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RE: Biggest Loser

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Biggest Loser )

And now?


Starting with the most recent pics first, and working my way back. Hopefully. Anyway!
My surgery on Monday - only one picture with blood in, promise )
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Walked the entire arboretum in an hour! Go me! And Fozzie, who came along for the ride.

And I finally got to see the 'Biggest Loser' that got preempted this week by election results that weren't even available until 8am.
You were eating how much? )
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Dear PubMed:
I just want one (1) reasonable peer-reviewed article on the toxic effects of aminoglycosides, and how to Dx, if such a thing is possible.
Plz to be stop giving me articles on diabetes mellitus. No really. It's getting annoying.
Cautious love,

Dear Toxicology Prof:
Could this history be more vague? Srsly. It's basically 'cat is lethargic. Cat is more lethargic. Cat continues to get more lethargic OH NOES! Oh, it's drinking and urinating a lot too. And there may have been an injection of some sort in the last three visits.' At least tell me what it originally presented to the rDVM for to get 'gastritis' off of a lethargic cat! Also, what does a high-rise have to do with anything? Falling does not cause acute renal failure. Or gastritis. Really.
Thanks so much for the complete lack o'history,


Also, a dilemma:
One of the big food companies on campus is putting on a free dinner in Old Sac at the end of next month. I need to sign up by Friday, though. It's a cool murder/mystery/theater thing, which sounds awesome. And? Free good dinner, on the Delta King no less. Haven't been there since I graduated undergrad.
Downside: It's on a Friday night, at 6pm. That's cutting it pretty dang close for tango at 8 (or 9, if I just go to the advanced tango).
So. Free food and murder/mystery fun? Or tango?

And this week on Biggest Loser... )
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So, it's cold here. It hasn't turned to snow yet, but I believe that is only because it is too onery to snow, because cold cold rain soaks so much faster than cute flaky snow.


I think Fozzie got an extra dose of crazy yesterday - I spent most of my time working on his stay, since he kinda forgot he had to go on sitting until I told him not to. Poor fluffy dog, made to work for his treats. The first-year who was interested in taking Fozzie at the end of the year has switched her attentions to Miss Piggy, one of the other dogs. *snuggles the fluffy dog* He'll get a good home, just you watch.

So, about Biggest Loser last night:
Not Appreciating! )


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