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So, I'm planning a trip to England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales (IDK I CANNOT CHOOSE HALP). And last night I was reading that most time is kept in military or 24-hr time.

I AM RETURNING TO MY PEOPLES. I drive my techs nuts because I record all times in my records in 24-hr time. :D
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Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.
Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

The first round is from [personal profile] ceitfianna!
It'd be great if I had more single, simple answers, I think )
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From this meme here, which is still open. BTW. Please?


I have been told I need to write about my favorite song lyric. There's a wee small problem with this.

I haven't one.

Or, I should say, I have lots, depending on my mood, what level of sleep deprivation I'm at, and, I'm sure, whether or not the aliens living behind the moon have got their radio on or not.


Here's a list instead!

Read more... )
There's others, I'm sure, but these at least made the short list. ... Actually there's lots. But yes, I could go on forever, so, stopping at five.
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I think Ace needs to catch Dean doing this:

Best of Ever

? :D
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*sheepishes* Um. Hi!

So much for that New Year's resolution to update this thing more. Um. ANYWAY. Still alive, still a vet, still... pretty much the same as last time? Martha the Wondercat is still just as feisty as ever, the temperatures around here refuse to go below 100 for more than a day or so...


In the grand tradition of misdirection, how 'bout some picspam? For example: Things I do at work when not taking steak bones out of doggies and string out of kitties:

I make puppy superheros. Well. I make their costumes.

Dun da daaaah! Captain Microfilaria here to save the day!


Yeah, it was slow today. How'd'ja guess?

Someday, when it isn't almost midnight, I'll work on putting up pictures of the trip I recently took to Alaska. Which was, in fact, amazing. Though tragically free of bears. But omg the eagles! :D
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So, I've held on to Bessie the Car for some months now, even though the new CR-V is kind of made of awesome and I don't entirely trust Bessie not to break down on me in the dark again. But the registration is due, and I needed to get it smog checked. I've been putting it off for about a month now, but finally I got it all settled.

Bessie won't start.

I think, officially, this is the end of Bessie. And while I really shouldn't be getting all waugh about this, because a) I have a very much functioning car and b) I hadn't trusted Bessie that much anymore anyway and c) Bessie has been a source of frustration for various reasons for years now...

I am.

And here's where I wax poetical about a <i>car</i> )

Bessie the Car, 1997-2011

So now, I need to find a good charity to donate Bessie to, and a name for the CR-V. Why? Because cars need names.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I get to do a thoracic limb amputation tomorrow!

Oooooooooooooooh.... :D

Why yes. I'm weird. Also so frickin' glad I don't have to deal with that poor dog I've had all weekend. I hate torturing dogs.

EDIT: Oh lord. The smell. *gags*
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So, I had one last on call shift for surgery.

Guess where I am! ;)

There's two definite surgeries, with another possibly coming from San Jose, all neuro cases, which means 5ish hours surgery each. Which, since we still haven't gone in on the first, means maybe I'm only picking up two of these, 'cause it'll be someone else's on-call shift by the third. Maybe. La?


Got all 3 of my references, so now I just need to hash out a start date. (YAY EMPLOYMENT)

OH! And I got my plant, the one I totally missed by five minutes at the last plant sale. And a supercheap pepper plant for the roommate.

Also, our living room rug is clean. It is amazing. So is the junglegym of furniture in our dining room. Moving all that back is gonna be fuuuun.

EDIT: It's 2am, and I'm home. And we didn't actually cut anything, out of three dogs. One we're probably not going to cut at all, one's going tomorrow (which... is gonna be weird, hopefully will be transferred to SOMEONE ELSE to stand in for the surgery because c'mon guys s'not fair), and the third was put down because it was not a good surgical candidate in any sense of the word.


Gonna sleep for 4 hours ish, wake up, have a blisteringly hot shower, drink the rest of my cola, and go see what the hospital gods have for me tomorrow.
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I'm not... at all sure what this is. Other than the most cheesy, hilarious thing ever. It's like he decided to make his very own rock video, and wanted to be a fantasy hero, and... really really couldn't choose a genre. Or a plot. Or. Um. Much of anything. THE DRAGONS, PEOPLE.

