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So, I've backed up Bones, Ace, and Balthazar on DW - I'll probably do Katya and Shaz too, to round out the ones of mine I play most - I should, honestly, delete the others (save Romana, I swear I'm trying to play Romana more, poor girl) since I barely touch them. But then I can try new pups! :D
(Still think I could have made it with Hon Rosie)
(Am determinedly not re-apping Hon Rosie)

OMG end of year inventory is coming up. It is majorly not of the non-stressful. *makes flailyface*

So, the exerbeats game? Ridiculous amounts of fun. For serious. Still think I should go no where other people can see me with the hip-hop stuff. *fears*

So, here's some things I never did get around to posting earlier (links go to the Kodak website, swear):

Martha the Pirate Kitty

My Christmas Tree, and oh yes, I have the coolest calendar this year

In other news, does anyone have a good recommendation for a online photo-storage site? The one I've been using for almost 7 years has suddenly become a portal to that evil 'omg you're infected with a virus click on THIS TO SAVE YOURSELF' virus. Thank goodness for MacAffee. *snuggles it*
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So, today I actually went hiking! And because it's me, there's picspam. :D

So, got up at ungodly am, got set up, and drove the 2.5 hours into Yosemite. It's a gorgeous sunny day, if a bit warm in the valley. So I decide that I should take another crack at Vernal Falls.

Now, Vernal Falls/Mist trail is evil. It's 0.5% uppish, 0.5% random dips, and 99% evil uppish. With low oxygen content, 'cause we're up in the Sierras, yo. But it's a good day, right?
So I head out from the day-use parking lot, 'cause honestly, the hike across the valley is flat as a board and actually, really nice. It's just sliiiiightly farther across the valley than I thought, but hey, I still felt good rolling into Happy Isles.

See? Pretty! )

And then I remembered. It wasn't just uppish. It's evil uppish, and I haven't done any high country hiking this season. And oooooooow. Theoretically, it's only 0.8 miles up the trail to the footbridge that goes over Merced River to start the Mist Trail. I'm not sure where this point is, but it's the point where I was wondering if maybe I shouldn't turn around and find another trail to be on, 'cause I'm getting slaughtered. Look, there's a waterfall across the way - it's actually a very nice waterfall.

Technically, I see falls, thus mission accomplished )

But no, that wouldn't make a good story, and I really set out to get to Vernal Falls today, not just the footbridge. So I set off again, trying not to look too pathetic. Five minutes later, I found the footbridge.

Mrr. )

So, the total distance to the top of Vernal Falls, from the trailhead, is 1.5 miles. So I've already done more than half! So off I go, merrily, feeling rather good about things at this point. And I was doing well - the trail sets off in that slightly-uppish way that msot of the trail doesn't, and I was making good time...
And then I found the evil stone stairmaster from hell. For the record, I'm not great about heights. And I'm really not great about going down from heights - there was a time even escalators were kinda really not fun.

Would it really have killed them to cut the blocks a little shorter and a little wider? )

So I kept on scrambling up until the rocks started getting wet, and really, the view was good from there:

Right. So. Do I stay or do I go now? )

There was a short portion of evil stairs that had a guardrail, so I went up those, but then the rocks were not just a little slick, and I was getting tired and not just a little freaked out, and decided maybe this should be re-attempted a different day. The view was pretty awesome anyway, though.

Next time, Evil Stone Stairmaster of Doom! )

The hike back wasn't nearly as bad, once I talked myself off the stone steps. I'm sure there's quite a few people who, tonight, when telling their hiker stories, are going on about the chubby white chick who side-stepped down half a freaking mountain, but I don't even care. Steep downhill has been known to make me whine in that particular pitch usually only heard made by German Shepherds at the vet. Maybe I need to go bungee-jumping or something to get over this.

And here's the rest of the pics )

Until next time, Yosemite.
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*sheepishes* Um. Hi!

