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One of those nights, when I should just go to bed and give up on cheering myself up. Oh well. One week of cardiology down, with no major trama, and a couple of clients thanking me profusely (for what, I'm still not entirely sure, since the residents still aren't comfortable letting us do much more than the basics). I'm secondary on an emergency shift Saturday night, and I'm on call for Cardiology Sunday night, so. Time for house cleaning!
There's also a plant sale on Saturday, which may help re-supply the die-off of greenery in the back (due to my complete failure to water on anything vaguely resembling a reliable schedule).

To Do This Weekend
Finish reading about pigs, start on cows
Clean/vacuum room
Clean bathrooms
Clean dishes/kitchen
Investigate how that rug cleaner thing works
Plant things
Don't get called in on emergency
Don't get called in on cardiology
Advantage for Martha the Wondercat
Vacuum stairs
Get test file to little sib

On a more amusing note (geepers, the house is a mess), there's a cat that's gone missing a few blocks away from here, which looks almost exactly like Martha the Wondercat. Same gender and everything. She only gives me an enigmatic look when I ask her if she sometimes goes by the name of 'Maus'.
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*sigh* McCain, why must you make it near impossible to like your ticket? Seriously? Did you throw darts?

In other news, Martha's ultrasound scan looked really good, and now she's sulking in her cat tree. Kitty didn't appreciate the shaving or the gel bits (though the shaving will help her over the next few weeks - it's freaking hot here.
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So I don't forget it later:

[ profile] tardis_bigbang

Signups are in September, it looks like, though they haven't set it up yet.

In other news, Martha the Wondercat will be getting a free ultrasound exam tomorrow (by yours truly). Early guess is that she'll hate it horribly and sulk at me all weekend. Oh well.

Also, Coldplay confuses Martha mightily. She looks like she's just been confronted with a swarm of flies to chase.
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Martha seems better this morning - checking things out, climbing her cat tree, generally not just laying on the bed all stretched out and pathetic. *crosses fingers*

Saw DW4x1 "Partners In Crime" last night.
Spoilers, though I'm way behind on the viewing curve )
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Martha's feeling sick again.

*throws things at the universe*
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Memesheep. This one's stolen from [ profile] rowanberries

Type whatever the fullest version of your name or pseudomyn you are comfortable using into a anagram solver like this one. Then, repost the funniest/most appropriate ones you can get either here or in your journal.

Vaginas Rearm Ears
Sangria Mares Aver
Sangria: Mare Saver
Arrears Vegan Aims
Ravage Mariner Ass
Savager Mania Errs
Manages Rarer Visa
Managers Aver Airs
Vaginae Rears Rams
Marriage Raven Ass
Anagrams Rave Rise

In other news: Everything came back mostly normal on Martha, which is good news (not a linear foreign body like I was afraid of), and they gave her some fluids. She seems a bit perkier now - napped with me for an hour, then went out to the back yard to watch the birds.
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Benefits of finishing tests early:

You can take your cat to the emergency clinic ASAP.

Also: Benefits of knowing faculty:

Dr. J knows me by name and says come on in.

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- Martha the wondercat is not feeling so good today - last night she was vomiting, which thankfully seems to have stopped, but now she's just disinclined to move anywhere. If she's still like this in the afternoon, I'm going to see about getting her seen at the outpatient clinic tomorrow.
- So, that test I thought was tomorrow? Is today. Luckily I figured that out yesterday, not this morning. So. Mostly prepared. Waugh.

EDIT: The Starbucks I usually go to was closed. I meant to go to the other one, but kinda forgot on the way to school, and decided driving back wasn't worth it, so I got the school cafe's coffee. *gag* I forgot how sweet they make it. Yeurgh.

Also, and yes people have told me to stop worrying about it, but clinics in a month. One of the faculty gave me the name of a book that might help with organizing physiological causes into reasonable lists that can be remembered (and, more importantly, written into nerd books and carried into clinics). So. Library for me after the test.

Also also, one of the underclassmen is a Mongolian Princess. No, seriously.
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My cat = so very lazy this morning. She stayed on my bed snoozing the entire time I was getting ready for school, and would shoot me glares of doom every time I made more noise than she thought was appropriate.

But she was awfully cute all curled up there, so. :D

In other news, the winds have started. Davis is now a very bad place for anyone with allergies. I've been told I'll eventually succumb, as everyone here develops allergies sooner or later, but thus far (seven years!) I've managed to avoid it.


*knocks on wood*

Pharm night tonight! No, this isn't a bunch of vet students collecting their prescription meds and partying hard. All the drug and food reps come and pitch their products - it's like a veterinary expo. The first-years go for the free bandage scissors, the rest of us go for the free pens. Pens are like gold, and some of the reps are known for giving out really good pens. There's even post-Pharm-night rehashing of pen worth.

Our geek is a strange geek, we know. At least we have fun with it?


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