In other news, felling slightly less like roadkill, but that could be due to repeated doses of Theraflu (in that after drinking that cup of nastiness, you have to feel better, relatively).

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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The Obamas are adopting a dog, not buying a purebred!

If you believe Entertainment Tonight.

*hopes it's true*


Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

In other news, I once again managed to visit a shelter and not come home with a new cat. (Even though there was this adormidably sweet lynx-point kitty with the bluest eyes you've ever seen and. ANDANDAND. I'm so bad.)

There was also a very very cute Bernese Mountain Dog cross, who was also very sweet and will make someone a very good dog, but she'd need way more work than I can give right now, and introducing a dog to the household right now is WAY with the wrong move.

In other, other news? I need to see 'Australia'. Just for the eye-candy, if nothing else. Who's with me?
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In shocking news of the weekend: I didn't get called in on my on-call emergency shift. Didn't even do any phone pickups. O.O Though, it looks like they got some cool cases. La.

*is crazy, yes*

Anyway, off to buy supplies and plants. Supplies 'cause I'm low on foodstuffs, plants because it's starting to get cool enough that things shouldn't flashfry if I put them in the backyard.

*skitters off*
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It was so nice not waking up to an alarm this morning. Unbelievably nice. Got up, walked to the store to get some milk and coffee, and read the latest issue of TIME with breakfast.


*sigh* Okay, which freaking genius up on the Hill decided that allowing doctors/hospitals/clinics to refuse services based on their own moral ideology is a good idea? Because while I'm sure most people are focused on abortion, just wait until your DNR orders are ignored by a doctor who decides that even though your organs are shot to hell and you're barely existing on more machines than you ever knew existed, you should not be allowed to die when your body tries to give up. FUN TIMES, FOLKS. *goes hunting for e-mail addys of representative/senator peoples*

In other news, today is a cleaning day. I've been putting it off long enough.

The List O'Doom
Clean bathrooms
Clean dishes
Clean kitchen
Clean refrigerator
Clean bedroom
Sweep backyard
Get spiderwebs off the front door
Clean litterboxes
Clean floors
Empty trash/recycling
Clean windows

Dear body: Look, I know cleaning isn't fun, but dragging out the killer cramps from hell to try and get me to stop isn't really going to work, since I won't get a chance to clean for at least 3 weeks. So stoppit. Please. Ow.
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Well, tomorrow I start the Radiology rotation, which means I start at 9am, end at 5pm, and get an hour and a half lunch break guaranteed every day.


They're just softening me up so when I hit Emergency in two weeks I'll cry that much harder.

Bessie the Car's problems have been diagnosed, and in two weeks when I have a free weekend that'll get fixed. Yay! Functional windows for the win.

Historical link of the day:
This article talks about the oldest veterinary school in the world, which is in France. The article in itself is fairly interesting.

If you click on the link, and go to their 'collections' page, you'll discover that I am by far not the weirdest person to enter veterinary medicine. Though, technically the guy (sicko deluxe) responsible for the jigging baby fetuses or the 'death' scene with the injected penis is technically an anatomist, not a veterinarian.

Bonus points if you find the dead vet student.
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So, today?

I had lunch with Jarrod Cooper.


*goes to start that packing thing and maybe get out of town this weekend yay*
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Found via [ profile] cupenny:

Wild Animal Ringtones

OMG I WANT. *makes grabby hands*


I found the chandelier that's now hanging at the school:

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1) How's this for fund mis-management: Vet school fees are higher than ever, they're blaming the poor economy and the fact we have very little Federal funding...
But there are guys downstairs putting in a new chandelier. By that famous glass-blower guy. Who's name I can't remember, of course, but he just had (or still has?) an exhibit at a SF museum, really gorgeous (high priced) stuff, he has only one eye... c'mon, someone must know who I'm talking about. Anyway. Big expensive art work for the starving students. *facepalm* Thanks ever so much, UCD. How about a free lunch plan instead? Or. You know. A decrease in tuition?