So much for that New Year's resolution to update this thing more. Um. ANYWAY. Still alive, still a vet, still... pretty much the same as last time? Martha the Wondercat is still just as feisty as ever, the temperatures around here refuse to go below 100 for more than a day or so...


In the grand tradition of misdirection, how 'bout some picspam? For example: Things I do at work when not taking steak bones out of doggies and string out of kitties:

I make puppy superheros. Well. I make their costumes.

Dun da daaaah! Captain Microfilaria here to save the day!


Yeah, it was slow today. How'd'ja guess?

Someday, when it isn't almost midnight, I'll work on putting up pictures of the trip I recently took to Alaska. Which was, in fact, amazing. Though tragically free of bears. But omg the eagles! :D
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I should be in bed. I should have been in bed a long time ago.


Today I got a care package from home - a bunch of the ornaments I either made as a kid/teenager/college student or were made or bought for me over the years, as well as a couple family ornaments.

So tonight was tree re-decorating night, because as the pic below shows, the tree was missing a certain... something. Something besides a good sweep-up underneath. The cat and the tree are in a shedding competition some days.

Half-way through, I couldn't wait any longer and put on the shiny star my Grandma and Grandpa (the one who calls me Boodledops) gave me one year.

And this, folks, is what I believe a Christmas tree should look like. Y'all can keep your fancy color-coordinated trees - trees are supposed to be a mis-matched motley crew of ornaments that are equal parts memories and awesome. It helps if at least one of your ornaments is a caroling ex-soda can. There's two on this tree, but I thiiink you can only see one in this shot. It's like 'Where's Waldo', except better.

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I should be in bed, but I figured out how to juggle USB ports for the time being, and thus was able to upload the pictures of the UTTERLY AWESOME wreath I made tonight. Or, more accurately, decorated, but it is still made of awesome. There was happy squeaking while it was being made, I'll admit. And I think the pictures don't do it justice. The tinier baubles don't show up, which is sad.


This is right after I finished it - I was so freaking pleased, I had to go grab my camera and document the awesome.

Here it is, performing it's proper holiday function.
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Today was... overly traumatic. Some very very good things, but...

Tomorrow is my Friday. YAY.

Also, I've uploaded a (very very very very) small portion of my Yosemite pictures thus far:


I'd do a whole traditional picspam thing, but I'm tired. :(
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stolen from [ profile] fightingthecage

01. Answer each of the questions below the cut using the [Flickr] search engine.
02. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
03. Copy the URL of your favorite photos [here].
04. Then share with the world.

01. First Name: Sara
02. Favourite Food: Chocolate
03. Hometown: San Jose
04. Favourite Colour: Blue
05. Celebrity Crush: Hugh Jackman :D
06. Favourite Drink: Tea
07. Dream Holiday: Traveling on the Continent. :D
08. Favourite Dessert: Difficult choice. Ummmm... Chocolate Lava Cakes. Except I think I can only eat one of those every 3 years.
09. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Veterinarian
10. What I Love Most In The World: Nobility (and not the Royal Family kind)
11. One Word That Describes Me: Stubborn
12. My LiveJournal Name: bodldops

For some reason, this just wants to be ginormous )
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More picspam! This is a very very very tiny fraction of the pics from the San Francisco Zoo (with no violent tiger footage, sorry).

The Picspam Strikes Back )
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I start my last quarter of lectures tomorrow. \o/ And before I crash for the night, here's a start on all the pictures (over 400! O.o) I took in the last week and a half. Today we went to Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz.

Picspam! )
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For the second day in a row! It's a miracle!

Anyway, these are pictures taken at Rockville Fairfield Regional Park, where I go hiking with Fozzie.

It's really just an excuse to take pictures of more pretties )
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Biggest Loser )

And now?


Starting with the most recent pics first, and working my way back. Hopefully. Anyway!
My surgery on Monday - only one picture with blood in, promise )
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Omg there's a superbug! Omg we have nothing to kill it! ... Oh look, there's a company that does! It sells a gel that kills it! And sells it everywhere!


