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Good: Leaving Soon to turn in my Last Exam other than Boards. >.>

Bad: Cold is still killing me dead.

Good: Going to play with the Fozzie dog.

Bad: For the last time.


Bad: If, you know, I don't die of headcold.

*falls over*
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So, for my birthday I studied the single most boring set of court cases ever. Seriously, brain-killing legaleese, ugh.

And then Mom and Sis drove up from San Jose, and we went to see Iron Man (yes, I loved it muchly, despite some gratiutious ignoring of basic biological and physical principles) and went out to dinner at Buco di Beppo - pork with hazelnuts and blueberries and capers (Yum-o, srsly) and baked ravioli and the house bread and... um, this chocolate brownie thing with caramel and gelato and more yum, and a chianti for me. Sis had a Lemon Drop, which I thought was just a bit (lot) too sweet.

Also, Mom made me the best framed picture in the world - Me and Diego, my first colony dog, in a series of three pictures. *snuggles it* Though that does mean there needs to be some serious rearranging of pictures so I can hang it up right.

Then back to ethics and veterinary law. Whee!

Yesterday was... ethics and law. And finishing yet another surprise!takehome, and working on the killer immunology takehome of killer doom. It's like a book, it's so huge.

Today, the ethics and law test, which took just about every minute of the 3 hours scheduled. *flops* Now to finish off some more of the killer immunology takehome of killer doom, and study for SA med tomorrow and Emergency med on Wednesday. *falls over*

In other news: DW: "Forest of the Dead"
Spoilers! )
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I've just walked out of my last lecture, possibly of ever.


Weirdest. Feeling. Ever.

Is it bad that I'm using senior portraits as an excuse to wear my boots? >.>
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You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:
1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you.

* Weapon can be real or fictional; you may assume endless ammo if applicable. Person can be real or fictional.

1) Phaser. Weapons on 'deep fat fry', Mr. Crusher.
2) Ooooh, I'm not sure. Something fast and possibly latin. Something by Ricky Martin?
3) River Tam. Let's not be silly here, I wanna live.

In other news, forced myself out for a run today and nailed a 9:30 min/mile pace. Makes e happy.

In other, other news, am drowning in tests. Augh. Please, no more.
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- Insomnia is starting to come back again, whee. Finally resorted to reading the most boring notes I could find last night to try and knock myself out. Bleh.
- Found out that yes, Immunology will be a take-home (both yay and argh) - that means I will, as of tomorrow, have four take-homes to kill off (one I'm still working on now), and three finals starting on Monday. *falls over*
- Senior portraits are on Friday, so I really really need to get some sleep, yes? And possibly get my hair trimmed, so it doesn't look quite so frizzy.
- So everlovingly tired. Today's gonna be fun, yes.
- Got a picture of Diego, my colony dog from last year, in my e-mail yesterday, from last Christmas. He looks so happy with his two boys. *snuggles computer screen*
- Annnd time for class. Whee?
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Why we check our schedules in the morning: So we don't arrive at class two hours before it actually begins.

*sheepishly wanders off to go get things done in the meantime*

On that note, things to get done this weekend:
SAM2 Take home - Dr. M
SAM2 Take home - Dr. W
Soft Tissue SX take home
Business homework
Nerd book
Clean bathrooms
Vacuum stairs
Walk Fozzie x3
Make foodthings
Maybe go see Ironman?
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First final grade of the quarter:

A in Orthopedics.

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Got up before dawn to re-read anesthesia notes for the test today. I'm not overly worried by the test, but sitting up with tea and some food and my notes is better than trying to sleep and fretting and getting hungry because I'm not asleep.

And then, when the sun rose?

Went out for a 25 minute run.

Clearly, veterinary school has driven me bonkers. Though the old dude out for a walk with his old golden retriever sedately strolling along behind him with no leash win the day.
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To Do: Monday
Walk Fozzie
Finish off the Feline Med test
Study for Anesthesia
Clean up room
Figure out what to do with myself on Friday

Still enormously freaked out over clinics. One month, people. Just one month. And then I'll be treating real live client-owned animals.


This got long, tl/dr )
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La. So.

Clinics in one month.

Let me repeat that.

