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WHOOHOOO! I am now on the intarwebs, without the help of the iPod. As previously mentioned, the trusty laptop has bit the dust due to the computer version of H1N1, proclaimed dead as a doornail last Monday by two computer specialists.

I am... um. Ridiculously behind on my Yuletide fic, but I have an idea for it, and since I love this canon (though honestly, I can't remember ever seeing any fic for it ever), it should come along nicely. Or at least come along.

NaNoWriMo has defeated me once again (yes, I know I have a couple more days, but dudes, I've only just barely cleared 10,000 words and... um. It was all on the laptop. So no. I'll get you next year, nearly-impossible writing task!

Work continues to be work, with it's joys and sadness and 'no seriously tell me you aren't that crazy'-ness of it all. Lalala yay.

Also! I now have Christmas lights! And cards! So I'm going to make all replies viewable by me only, and say HERE BE CHRISTMAS CARD POST. They have the requisite cute animal. Srsly. C'mon, it's me... did you really think it wasn't going to have a cute animal on it? Even if I should have your address tattooed on the back of my eyelids, plz respond, for lo, I am a disorganized critter, and people move, and things. Yes, I'll send cards overseas.

And. Um. Yes? Thanksgiving (done a day early since I had to drive home last night (5 hours omgwtf) was marvellous, and evidently it's snowing in Tahoe now that I've left. Figures, though I'm glad I didn't have to drive home in the snow.

Also, I need a Christmas icon. I had one lined up - Urahara with a Christmas hat, but it was... say it with me... on the laptop. Alas.
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Aaaand now I'm only 800 words back. After scrapping my original plot idea and creating a new one. As Madb can testify, my character naming skills are truly horrific. Example? My main character's name is Sam. Full name? Samwinnet. And the MC is a she. :) Poor, poor Samwinnet.

In other news, the six hour (OMFGWHUT) surgery I did a couple weeks ago (or less? Less. I think?) was a success - the dog is doing fine, and I got complete margins on every single mass I lopped off that pup. WHOOOT!
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a) I've started NaNoWriMo. I'm already 1000 words behind. Whoohoo!

b) I've already decided I'm not going to see the new 'Christmas Carol'. It just can't be as good as what's already out there - on one hand, there's the one with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge, and on the other there's the Muppet Christmas Carol. Between those two, the new movie has no hope.

c) I am, however, seeing the Sherlock Holmes movie. Heeeeeeeeeeeeee

d) Aaaaaaaaand... That's about it? Only got two trick'or'treaters this year, but one was an adorable little girl in a homemade black-and-orange witch's outfit. And the people with the little girl liked my pumpkin. :D


Nov. 30th, 2004 09:36 pm
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Official NaNoWriMo 2004 Winner!


So, anyone want to beta 50,000-odd words about a veterinary technician/CIA spy? (Actually, it's about Mark and his life in the closet, but we're not telling him that).

*bounces around like a lunatic* It'sdoneit'sdoneit'sdone! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

In other news, work was fun today, save for the thousands of packs I had to wrap. According to Chad, I 'saved the day'. It's very nice to save the day. Must be why that superhero thing is so popular.
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According to the Belief System Selector, my #1 belief match is Orthodox Judaism. What do you believe? Visit


*cracks up*

Okay, moving on from horribly incorrect memes... Martha the Wonder Cat is home! She's sitting on the other computer chair keeping an eye on me.
Only 3,975 words to go! Hey, maybe I can finish it tonight... of course, I need to work on my school projects... bah.
Evidently I am on a volunteer basis at work for a while. There appears to be no money to pay part-timers. Hah. And they are continuing to add money to the new building fund from what source? /bitter sarcasm.
Did good at work today. Found some ulcers on the roof of a Persian's mouth that the other tech missed, and generally rocked muchly. Britt was there - evidently he has a job at Adobe now. And evidently there's a vet there that throws stuff at his techs when he's angry. *crosses Adobe off of her list of places that might be cool to work* Oh, and new Supe lady said that everyone thinks I'm great. O.o Right. Uh huh. Does this include the HR department, 'cause they what? Fired me. Yup. *headwall*
This NaNo thing is feeding my plotbunnies. I now have the Hoth!Bunny, the Ramses!Bunny, the El!Twins!Bunny, the Rohirric!Woman!Sue!Rewrite!Bunny... I'm getting eaten alive!
Oh, and I think I picked up a new muse. Or maybe it's the old one that never really got a name that stuck. I think he's the one that wanted to be a PPC assassin and a Gallifreyan Time Lord. He still kinda wants to be that, and he also wants to be from a couple of other 'verses that I read. Bother muses anyway. Except for Charlie, Mark, and Riptide, whom I need to keep working for two more days. Oh, and Rob. 'Cause the story needs lightening up. And Sam, 'cause she still owes Charlie those brownies.
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Well, another Thanksgiving over... Everyone's packing up and getting ready to slog over the pass, which will surely be slow going because every year some dimwit thinks he can make it without chains. No chains + icy mountain road = accident. It snowed yesterday, at least a foot, maybe more. Makes the view look really Christmas-y, with snow-covered pines and mountains. It's freezing, of course (below 15 degrees! Aieee!), but it's pretty. Went hiking in a snowstorm yesterday, hiked into town to go browse the new shops and generally enjoy the weather that we never get in San Jose. Some of the shop keepers looked at us like we were completely cracked. Hey, not saying I'm not!
I can't wait to rescue my Martha tomorrow morning. Though, it's debatable who's going to do the actual rescuing - I've got class until 12, then I'm probably going to hare over to the shelter for a short shift... so maybe mom will be Martha-rescuer. Poor kitten-fuzz. Must remember to pick up some litter tomorrow.
I also gotta call that OB-GYN tomorrow, even if I reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaally would rather be torn apart by wargs than go see him. Damn Midol is a placebo. It hurrrrts, precious...
Only 6,700 words to go! I'm finally writing the climax of this venture into insanity, and I'm afraid I left my main characters in a bit of a jam last night. They probably are plotting to kill me in there now. Well, two of them, anyway. The villan, who is finally getting some live screen time for the first time in the entire story, is estatic, I'm sure. Creepy slimeball. He freaks me out, and I'm the one who created him! *plots ways to kill him off in a messy and satisfying manner*
Now must go an complete packing. *just realized that she still has her fuzzy slippers on, which really should be in her bag, and not on her feet* Bugger.

