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So, I finally saw Avengers...

And since I'm sure I'm not the last one to see it, here's some cuts for spoilers )

In short - really liked the movie, thought it had some holes but less than some other superhero movies I've seen (*cough*X-3*cough*).
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So, sis is here overnight, to be shuttled to the airport at ungodly early AM. I have converted her to the ways of Nugget paninis, and she enjoys Bleach. Bwah.

Also, people, if you're thinking about seeing 'Australia'?

Do it.

Do it now.


More coherent review to follow when I don't need to go to bed in preparation of ungodly AM.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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1) No tests this weekend, YAY.

2) Saw 'The Visitor', which is not as depressing a movie as it could be, but still.

3) Belly-danced in a restaurant. No really. There's even pictures. Wasn't going to say yes to the offer, then thought '... why not?', because really, how many times are you asked if you want to belly-dance in a restaurant? I was horrible, but I had fun, so. :D

4) Just got back from watching 'Prince Caspian'
Spoilers Ahoy! )

5) Running a 5K on Monday. I just want a PR, that'd be awesome - have to beat 30:03 for that. Miiiiight be able to do it. We'll see.

6) To the dudes sitting behind us in the theater - you are over 18. You should know you don't talk in movies. No, we weren't going to stop shushing you. Idiots.
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Went to the Mandarin Tangerine Festival in Roseville today, in the very early morning, after walking a very fuzzy dog in the even earlier morning. Much fun was had there, and I got an awesome shirt, and cool little flowerpot holders, and tangerines! And other stuff was gotten, but that is for later. :D

Then I came home and started studying my poor little brains out. I did stop to watch Amazing Race - so disappointed in who lost, I thought it should have been the team that got in before them. With the "THERE IS NO MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILK" girl. Just. Chill pill, woman. Seriously. And my Gothbunnies keep rolling along. :D

And last but not least:

Because I can.

*goes to drink more tea and study surgery and SA med some MORE*
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Once again, it is time for Amazing Race, and once again, this means a completely random compilation of comments and flails as I watch the show. Also I used ()'s for **'s, since it does weird things on my word program when I do otherwise. >.>

I am giving you the flavor of true life! )
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Amazing Race is back! And thus, I am going to ramble about it.

We are like cartoons )
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This is me going 'WTF' at the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.



So much.

What, are they taking hints from 'Lost'?

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Finished 'The Fourth Bear' last night.

The best moment/thing?

The cucumber named Cuthbert.

The gigantic, extreme cucumber named Cuthbert.


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Today is toooooo long. Which will totally be made up for tomorrow which is ubershort, if starting at ungodly AM. But. Wanna go home now. If only so I can get in a short run before treatment crew.

*flails at Treatment Crew* See if I ever get wrangled into that again. So much losing. Easy work. But the timing of it all? *grumbles*

Test is coming. But I have pretty much all of Wednesday to immerse myself in notes. This is very good.

I am thinking of attempting NaNo this year, but I said that last year, and totally didn't, because no time/inclination to write after day of classes. And it's not like I need another thing on my plate.

Speaking of things on plate:

I signed up for a 5K footrace.


Yeah. This ought to be interesting. I've done it before, and it's not a bad course, it's just. Official-like.


Grr argh I wanna sleeeeeeep and not do Pathology lab. The alarm went off entirely too early this morning, I swear. But Diego behaved... okay on a leash. I won't say 'well' because the first twenty minutes was spent mostly in correction. But once he got that initial bit of energy burned off he behaved pretty well.

Okay. Am going to do... things. With notes. Because it will make me less stessed. Or something. La.

Oh! Also!
Heros Spoiler thing )
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This is me, on vacation.


Saw X3 today, can't say I was overwhelmingly impressed - it was a good action movie though.
And herein be vaguely spoileresque things... )

So, not much going on - the new 'Hell's Kitchen' has started up, and I love that show. Most reality shows annoy me, but that one and Amazing Race I could watch all day. There's just something about watching people who swear up down and sideways that they can run a million-dollar restraunt in Vegas, and then proceed to burn everything in their path (or alternately, turn it in raw) that amuses the hell out of me.

I? Am actually reading a book. 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister'. Excuse me while I do the dance of no upcoming tests.
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Updating on the sly before anesthesia lab, much fun. *grin*
major Lost & Alias spoilers )

Had a quiz in Anesthesiology lecture, I think I did okay, even remembered the correct kg/lb ratio. Of course, I did it the wrong way first, but I couldn't imagine approaching a puppy with the dose of torb I came up with. That'd just be scary.
Only *checks watch* six more hours until I can go collapse somewhere. I hate 8am classes in winter quarter. I'm just dead for the rest of the day.
I really need to go to the store tomorrow - sis's b-day is on Saturday, and I'm still not entirely sure what to get her. I thought RotK EE, but that'd be so very expected, since I've gotten her the other two EEs the previous two years, and it'd also sorta be a gift to me, which isn't fair. So... ponder.
Meh, gotta go. More catheters today, yay and joy. Maybe I'll work up the nerve to put one in one of the pups. *loooooong pause* Or not. I can do it next Thursday too.
*flies off*
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Just grrr.
For people who don't watch The Amazing Race, this will probably mean nothing to them...
Am I the only one who thought Phil seriously wanted to deck Johnathan? Am I the only one who thought it'd be a wonderful idea? Why she doesn't leave that SOB I'll never know. He's such a manipulative, abusive, sadistic... not gonna call him a man, 'cause a real man wouldn't do have the stuff he pulls on a regular basis. *snarl*

In other news.. there is no other news. I love vacation times.

