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Got your card, Aspen! It's so cute! :D Thank you!

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you, They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

So, the first round goes to [ profile] ceitfianna

My earliest memory of veterinary medicine is James Herriot on PBS - the world of Trickie Woo, Yorkshire farmers, hillsides covered with snow or wind-swept fields or fluffy fluffy sheep, crazy-ass bosses, and lots and lots of animals.

Just the opening music makes me grin. And if you haven't read the books, go do so. Tragically, a lot of his gripes are NOT EXAGGERATIONS.
I did my undergraduate work at UCD, as an animal science major, which is more about herd management and such than veterinary medicine, but it satisfied all the pre-reqs, and I did spend a memorable winter quarter getting up way before the crack of dawn to spend 2-3 mornings a week at the sheep barn playing with bebe sheeps working in the sheep barn. There were hay hooks, amateur surgeries, and pocket knives involved. Good times. Besides, our major had the best barbeques by default. Very much so didn't get into vet school on my first attempt, not through lack of trying. Went to vet tech school instead, and while I was getting my AS in that, I spent two years working at a local shelter, getting all sorts of crazy experience. It's there I picked up Martha the Wondercat. Did get into UCD VetMed the second time, also got into University of Florida, and almost got into University of Washington. Spent four years working my ass off getting through killer classes and endless labs, learned to love coffee and all of its wakeful goodness, started pulling my first all-nighters, experienced surgery at 2am, experienced doing an ultrasound on a horse (protip: the probe does nothing from outside the horse. Think about it.) which is an ungodly filthy experience, learned that I still cannot develop a love for pigs and that horse people are crazy and small animal people can be crazier, and that cookies are a viable form of payment. I've been a vet for two and a half years, and... thank you, James Alfred Wight. It really is an awesome job. Despite the crazies.
And yes, that does mean that thanks to all that school, my name can have seven letters after it, at my most ridiculous - Bodldops, AS BS DVM

Doctor Who
So, my introduction to the world of Doctor Who came when Fox Network got together with the BBC to create what is essentially the 8th doctor's screen canon.

It was horrific.

Based on that? Odds are I would have never watched anything in that canon ever again.

When I was 18, just starting my undergrad career, I got a summer internship at a local vet ER/specialty center. They put me on the graveyard shift to start, so I started staying up super late to try and shift my internal clock over before I had to work, so I'd actually do some good. I was flipping through channels, and to my shock and glee, there was Tristan Farnon! (See clip above)
Except it wasn't.

It was this fellow. I only caught the last twenty minutes, so it was fairly incomprehensible, but it looked like fun. So on my next trip to the library, I looked for more videos of this Doctor Who stuff. When I found them, I could have sworn the lead character didn't look right, and I was afraid I'd remembered the name of the show wrong, but... hey, nothing ventured, right?
I was right, the lead guy was wrong.

It was this fellow. :D Sylvester McCoy, you are my Doctor. In all your zany, manipulative glory.

It's where I live! I've actually always lived here - and I rather like it. I've played with the idea of living other places - Colorado, Washington... but... yes. California.

So, waaay back, I played on the NeoPets board. Which is, on the whole, horrific. However, there was one group that played a group of hares from Salamandastron. Bonus points if you know what that is without wikipedia. I played a medico hare with a penchant for getting hit over the head. That group slowly died, so I found a new group - LotR, in which I played Elrohir and a Gondorian Ranger named Sallyn. There was unknown Rohirrim princess, the entire Peredhil family, a couple dwarves... and of course the requisite Mary Sue characters. There were many good threads. But like all good things, it was slowly winding to an end.
And then I saw a post on my LJ flist about Mways. I decided Ace would be a good option to test the waters, and... yeah. Still going. :D

So, I was convinced to watch Night Watch... which lead to reading Night Watch... which lead to reading Day Watch... which is leading to reading Twilight Watch, but I'm working on that. And in the books, there's a sparkly, bold-as-brass, downright lethal gal who totally gets downplayed in all the books and fandom (along with pretty much any pup who isn't Sveta, Anton, or Olya).
So yeah, I took the crazy Russian tiger. La. :D
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Item 1: Cocoa is doing so well! Went into the shelter today for a couple hours (good thing too, slow-tech was on duty today, and she'd still be there if I hadn't come in), and saw that the stone was removed, and he's eating well now. He wagged his tail for me! *glee*

Item 2: We now officially have too many Christmas cookies/confections. There's the spiced thumbprints, the rocky road, the Christmas cresents, the peanut butter fudge, the avalanche bars, the hershey bon-bon thingys, the panforte, and some strange cookie-type thing that I'm not sure how to spell. Oh, and the fruitcake (oh, dear Lord, the fruitcake...). Too. Much. Food. Gonna have to do cardio and weights every single day to not gain weight. Bugger.

Item 3: I hope my mom gets her car back soon. Tired of being a chauffer.

Item 4: My charrie on Milliways is insane. She called Bigby the Ultimate Evil. And got away with it. Argh.
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That screaming you heard last night? Me watching 'Lost'. Gah!
Spoilerish )

And I'm on Milliways! Hurrah!
Now, off to take evil final of doom. Last one. Can I get a yay?
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Meh. So, how long does the milliways application thing take anyway? My new muse is very impatient. Wanna play! *huff* By the by, if anyone is dying to see the LJ journal I made for it, go to [ profile] nitro_is_ace.
Got a final tomorrow morning. I'm wilding moving between thinking I'm going to fail it utterly and breeze through it. I rather like the second option.
Work was rather dull today. There really wasn't enough work for two people... got to socialize Cocoa a bit, poor pup. He's a rock eater, and his former owner couldn't pay for the rock-removal surgery. He's also adorable and sweet. *huggles Cocoa*
Geh. Must study more. Must pound brain into submission.
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News the first: I applied to join milliways. We'll see if that goes anywhere... film at 11. Made a cool icon for my charrie...

News the second: The nice easy ClinPath lab exam that I thought would be no trouble was a bit of trouble after all. I know I did all the procedures correctly, but the numbers I was getting were weird. *headdesk* I know how to do this stuff Dr. Mac, really! Gah.

News the third: ......... I don't actually have anything... should go work out. I don't have any excuses now.


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