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Yesterday killed me dead. I had a slowish morning, and then practically never sat down between noon and 8pm. And my shoulder still hurt. Also, there is, evidently, no such thing as a shoulder support thingy other than a sling or a ginormous Ace bandage. Fun times.
At least my shoulder doesn't hurt so bad today? Haven't even taken Advil yet, but I might later.

In other news, watched Knight Rider last night (despite still not having seen episode 2.
You're doing it wrong )

In other, other news, signs look like I'll be able to go home before 8pm tonight. How awesome is this?
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Dear NBC:

I really do want to support your restart of the Knight Rider series.

But in order to do this?

You really do need to air the episodes with sound.

Will watch this one online on your player, but since your player is kinda crap, don't expect that to last too long unless the writing improves dramatically.

Love, tentatively, Me.

In other news, I have a ginormous dog as an inpatient. Plzplzplz do not become nonambulatory. Plz.
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Item the first: Mike Traceur looks like Luke Skywalker.

Item the second: I will say I like the TransAm more than the Mustang. And I miss the accent. But KITT Jr. is still made of awesome.

Item the third: Still annoyed about the car. Mrr.

Item the fourth: Siiigh, Monday. But! I get to go home tonight yay!
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So, latest minor!crisis on the horizon: The driver's side window on Bessie the Car is performing at the same level of malfunction as the passenger side window. In that when I lowered the window to give money to the toll guy as I drove back up to Davis, the window refused to go back up in a normal position. I had to pull off at the next exit (after going over the Benicia bridge with my window down, so much unfun) and push said window back into submission. Of course, I'd been reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series all day, so sitting at a deserted stop sign in the middle of freaking no where wasn't much fun either.

Window is now back in place, but you better believe it's not going back down until someone who knows a whole hell of a lot more about cars than I do (which is roughly 90% of the US population) has a look at Bessie and possibly beats her into submission.

So I watched the Knight Rider movie again, because what one needs to fix a bad drive is a movie about a supercar, yup. And by KR movie, I mean the 2008 one, not the earlier one of horrificness where they freaking killed Devon and took KITT out of his cool TransAm. Mrr.

Second week of the shelter med rotation starts tomorrow, with a day spent with the resident answering already answered questions again. And rounds. This means I'll probably be online all day. I'll probably take another stab at that fic prompts list, but if anyone wants to give me more, they're totally welcome. :D Anyway, I'll be at ARF in Walnut Creek on Tuesday and Wednesday, the SPCA in SacTown on Thursday, and taking a field trip with the whole crew to Oakland on Friday. Oh, we're supposed to get a second student on the service tomorrow, so that ought to be interesting. Or something? La.

Saw some Equestrian eventing today (Olympics) and: EEEE PRETTY PRETTY HORSES. Also, much flailing at that last horse the Americans were riding. Silly pony, go over the jumps!

But mostly pretty pretty ponies EEEEE!

Oh, Sis and I caught 'Runaway Bride' on BBCA and... um. What is with the really really bad editing? They cut out a good chunk of important dialogue - Donna re: Rose trusting the Doctor in the car chase, Donna getting the Doctor to stop under the Thames... and there was another, but I can't remember it just now. But... important scenes! Also, there needs to be fic reconciling how they wrote Donna in 'Runaway Bride' with how she is in the rest of the series.
Oh! They cut out the scene where she refuses to go with him! WHUT?
Though, I am glad they added Grandpa when she rejoined the show. Grandpa is made of awesome, and was missed in 'Runaway Bride'. Must write fic to explain why he wasn't there.

Annnd I should be in bed. *flees*
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The new 'Knight Rider' is entirely too much fun. Sure, there's cheese factor, that is to be expected with a remake of a show that was rather cheesy to begin with, but it's fun which is more important.

Also, I love that car. Can I have a KITT? :D

And Hoff. There was laughing when Hoff showed up on the screen all solemn (and with dark hair! Did they make him dye it back from that hideous blond-esque thing he wears on America's Got Talent?).

I think I'll keep watching this one.


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