Oh wait, there is other news. I get to take another o-chem course to make the Florida vet school happy. Yay? Probably gonna do it in the spring, my winter schedule is pretty tight already.

Meme stolen shamelessly from [ profile] forceofhobbit:
Meme that I actually would like someone to do . . . :
A) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie:
2. a book:
3. a musical artist, song, or album:
(B) I want everyone who reads this to ask me
three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want.
(C) Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything.
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That screaming you heard last night? Me watching 'Lost'. Gah!
Spoilerish )

And I'm on Milliways! Hurrah!
Now, off to take evil final of doom. Last one. Can I get a yay?
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Before I actually get down to the business of writing an actual entry, I'm sticking some of my favorite scenes from the M&C series in here, for safe keeping. I lost one of my books, and unfortunately it's the one that one of my more violent plotbunnies wants a fic from. I want to prevent further plotbunny-starving. So the stuff behind the cuts is vaguely spoilerish, if anyone actually cares.
From 'Fortune of War' )

From 'Mauritius Command' )
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The vet applications...




*mad grin* That only took forever. I still have to send in some supplemental forms for Florida State, but all of the letters, the transcripts, the online forms... done. It's a very good thing.

I am so mad that the Colin/Cristie team is still in play in Amazing Race. S'not fair! Colin is a manipulative, conniving, abusive SOB that really needs to be in counseling. Or jail. Heh, he almost ended up in an African jail, wouldn't that be justice? But my fave team's in the lead, followed by my second fav team (the Bowling Moms rock. They rock so much. I wouldn't mind seeing them win at all.), so I'm not toooo mad. But... GAH! They're evil and bitchy and people who don't deserve to win anything!

*deep breath*

Yeah, I like AR. It's fun. If it's still going when my sister is old enough to play, we are so trying out for it.

I also like this new drama 'LAX'. It cracks me up. It's smart, it's low on the profanity/sexual situations scale, and they don't feel the need to wangst. It's a very good thing.

*does the happy dance* I'm done with vet applications, and I have the next two days off. Wheee!

And finally:
Leave me a drabble of backstory. It can be about anyone -- one of your characters, one of mine, someone else's, no-one's. Anyone. Then I'll write one for you.


Which of Lisa's Obsessions are You?
By Lisa

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First, the meme:
Love )

Well, I'll agree with the smart bit. The other half? Erm... give it a couple more months. Give me more time alone with the NordicTrak.

As for today... good day, overall. Was allllmost late for work when I slept through my alarm by a good half hour, but managed to squeeze in. I swear, they're just itching to fire someone... a shame, during the busiest season of the year. Messed up opening a pack for the doc, stupidly opening three blades when she needed only one... oh well, the blades got used, so it's all good. Then, in the last hour I got shifted back to the hospital and first nailed a saphenous blood draw on a dehydrated, ancient kitty, then got the jugular on the same cat. I rawk! *snickers* And I managed to get the confounded analysis machine to work today. Not bad, all in all.
Unfortunately, tomorrow we have an all-staff meeting at 730 in the morning. On my day off. Buggerit. So I get to get up ungodly early (again) and drive off to the somedaysite of the new shelter that we're supposedly raising money to build at some point in the future. *mumbles*Andwhycan'twegetanultrasoundmachine*/mumbles* I'm not bitter, I'm not, no sirree.

Amazing Race is so cool. If someone would come with me, I'd go in a heartbeat. They were in Luxor, Egypt today! Ahhhhhh! I am the world's biggest fan of the Peabody Mysteries (playing with writing fanfic for it, can't find any), and the family spends most of their time when not on the dig in Luxor. It's so cool... I have to go to Egypt some day. Hopefully the dratted inconsiderate crowds of tourists won't ruin everything before I get there. Anyway, I felt so bad for the brother with the bad knees... when my knee hurts, I know it's torture to walk, but for both knees to hurt, and be clambering around inside that pyramid... Ouch! I'm glad their out of it, if only so he can get some medical attention now. I liked watching them though, they were the only team that didn't fight like cats and dogs. I kinda like the lead team now, and I like the Shmirna (can't remember her real name!) half of the Mirna and Shmirna team. She's so plucky and gung-ho about everthing... too bad her cousin is a whiny little jellyfish. *sigh*

Anyway, off to bed with me, so I can be semi-concious for the two-hour meeting. Oy.