*Sends *huuuuuuuuugs* to Wen's big kitty and hoppytoad's new muffin, Bastet. And her old muffin, Beast, who needs hugs.* Yay for kitties and the people who love them.
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Shortish update today. I seriously need to work on my Nano project, I've been kinda slacking of late. Only 15,000 words to go!
In Tahoe at the moment. This means limited time on the web. Thus, shortish update. There isn't any skiable snow, really, and doesn't look there is going to be a chance of any until Friday. Ah well, plenty of time to cook 'n' eat 'n' cook 'n' eat...
By the by, high elevation does strange things to cooking times. Mom made a tasty cake-pear-cranberry thing that was very good, just rather soupy in the middle even though it seemed cooked through. Oddness.
My poor Martha muffin is at the Kitty Hotel! She's gonna be so clingy when I get home...

Okay, of to type many words. Later, gators.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
30,009 / 50,000


Work was interesting today. Got to knock down an old chihuahua 'cause the RVT was the only one who could hold him and the other tech couldn't hit the dog's vein. The first time I got it in, but the vein blew for some reason unfathomable So I went a little higher and got it in good. *Grin* Oh, and I managed to open that torture machine of an autoclave by myself too. *Grin* The autoclave needs serious maintanence (timer doesn't work and I suspect it isn't reaching the proper temperature). Fun. We need an autoclave. Work would stop in S/N if it broke down entirely.

Now I really do need sleep. Brain is majorly fried from writing overload.
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Gonna make 30,000 words tonight. That, or I'll make it veeeeery early tomorrow morning.

But, for anyone who cares... *crickets chirp* Okay, for my own fun and amusement, I'm posting a little summary of my novel at its current length. Enjoy.

The )

I love auto-summarize.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26,253 / 50,000

Low inspiration & time day. I'll make it up tomorrow after work.

Got my ClinPath midterm back - 88%. Not as high as I like, but definitely salvagable. Ye small gods, that was a hellish test.

Hmm, dad's home. Hope he brought lobster. *happy grin*

Saw an Oprah show focusing on messy homes... inspired me to clean up a bit. I know I'm a hoarder, always have been, but I get these fits every once in a while and go on a throwing-out spree, so it evens out. Some of those houses... *shudders*

HR woman called today. Evidently boss-people think I'm dissatisfied with my new job description. What I'm dissatisfied about is the complete lack of togetherness on the paperwork front. I know there's a form I need to fill out and some sort of method of recording my hours, and it isn't happening. This does not make me happy, no. *headdesks*

Yay S/N tomorrow. Maybe Kim will let me intubate a few more dogs.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
25,029 / 50,000

Whoohooooo! Half-way home, boys and girls!

Work was fun yesterday... for most of it. Got to put a trach tube down another dog's throat, and got another jugular stick. Evidently, I can only do them when a vet isn't breathing down my neck. Wunderbar. But then a cat died in recovery, and another dog turned blue when we got a tube down his throat and we discovered through radiographs that he had a)an enlarged heart b)pulmonary edema and c)a BB pellet in his chest. Poor guy. Oh, and then one of the pit bulls ripped open her sutures. Busy day.

Made homemade curry and nan tonight for dinner. The curry turned out thinner and soupier than I planned, and the nan was entirely too dense and yeasty, but it tasted good together. Next time I need to try something a bit more recognizable, so I'll know earlier on if something is going wrong. Oh, and I helped mom make fruitcake... *dies happily* It is so good. So, unbelievably, sinfully good. And I think we used the entire bottle of rum on it. Thank goodness that stuff bakes out, or I'd be more drunk than a sailor on shore leave right now. Good stuff.

