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In which Lynne's ficlet suggestions might actually turn into something larger )

In other news, I got out at 5:30pm tonight, so I got a panini, and watched some Foyles War, and am now going to sleep, which is awesome. :D

Edit: Found a clip of David Tennant on Foyles War. Must resist urge to write a fic as to how that could be the Doctor. No brain. Bad brain. Shh.
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So, just got back from a lovely hike with y parents and Fozzie the uberfluffy dog up in the hills north of Fairfield. There's a nice park up there with good trails, and the weather is simply gorgeous. Fozzie was actually glad to stop by the time we got back to the parking lot - I'll have to go back again soon. Dad took a lot of pictures (and I stole the camera to get off a couple shots too) so I'll have to beg for copies of any that have come out good.


And. You know. Work on my massive backlog of picspam material. >.>

We also had very very yummy Thai food, which is always a good idea. Mmmmm, praram. Yummy.

Torchwood: Meat )

Also watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles this week. The Terminators confuse me. Summer Glau's character never changes in abilities, but the Terminators seem to be getting stupider and/or more poorly programmed. They're becoming very wooden and unconvincing, whereas they used to blend in really well when they wanted to.
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The snail yesterday was just a prequel.

Sunny brought in a mouse for his momma (a very dead mouse this time, thankfully), and I found him sitting on the stairs next to it so very proudly. Martha wasn't far behind, because oh JOY it was another mouse friend to play with!

She made miserable meowing sounds for an HOUR after I took the mouse out to the garbage.


In Torchwood last night:
To The Last Man )
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My weekend thus far:

Friday: Went to Tango, and recieved one of the oddest/nicest(?) backhanded compliments ever from one of the tango instructors: "I can tell when you're thinking. You'll be doing fantastic and then it will explode."


Anyway, Milonga is fun, even if I keep missing the lead for the syncopated steps. I did want to clobber one of the guys who, upon realizing that I have a hard time feeling that step (especially his, he keeps leaning back) threw them in everywhere. That, and the guy in the earlier tango class who couldn't find the beat with both hands and a flashlight and had the posture of a limp noodle.

Saturday: Actually Got Things Done. Anesthesia notes are written out, nutrition homework is half-done, my take home due on Monday is finished (after much erasing). And then I went to a friend's to watch Torchwood.
In Which Gwen Proves She Has NO Survival Skills )

And then we watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Otherwise Known As Summer Glau Beats Everyone Up )

Sunday: So, I woke up extremely ungodly early, shivered a lot, put on a short-sleeve shirt and shorts, grabbed my gloves and jacket, and headed out into the world. The moon and stars over the trees were, I admit, very pretty as I was going to my car. The only problem with them was if they were still there it was NOT YET LATE ENOUGH TO BE AWAKE. But I had to be at central park at 7 because I hadn't picked up my race packet on Saturday from the running store. Yup, I did sign up for that 5K (The Davis Stampede) and today was the day! Got my number (218) and my chip (my first race with a chip eeeee) and my shirt (which I wore, because cold) and tried to get half-frozen fingers to pin the number onto my shirt correctly. It was then, of course, 7:15, so there was 45 minutes of just standing around trying not to freeze in one spot or go running off in terror of all the OMGSKINNY people looking dreadfully athletic all around. Finally they called up the 5K, and we all got behind the start line... and waited. And waited. And 8am came and went. There was a group of four frat boys near me with what I assume was their coach, all being very very loud and rambunctious for 8am.
And then we were off! There was lots of cheering and clapping and such, which is always encouraging. Sadly they were not all through the race. There were a lot of kids running - I felt sorry for one boy who looked like he was going to have a heart attack as he tried to keep up with his leaner friend (though it's probably good that he's running). The mile one marker came a LOT later than I was hoping for it to show up, but I made it there without stopping. I had to walk a few yards of mile 2 to get the cramps to stop (my body was not entirely pleased about this morning's adventure) but I didn't stop, and started running again before I'd even gone half a block. There were a few uphills, but not as many in the arboretum, so they weren't that bad. Passed a lot of people on the hills. :D I had chosen a lady ahead of me as the 'person to beat' earlier in the race, and I caught her somewhere in the middle of mile 3. There were too guys I kept pace with the entire race, and they were fun to watch, since they seemed like old buddies and kept joking with each other. Mile 3 seemed overlong too, but hearing the announcer at the finish line calling out names kept me from walking again. I actually manged a sprint in the last tenth-mile of the course, so that ought to be an interesting picture later today. Finishing time is somewhere around 35 minutes, which is only a few minutes off of my old race times when I was in better shape. Not bad, eh? Turned in my chip, drank some truly foul sports drink to keep from wobbling sideways on the way home, picked up a flyer for another 5K at the end of March, and made my way home.
But I did it! :D
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I feel all terribly on top of things today. Think I did well on my SA/Equine Med midterm, got the garden replanted (and took pics), started on laundry, am now in the process of putting my room back to rights and getting the dishes done. Who knows, I might even vacuum and clean bathrooms. It's just that sort of day.

Oh, saw the first new Torchwood of the second season!
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang )
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How to make a Bodldops

5 parts competetiveness

1 part brilliance

5 parts beauty
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Serve with a slice of curiosity and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail

One more test to go! *boogies*


Also also?

Did the writers of Torchwood go on holiday this week? What was that?
Cut for spoilerkinda things )
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Torchwood Ramblings, spoilerific as always )
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Torchwood Ramblings - Spoilerific )

In other news, it is now officially Monday. Bugger. *sulks off*
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Four midterms/finals, one week, plus a bacterial unknown... brain=dead. But, everything except the Oncology final I'm supremely confident about. Oncology... if I pass, I will be a happy happy girl.

If I don't... you know, I'm gettin' friggin' A's and high B's in everything, having to repeat second year because of a bloody one unit class would SUUUUCK.

But I won't. Because I passed. Really. Uh huh.

Plz finish grading the test now plz?


So, Torchwood.

Spoilers! Whee! Lynne, you're still not allowed to look. )

I am tempted by NaMo, even though I am already suffering from a severe lack of time. The last one I did was two years ago, and I wrote a somewhat cracked-out story about the vet tech turned spy. Thing. Yes, it was weird. But fun!

Ummmmmmmmm brain. Brain is dead. With the dead. Yes.

I think I need to go find some tea now. And maybe a Suduko. To revive the brain.


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