Clinics in one month.

This thought has me regularly wanting to hide under the bed until June 2009.

I? Know squat.


Anyway. In other news:
- Fozzie's going to visit his potential new home this weekend, leaving me without a dog to walk. This means I'm definitely going home, yay.
- I get a three-day weekend next week, thanks to the Friday ethics course not being held next Friday. Am trying to think up something appropriate to do, which involves the Fozzie dog. The problem being all of my friends are in the large animal surgery course, which is also held on Fridays, and isn't taking a break next week. Boo.
- May watch some of the new season of DW with friends tonight, if there isn't absolute exhaustion after lab/lab running until forfrigginever/other causes. La.
- If anyone was wondering why I didn't post a 'weight lost' thing this month... it's cause there hasn't been any. Oh joy. No weight gain either, but due to a cold and stress and various other sundry reasons, it just didn't happen this month. Am back on the wagon now, so.
- The local Starbucks baristas are really awesome people. Yes, the coffee is good (shhh all you coffee snobs who want to rail at me about how Starbucks burns their beans and ugh so horrible, it's worlds better than the stuff at the school cafe), but the people making the coffee is what makes it.
- Did I mention the bandaging lab on Wednesday was a fiasco? It was. It was mass toddler-dom. Not enough supplies, not enough equipment, shoddy explanations, no instructor presence... and the list goes on. I was not a happy camper by the end, and stormed off to go play with a fuzzy dog.
- Yes, I will work on getting photos and video up today. My backlog only keeps growing. I just wish I could convince the software to upload the pics into the emptier of my two drives, instead of my almost-jammed-full-to-the-max drive, which it does every single time no matter how many different and creative ways I try to tell it to do otherwise. Sure, it's easy to shift them once they're uploaded, but it's one more step, and computers should do what you tell them to (shhh, I know I'm being all idealistic and naive).
- Did anyone know you can get unicorns in Zoo Tycoon? This amuses me muchly. Even if they are demanding little critters.
- If a certain person of the male persuasion attempts to tell me again tonight that I'm messing up the steps and it assuredly isn't him (even though it usually is), I will step on his feet. Hard.
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That was the worst lecture of the quarter. For the love of small fuzzy things, buddy, if you know you won't have time to get through all those slides, DON'T PUT THEM IN. Spastically flipping through slides half the time just pisses us off.



Am a lot of a zombie this morning.
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Annnnnd today we have the failing to get it in gear. Argh. But, our cat (and it is a cat, for once) is an adorable little kitten named 'Spitty', who purrs nearly non-stop, and I'll get some picture of her.

Because. You know. My picture backlog isn't big enough yet. >.>
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So it is morning. Veeeery early morning. *squints*

1)Fozzie is here with me in the computer lab. He is being a very good dog and not trying to get into my lap.

2) I have small scrub tops on today! :D It is gleeful-making. Even more gleeful-making is that they're a little on the big side on me.

3) OMG. Coffee. One hour, and I can go get it.

4) I got this black tea with blackberry and sage from Nugget (I got supremely fed up with my cereal and... whatever one calls those pots of stuff I make diet and got some greek yogurt and strawberries and a kiwi from Nugget and had myself a tasty dinner), and it is kind of awesome. Kind of a lot. On Monday I had two cups 'cause it was so good... it was really too bad one of those cups was at 11pm. >.< It's still tasty stuff.

5) Kind of annoyed - I spent lots of time this weekend and Monday working on a take-home quiz for SA Med II, on a topic we haven't been lectured on yet. But I finished it, and then at class... he went over the whole quiz and answered all the questions before we had to turn them in. >.<

6) The last half hour or so of Biggest Loser last night still rocks my everloving socks. :D

7) Am anesthetist today for surgery - got all my notes written out (evidently it's a tiny little thing - 2.4kg), for both an adult and a puppy ('cause Frank didn't bother to tell me if it's a tiny adult or a cute puppy we've got). I did stick to my guns and not go to initial physical exam, even though Frank decided she'd rather do it alone than involve Trapper. I swear. They're both five. *eyeroll*