Am I the only one who hears that goes 'either we as a country are suffering from a new level of stupid, or the gel doesn't actually work'?

Halloween Picspam )
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1) Walked to school today. Will probably do so again tomorrow, if the weather stay nice. *eyes clouds*

2) Picspam! (Yeah, I got nothin' to say). The first one is of Slater helping me study for Small Animal Med.
Picspam, because it is Monday )
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Item the first:
I got an A on my first Equine Med midterm! I have no idea how this happened. That test had it's own fifteen minutes of 'CRAP I KNOW NONE OF THIS AUGH WHY AM I EVEN IN THIS CLASS I'M TRACKING SMALL ANIMAL!'

So. Um. Yay!

Item the second:
Walked to school and back. There is the perfect 'haunted house' on the way to school. I'll have to try to find it again and take a picture.

Item the third:
'Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)' by Baz Luhrmann is good to hear every couple of days. I'm glad my Pandora radio found it. :D 'Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.'

Item the fourth:
Speaking of pictures: I has a lot of them (hahaha summer trip and zoo eeep need to put those up), but most recently? I discovered how to make my camera to do black and white. Also, I fell in love with certain tree. So!
Pretty Fall Picspam! )

I've got to get Fozzie to obedience class (boo), so I'll finish posting picspam pics later.
EDIT: All the pictures are up now. :D
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I has surgicated, and my dog is alive! And neutered! WHOOT!

Here, have some surgery day picspam.

At least one picture is somewhat graphic. If you don't like that sort of thing. )

As I was walking Fozzie, I was thinking - the surgery class is 407L. Spin the L around, and you have the 4077. Now, if I'm Hawkeye, and friend labmate is Trapper, does that make the lab teammate I've been ranting about the last few days Frank? >.>

Also also, my locker number is 19.
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On Friday, I went out and tried to prove that there is, in fact, a 'fall' season in Davis.

With pictures, of course.

A photoessay, by Sara, aged 26 and 1/3 )

And after all the shiny pictures, some serious business:
Marion Jones has pleaded guilty to taking performance-enhancing drugs at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games (among other things).


Pisses me off. To no end. I know it's naive of me, but I'd like to think the Olympics was something more about testing the limits of human endurance or the nobility or all of those other words they stuff down our throats every time the Olympics roll around. It would make all of those athletes who claim that they're 'just so honored and happy to be here!!Eleventy!!1!' a little more believable.

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Fozzie and Flowers )
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I am liking this 'productive weekends' thing I have going. Thus far I have managed to:
- Sweep the back patio and water the plants (I hope I didn't kill the bebe forget-me-nots)
- Did the dishes
- Did laundry
- Gave my test file to my 'little sib', and tried to hint a lot that yes, she really really really needs to know those kinetics curves. Really. *hates Pharm with a passion, second only to Cardio*
- Finished two pages of my nine-page Exotic Med take-home midterm

Little sib brought over her dog when she picked up the test file, and the poor doggy met Martha the wonder cat. Martha actually stalked the dog through the house, hissing and swatting every time she got within range. Little snot! At least I know she knows how to defend herself. The poor dog was so confused - the cat she lives with evidently cuddles with her. Any way, off to walk Fozzie to the dog park (first time omg). That poor dog is going to have no energy when we get back.

Kitty Picspam!! )

EDIT: I rescind my claim. I have managed to get another indefatigable dog. *falls over*
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To do today:
- Clean litter box
- Vacuum
- Walk Fozzie
- Clean upstairs bathroom
- Find pertinent pages in anatomy text for surgery lab
- Work on whofic?

Good news being my new plants did not mysteriously die in the night. Yay! Spent last night over at BFF's, watching 'Hot Fuzz' (she'd never seen it) and 'Tampopo Ramen', a very strange but oddly fascinating movie about food from Japan.

House Picspam! )


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