Went running again tonight - knee doesn't hurt yet, so I'm hopeful. I just couldn't face the nordictrak again. I need some new CDs, the trak is getting boring.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
21,187 / 50,000


First, had a radiology midterm very early this morning. I think it went very well. Then I got the pharmacology exam back... would someone like to tell me how I got a 95%? I was so certain I had bombed that thing. *shrugs* However it happened, I'll take it.

Work was interesting today. Robert made fun of my comfy green scrubs until I reminded him that I was fired, and could just go home... Yeah, he shut up after that. I couldn't hit the puppy's jug vein again (curses jugular sticks), but I did manage to catch a cat with a bad reaction to a vaccine before it totally went into shock. I really need to beg Dr. Mac to help me get those jug sticks on a more consistant basis. Oh, and I gave a lyme-sulfur dip to two cats today. Yes, it smells just as foul as you can imagine. *gags*

I don't have ClinPath tomorrow! I hope Dr. Mac's okay... The courts screwed her over in the criminal law side, so she now has to go to family court. Stupid courts.

I should go to bed now. Don't want to waste my free morning!
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,054 / 50,000

That's better.

I now have a nifty pair of black leather knee-high boots. *mad grin* They's got heels and everything. Oh, and I finally figured out how to get Starbucks to make me the perfect nonfat Chai. It be so good...
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Your soul is OPEN-MINDED. Although you do have
strong opinions and make decisions, you never
make them without thinking first of not only
everything that is, but those that may not be
as well. People trust that you'll willingly
hear them out and understand when they tell you
something, and you are well-liked for it. You
are often the mediator in disputes and your
desire to do what is right overcomes all else.
You are an understanding and admirable soul.

What Is Your Soul's Trait?
brought to you by Quizilla

And now I need to work on my novel. My poor, neglected novel. I must keep my main SC from killing off the MC. Can't have that, even if she is being a little minx.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14,526 / 50,000

Geh, inspiration-less today. Even though I was doing the Nibbles scene. Brain, dying, slowly, Ahhh!

Work was not-fun today. Many miserable people. I did find out that my new 'on call' status seems to have the exact same hours next week as my real job did last week. My life is so weird. Oh well, at least I still get a paycheck of some sort, and I get to wear my own scrubs. I'm going scrub-shopping this weekend for sure - I have been wanting some cute scrubs for a long time.

Kim was cool enough to sign off a ton of my competancies today, which made me a happy camper. Oh, and I found a spay scar on a two-month old kitten. A spay scar that already had time to heal over to a nice tiny white line. O.o When exactly was the spay done, when the kitten was born? Strange...

Parents took me out to a 'cheer-up' dinner after I got home from work. I love Buca di Beppo. Yummy, yummy food. Then we went to the bookstore in the same complex, and I found the sequel to 'Dune', and the third part of a trilogy that I've been waiting for for years. Hurrah!
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,509 / 50,000

I'm a quarter of the way through my novel! Yay! ...... Wait. I'm a third of the way through the month. Erm, Houston? We have a problem.

Mission for tomorrow: Don't cry. I wish I could call in sick. *dreads tomorrow* Gonna do my job, do it to the best of my ability, and go home, knowing I did all I could do. Damn, crying now. This is not a good sign.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,705 / 50,000

The first midterm was horrid. I know for a fact that I didn't answer one question at all, and a couple more I know I missed, because I had no clue what she was talking about. Gah!
Off to take midterm II. Fun and joy.
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So I've been kinda offered my job back. Sorta. Iffy. I can't put down details until Friday, 'cause I promised evil HR woman I wouldn't. But I get two options, both of them with their drawbacks. One involves allowing me to wear my own scrubs instead of the reject starfleet medical blues I've got now. I'm liking that idea.

9,033. Low word count today. I've got a midterm tomorrow and the next day - I'll write during my lunch break.

*goes to crash for the night*
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I've been writing up my cheat sheet for the Pharmacology midterm on Wednesday. I didn't know I could write that small. I'm gonna get all the info down, darnit!

8,061. Wow. I'm duly impressed. Almost 1/5th of the way there! Oh, and my MC needs to stop yelling. It's giving my primary SC a nervous twitch.

I finally hit a jugular vein at work today! Last Thursday in lab I couldn't hit a jug if my life depended on it. I'm sure Dr. Mac was soooo impressed. *headdesk* *points at bloodfilled syringe* Look, I can do it! Just not while you're hanging over me, okay?

My classmates and co-workers have discovered I write fanfic. I gave one of them my penname. Eep?

Got two midterms this week: Pharm and ClinPath. I should be okay. Really. Uh-huh. Blarg.
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5,110 words. *squints* I think that this is now officially the longest chapter I've ever written for anything, ever. Wow. Hey, I'm 1/10th of the way through this thing! Go me!

Worked with the new boss-lady today. She says that a) Everyone she's talked to says really nice things about me, and b) She's gonna see about re-hiring me.


Wow. I could get used to this. Much better than S/N vet talking behind my back about how awful I am (boss-lady must have not talked to her yet. :P Bugger.)

And now must go to bed, so I can get up a little early and pound out 500 or so words before I go to class, and somehow stay awake during said class. *zonk*


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