2) So, my grandparents on my mom's side aren't coming to my graduation. I... can't say I'm surprised. I wish I was. Meh.

3) There's a fic (and I need to find the link, for lo, it is awesome) that fixes the finale. Especially that last bit that breaks my heart. Now, if a fic writer can do it within weeks of the finale airing, surely Moffet can fix this mess. C'mon, don't let me down. You even have two years in which to do it.

4) Chapter 4 of my fic is up. :D Linkage to come when I'm on my home computer. And I'm kind of loving's traffic mapper thing. 'Cause knowing I have people reading this fic in Ireland and Italy and such is entirely too happy-making.
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a) Have found a running club in SF that offers races nearly every weekend for a $5 entry fee.

b) Have found a 5K race on 7/27 by said club, that is along the bay, and is during a rotation I'm almost guaranteed to have no patients in-hospital, thus leaving me free to, say, run a 5K in SF.

c) Have challenged roommate to run 5K with me, since she said she'd sign up for a race if I could find one that she'd be in town for that was under $15.

Bwahahaha. Got a new target date for that PR, baby.
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Today I ran the 'Buzz Oats No Excuses 5K'.

Official chip race time: 32:12.

That's officially four minutes faster than my time in February. So, not a PR, but I am getting better (despite the deeply out of gas that was mile 2, argh, need to pace better).


And I ran the first mile in 9:20. Yes, slowing down happened in there somewhere. But still. That was a fun little surprise to see.

And a great big thank you to the guy running beside me who kept saying 'Good Job' every time I picked it up a little. You were awesome.
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1) No tests this weekend, YAY.

2) Saw 'The Visitor', which is not as depressing a movie as it could be, but still.

3) Belly-danced in a restaurant. No really. There's even pictures. Wasn't going to say yes to the offer, then thought '... why not?', because really, how many times are you asked if you want to belly-dance in a restaurant? I was horrible, but I had fun, so. :D

4) Just got back from watching 'Prince Caspian'
Spoilers Ahoy! )

5) Running a 5K on Monday. I just want a PR, that'd be awesome - have to beat 30:03 for that. Miiiiight be able to do it. We'll see.

6) To the dudes sitting behind us in the theater - you are over 18. You should know you don't talk in movies. No, we weren't going to stop shushing you. Idiots.
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Short report: Read the book, skip the film. Even though Karl Urban has a large role.

Long )

The most entertaining part of the evening was the adventures of GangsterBoy and his date. When we arrived at the theater (an hour and a half early), we noticed a guy sitting outside holding a single red rose. Cute, no? Most definitely no. He was dressed like some gangster out of 'The Godfather', complete with fedora. A sloppy, out-of-shape gangster. With a rattail/ponytail/braid thing. A really long one. *wince* Upon first seeing him, this conversation arose:
Me: Hey look, gangster-boy.
Mom: *stares while trying not to stare* If you were on a blind date, and saw this guy and knew he was the one you were supposed to go on a date with, what would you do?
Me: Keep walking into the theater. At least I could go see a good movie.

So we waited outside and watched gangster boy. He waited. And waited. And wandered around the front drive. And waited. We began to believe he was stood up. Then his friend arrived. Slightly taller, also out of shape, with a black t-shirt, biker boots, too-tight black jeans, and a huge black duster. Oi, the men in black were here. So they stood around for quite some time while the rose wilted. They hugged occasionally, which was strange, since we all assumed he was waiting for a girl. Still waiting, since he didn't give the guy the rose. We were about to give up on our poor deserted gangster-boy when a car drove up and he trotted over. His true wuv! She looked fairly normal in the car - glasses, red hair, normal blouse... but when she had parked the car and joined the pair, she was wearing this black robe thingy. O.o A match made in heaven.


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