8) Mom and I were talking about this 'n' that (as one does) last weekend, and we started talking about James Herriot and All Creatures Big and Small (and if you haven't read that or seen the BBC drama, GO DO SO). It was decided that I was most like James, in that I worry about every last little damn thing that comes down the road, no matter how well-prepared I am. I totally sympathize in the opening chapter when he's riding up to Yorkshire, imagining what a boss named 'Farnon' would look like, and deciding he must be a portly German with a rich mistress and a horrible temper and fascist leanings and... *snerk* Definitely not a Tristan - I just can't be that even-tempered about life. I've tried. I suck at it. Definitely not a Seigfried - I'm not quite that absent-minded (or that spontaneously brilliant), really, and I don't tend to get loud, and... I don't drive like that. Honest. O.o

9) Now to take the Fozzie back to his kennel, and scoot myself over to see the tiny dog of mystery.
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Biggest Loser )

And now?


Starting with the most recent pics first, and working my way back. Hopefully. Anyway!
My surgery on Monday - only one picture with blood in, promise )
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So, I either just rocked that exam or bombed it pretty badly. I refuse to think about it. I've got a surgery to do in... *checks clock* two hours.

It's supposed to be a cat spay, my final, graded surgery for this class.


It's a dog. Admittedly, a cute dog (named Sasha), despite the fact she's a Chihuahua (I took pics. Maybe, if the writing-up-of-surgery doesn't wipe me out tonight, I'll work on picspam), but still, she's a dog. Good for Trapper, who is getting graded on her anesthesia, because dogs are worlds easier to put a IV catheter and ET tube into, but not as good for me, because cat spays are (supposedly) easier. Of course, I've (sorta) done a dog spay before, and not a cat, so.

LALALA. I've got my coffee, I've got my notes, we're gonna rock through this dang surgery.

Miss Martha was most displeased at me for getting up at 4:45 (which, to her, is 3:45 because cats don't do daylight savings). There was much yawning in my face.

Also, had to get blood off of Sasha with a butterfly catheter in her lateral saphenous. In nontechnical terms - pokey needle in a tiiiiny vein in a wiggly dog. Because her jugular? MIA. It's there, because her head hasn't swollen up like a balloon and popped in a bloody mess, but even the head tech of the lab building couldn't find the jugular.

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And another test bites the dust. The key is up, but... I'm just not gonna look. It'll just lead to a severe case of "OMG WHAT DID I PUT DID I PUT THAT WAUGH LEMME SEE MY TEST I PROMISE NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING *FLAAAAIL*"

Am in that weird state of coffee wired-ness and yet tired. There shall be napping after ultrasound.

Or maybe during ultrasound, if that cardiac guy comes back. SO BORING OMG. Please to be showing a little enthusiasm, dude, if you don't care, why should we?

Yes yes I know cardiac ultrasound important diagnostic modality but when the Cardiac Surgeon guy doesn't sound at ALL interested in the topic, it kinda kills all interest.

PS: It be really hard to not freak out over what did I put down or not or augh when everyone sitting around me KEEPS TALKING ABOUT IT AUGH.
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Rode my bike to campus for the first time in four and a half years. Also got the license on it renewed, so TAPS can't take any more of my money.
Also got the downstairs cleaned, including whatever nasty died in the garbage (hurrah for Pinesol, ugh) and the pile of dishes that was growing in the sink.
Now, if I could just make sense of this Ophtho before Friday morning...
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So, Equine Dentistry lab was today.

My shoulders hurt.


I still need to cook dinner.


That mocha just keeps sounding better and better. La.

But the lab was good. I'm glad I went. Even if our pony was a bit of a snot.
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If I don't end up bashing both of my labmates' (Trapper and Frank)heads together in a last-ditch attempt to stop them from behaving like they are both five, it will be a good day.
*wonders why it is people have this need to behave like kids around me*
It is, to be fair, more Frank's problem than Trapper's (and who is surprised?), but this is getting ridiculous.

In other news, Martha the Wondercat does not approve of 5am wakeup calls. She gets that from me.

In other, other news, I brought my camera. Maybe I'll actually get picspam up. ... *eyes backlog* Lots of picspam.
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Excuse me while I smug like a very smug thing.

Got a perfect score (!!!!!!) on my small animal/equine midterm.



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