :D

They race off to their first roadblock: 'Repack 'Ro's backpack so it's less 'VMTH survival' and more 'fun things to do in Tahoe'. The second part of this task involved moving 80 pounds of cat food from the back of the car into the closet, so that the car won't get pried apart by a bear like a sardine can once in Tahoe. Our heroines did fairly well on this task, managing to complete it in under an hour.

Successfully completing this task, they charge off East in their trusty Saturn coupe towards Tahoe.

And immediately run into traffic on the Causeway between Davis and Sacramento.

One hour later, our heroines finally make it to a gas station in Sacramento, where the car is successfully filled with gas for under $15. They also get beverages, because the person driving has been working 13-hour shifts the last two weeks, and the person riding can't drive a stick. Traffic is better once they get back on the highway, and they make good time to Auburn.

Where all windows in the car promptly fog up. Completely. Within ten seconds. 'Ro, trying to stay calm, throws in the emergency lights and pulls over onto the (very narrow) shoulder, and attempts are made at fiddling with the controls to provide clear windows. Their attempts begin to succeed when... a tow truck arrives.

Our heroines, thinking they're about to see someone smashed on the highway since there are great big trucks rumbling on by in the slow lane (thanks so much for getting over, guys), try to wave him off, but he makes it all the way to the Saturn's driver's side window (why he didn't go for the passenger side, I'll never know) before getting the message that there wasn't a car failure, there was a window failure. Tow-truck guy then trundles back to his truck, narrowly avoiding getting squished, and disappears off into the night while the girls wait out their windows.

When the windows are finally clear, they take off again.

Fifteen minutes later?


Rinse and repeat (sans tow-truck guy).

Once the windows are clear again, they take off up the hill.

Fifteen minutes later?


This time our heroines (now rather flaily and wanting their car to just work damnit because it's 7pm and it's really time for dinner) are able to make it to an actual exit, and pull into the lit overhang of a gas station (very slowly, because any attempts to wipe off the fog just brings it back a second later. The user's manual is dug out of the nether regions of the glove compartment and consulted.

(This would be the scene where the two racers are looking worried and at their wit's end and there's dramatic music. Yeah really.)

Finally, it's discovered how their window-clearing strategy is wrong, and it is adjusted. Clear windows! Enheartened (and kinda hungry), they speed off into the night.

And then, about twenty minutes later as they roll into Truckee... snow. Did we mention that neither of our heroines have ever driven in an actual snowstorm? Lucky for our heroines (who did have chains in the back, but weren't relishing the idea of using them), they got in right behind a plow truck, thus not needing chains.

And then the truck turned on all of it's lights, which our heroines decided was a lot like being at a rave party (in the mountain, near cliffs, in the cold). It was at this time our heroines hooked up the iPod to the radio and Raurence got control of the play list. A grand time was hand by all, and the rave party truck was left behind once the snow turned to rain. They finally rolled into the pit stop at 9:30 where... tragically, there was no Phil to tell them their place.

There was, however, family, and food (yummy chili) and warmth, and beds. Which is better than Phil, actually. :D

And now we're criticizing the acts in the pre-parade show, and (really) waiting for the dog show later. :D

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So, somehow the senior student covering the surgery services over Thanksgiving things he's only on-call and not responsible for a surgery patient (my surgery patient, which I actually don't want to be here to take care of this weekend, shockingly).

My sis is currently in a plane (or at least in an airport) preparing to come here, so we can drive to Tahoe tonight (once I'm free from my patient and have watered my poor plants).


And my clinician keeps forgetting I'm so not going to be here this weekend. With no. Please to be stopping giving me orders for this weekend. For really.


And my dragons keep dying. Possibly because I haven't been posting the eggs as often. Eh?
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So, the flail of yesterday morning was for naught, since this schedule works fairly well with pre-established plans anyway. So now I can focus on flailing about Boards.

You know, the ones in three days. WHEE.

Also, wtf body, if I eat mostly healthy food (and not a whole heck of a lot of it) and am active most of the day and I run (though, admittedly, not as much as before)... I should be losing weight. Yes. The opposite of what you're doing.


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Because, you know, the ONE weekend, the one DAY on one weekend I want to leave this damn town, I'm scheduled as on-call surgery assistant.

*throws things*

So freaking mad.


It is Saturday, yes? *eyes website* Now I'm just all confused.

Also mad.

But confused too.

And stressed, did I say stressed? So freaking stressed.

Though, seriously, dinner Saturday night and going to festival Sunday would work. Though it's entirely too late for changing plans now. *sulks yea mightily and... well, I don't know if I should finagle. Because of plan. Things. Which might not be what I think... and. ARUGH.

Here. Have dragons. Dragons are not stressful. They're just there. And pretty.

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Christmas catalogs have found our house.

From this collection of un-looked-for attempts at our bank accounts, three things that make me all :D!!! that I seriously do not need (but amuse the heck out of me anyway):

This clock. A sample 'alarm': 'Good morning madam. I'm so sorry to disturb you, but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient, I agree. I believe it is the rotation of the earth that is to blame.' *snork*

This chess set. It's circular! I might stand a chance at winning just 'cause no one knows how to play circular!


In other news, I have yet to find the perfect icon of Urahara Kisuke. I know, I know, if I don't like what I find, I should make my own. Some day, in that mythical someday where I have time.

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OMG. I am so freaking nervous about the NAVLE. This is. Like. Finals x ... infinity. I am so going to be sick as a dog the day after. Hopefully not the day before. Waugh. Plz send prozac.
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Today is a day off! So, things to do (because true vacation isn't for a couple more weeks).

1) Finish Behavior records
2) Work on Behavior project
3) Study for boards
4) Catch up on sleep (what? It's important)
5) Cuddle kitty lots

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The Obamas are adopting a dog, not buying a purebred!

If you believe Entertainment Tonight.

*hopes it's true*


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In other news, I once again managed to visit a shelter and not come home with a new cat. (Even though there was this adormidably sweet lynx-point kitty with the bluest eyes you've ever seen and. ANDANDAND. I'm so bad.)

There was also a very very cute Bernese Mountain Dog cross, who was also very sweet and will make someone a very good dog, but she'd need way more work than I can give right now, and introducing a dog to the household right now is WAY with the wrong move.

In other, other news? I need to see 'Australia'. Just for the eye-candy, if nothing else. Who's with me?
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A meme stolen from everyone:
1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.

In other news, my Behavior resident is making me re-do most of my record for my appointment the other day, because it's not in the order they like. Even after I asked repeatedly how to do Behavior records, because I knew there was a certain trick to it. And they told me to just do it and see what happens. This? Is what happens. DUH. *facepalms muchly*

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Managed to not fail at adulthood today and got up early to vote. It helps that I don't have to be in to school until 10am. :D But the line was huge, even at 7am - there was a group of old folks ahead of me (defined by how they kept using the term 'young folks' in loud patronizing tones that made me want to wallop them over the head with my purse) that talked the entire time (repeating themselves frequently) about how they've never seen a turn out like this before.

That's what happens when you have the combination of Presidential race and hot-button propositions on the ballot as we have in California today. The news ought to be interesting tonight, anyway.

In other news, maybe free ice cream tonight? *eyes the Ben&Jerry's thing and wonders if it is worth it*

In other, other news, I managed to go for a run for the first time in two-ish months. It was in the rain, and while it was getting dark, but I still did it. *wins*

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Alright, now I'm really done with medicine. :D On to behavior, where... I know nothing. Whee? >.> Anyway. Coffee time for me.

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