EDIT: Saw this meme. Couldn't pass it up, 'cause I won't ever find it again, I just know it. Stolen shamelessly from celebestal.
Read more... )
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Short report: Read the book, skip the film. Even though Karl Urban has a large role.

Long )

The most entertaining part of the evening was the adventures of GangsterBoy and his date. When we arrived at the theater (an hour and a half early), we noticed a guy sitting outside holding a single red rose. Cute, no? Most definitely no. He was dressed like some gangster out of 'The Godfather', complete with fedora. A sloppy, out-of-shape gangster. With a rattail/ponytail/braid thing. A really long one. *wince* Upon first seeing him, this conversation arose:
Me: Hey look, gangster-boy.
Mom: *stares while trying not to stare* If you were on a blind date, and saw this guy and knew he was the one you were supposed to go on a date with, what would you do?
Me: Keep walking into the theater. At least I could go see a good movie.

So we waited outside and watched gangster boy. He waited. And waited. And wandered around the front drive. And waited. We began to believe he was stood up. Then his friend arrived. Slightly taller, also out of shape, with a black t-shirt, biker boots, too-tight black jeans, and a huge black duster. Oi, the men in black were here. So they stood around for quite some time while the rose wilted. They hugged occasionally, which was strange, since we all assumed he was waiting for a girl. Still waiting, since he didn't give the guy the rose. We were about to give up on our poor deserted gangster-boy when a car drove up and he trotted over. His true wuv! She looked fairly normal in the car - glasses, red hair, normal blouse... but when she had parked the car and joined the pair, she was wearing this black robe thingy. O.o A match made in heaven.
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One of my co-workers broke down at work today. She had just been asked to take some of the cats from the main stray cat ward to be put down... and she recognized many of them. She does health checks on all the cats before they go up for adoption, and these cats were the unlucky ones in today's desperate need for space for the constant tide of new cats coming into the shelter. Their main problem is that they were all adults. People want kittens. Bother people. She was particularly fond of one, a magnificent silver tabby with a sweet personality. After she left the ward to find some quiet corner to compose herself, I begged the special needs coordinator to take another look at the silver tabby. I knew I couldn't save them all... but that one was a nice cat. The coordinator agreed, and now it's safe in the Special Needs department, pending rescue. I'm very glad for that...
I know, all too well, that most of the cat's I'll encounter during the summer months won't ever leave the shelter alive. I hate summer sometimes. Too many cats, not enough people, not enough space. I know that my shelter alone puts down thousands of animals a year... the majority being cats, due to how quickly they reproduce, and because there aren't great packs of feral dogs running about. That'd make the news - our poor feral cats don't even get food. Bother people. Anyway. I have this quaint little fantasy that I prefer to pretend is true - that every cat I care for goes on to live a long and happy life, far far away from the shelter. It isn't true, but thinking of particular cats and knowing they are dead, despite my best efforts, hurts too much. I think that was my co-worker's problem today... it's hard to maintain the illusion when you're hauling those particular cats down to ER yourself.
Dr. Peter sent out an e-mail tonight, saying that one of the Vet-tech program sheep, Chumley, had to be put down today. Finally. The poor old thing had horrible arthritis, and was on painkillers. Everybody loved him, so he got to totter around the yard, stealing oats from the horses. Then Dr. Peter wrote something that made me laugh - the've set up a memorial area for the sheep, where we can leave cards and flowers and whatnot. O.O If I was going to leave a memorial for any animal, it'd be for those poor kittens and puppies and perfectly healthy animals that have to be put down every day because people are so idiotically irresponsible about their pets. I'm glad poor Chumley is finally freed from pain. Poor old boy was at the absolute end of his rope. No, if I'm going to mourn for any critter, it'll be for my shelter kids. *randomly kicks stupid person*
In other news, our abuse case kittens are getting better. Again, cutting due to people not wanting to hear it.
My poor kittens )
I saw "I, Robot" the other day. It's an absolutely fantastic movie, though I'm sure it doesn't follow the book at all (haven't read it yet). I'm also sure it stole from other sci-fi theories, because I've heard about... hrm. *is trying not to be spoilerish* Will Smith is at his best in this one, and he gave me my new favorite line of all time.
Fav line, possibly spoilerish )
Of course, I like Will Smith as an actor, so I might be a little biased. The CGI was fantastic, the plotline had no major holes (that I could see, anyway), and I love Sonny. Can I have a Sonny? I'd rather have that Teddy from A.I., but Sonny'll work.
Work's been leaving me exhausted lately, so I'm going to trot off to bed. I get the day off tomorrow! Whoohooo!


Jun. 12th, 2004 04:40 pm
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There are problems when one takes one's agents to the movies.
The Stepford Wives )

I'm never bringing them again.


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