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I no longer have any duties at the VMTH.

No more rounds, no more 8pm treatments, no more riding in the scary elevator, no more cursing residents for not picking up their phones, no more pager from hell, no more 'friends of the school', no more cajoling the ward techs into doing their jobs, no more school.

Also, no more being able to rely on doctors like Dr. H, Dr. M, Dr. B, Dr. J, Dr. G... no more med techs, no more 'I'm not sure, sir, let me go ask my resident', no more team of classmates to help get things done during the crazy days.

Can one be both really really happy and really really bummed?

Anyway, today is for cleaning up the apartment and packing and my family's coming tonight and.


And tomorrow? I graduate. And will be henceforth Dr Sara.

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a) My landshark patient has GONE HOME. And I still have all my fingers. Who says there isn't a loving God?

b) My last day of clinics is tomorrow.


I... still can't wrap my head around this. After tomorrow, and then graduation on Friday, I won't be in school at Davis any more. For eight of the last ten years, I've been at school in Davis, and the remainder two years I wanted to be in school at Davis.


I'm making scones tonight. We is having a party tomorrow morning. :D

c) 'Angels and Demons' is a fun movie, and makes me want to go to Rome. :D

d) I just fielded an emergency call. On accident. This is my luck in the VMTH. For serious.

e) No internets until the 12th, so sayth the housemate because it was a router/modem thing and price and lalalala. Um. I don't understand, honestly, the roles of modems or routers or much computer-ish, but... The 12th. At which point I'll be gone. Figures.

*wibbles and hides under the computer desk* OMG how is it in two weeks people are going to think I know crap? ARE THEY CRAZY? AM I? WAUGH
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So, my internet is out at home. Most likely this is due to yesterday's storm causing a power surge and knocking it out, but whatever the cause, the little wireless modem box thingy (see my use of technical terms!) is toast.

Housemate is going to try and get it fixed today, or get a new one. I hope. >.> I may spend a lot of time at the hospital mooching off their internets. Like I am now. Hi hospital!

Anyway, my latest patient... *sigh* If the 'Jaws' movie was about landsharks? This would be the title character.

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Also, the classmate o'mine who's been pissing off most every other student on the rotation has a v.v.v. convenient excuse for not being able to take Saturday pickups even though this person is the only one without inpatients (and don't think he didn't work very hard making sure he didn't get any). We're debating just telling our resident to call him on Saturday, regardless. Drama in the hospital ahoy!

Maybe I'll just rent a movie tonight. Thing. Assuming I'm not here all hours.
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Hahahahaha last night.


I'm sleeping, like all good vet students should at 3 in the morning, and suddenly there's a bright flash of light and a crack-boom like something exploding.

I thought something had exploded, at first. When I failed to be dead, I re-evaluated my problem list. It seems the bouts of severe thunderstorms that had been going on in the Sierra foothills had decided to come on down to the Sacramento area for a bit. And this wasn't a typical CA thunderstorm, with a few strikes here and there, and long rolling (quieter) thunder. This was a never dark for more than two seconds, sounding like an artillery range, which Norse god did we piss off thunder storm.

All you East-coasters who are wondering why this is news, this doesn't happen in CA. Our natural disasters/exciting events tend to be ground-based - earthquakes, land slides, flooding, avalanches, raging brush fires. Our major weather-related things tend to be droughts. Not natural fireworks shows.

It was gorgeous.

Just... 3am.

Definitely a coffee day. And it's supposed to happen tomorrow (tonight?) too.

Also, my internet is out at home - hopefully just the little box thingy (I'm so technologically knowledgeable) just needs to be reset, but there's a chance it took out a local tower or something. A couple of my friends have had their power knocked out entirely, so I should be thankful I still have things like light and heat and such.
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Can I wear it while on clinics?

*snuggles it*
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I get to do a thoracic limb amputation tomorrow!

Oooooooooooooooh.... :D

Why yes. I'm weird. Also so frickin' glad I don't have to deal with that poor dog I've had all weekend. I hate torturing dogs.

EDIT: Oh lord. The smell. *gags*
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So, I had one last on call shift for surgery.

Guess where I am! ;)

There's two definite surgeries, with another possibly coming from San Jose, all neuro cases, which means 5ish hours surgery each. Which, since we still haven't gone in on the first, means maybe I'm only picking up two of these, 'cause it'll be someone else's on-call shift by the third. Maybe. La?


Got all 3 of my references, so now I just need to hash out a start date. (YAY EMPLOYMENT)

OH! And I got my plant, the one I totally missed by five minutes at the last plant sale. And a supercheap pepper plant for the roommate.

Also, our living room rug is clean. It is amazing. So is the junglegym of furniture in our dining room. Moving all that back is gonna be fuuuun.

EDIT: It's 2am, and I'm home. And we didn't actually cut anything, out of three dogs. One we're probably not going to cut at all, one's going tomorrow (which... is gonna be weird, hopefully will be transferred to SOMEONE ELSE to stand in for the surgery because c'mon guys s'not fair), and the third was put down because it was not a good surgical candidate in any sense of the word.


Gonna sleep for 4 hours ish, wake up, have a blisteringly hot shower, drink the rest of my cola, and go see what the hospital gods have for me tomorrow.
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It is being a morning.

Bessie the car has started this new thing where the 'stop for repairs' light (or whatever it's called) will flash on... and then go off. Randomly. Usually only in the very cold morning. Maybe the oil I put in isn't rated for cold? It's due for a trip to jiffylube anyway, but... could we find a less annoying way to announce that, car?

And then I was locked out of my building. So I had to go into another building, up the stairs, over the breezeway, down the stairs into my own building. Which isn't that annoying except I'm failing at walking with coffee this morning. LA.

I dunno. I call do-over. Can I get one on the last four years?

In less early-morning-cranky news, 'Castle' was hilarious. :D

EDIT: Also, someone who is not me needs to tell the Air Force pilot I saw this morning while getting coffee that yes, his hat and shades and leather jacket are way cool, but that more-than-half-hanging-out-envelope in the pocket four inches or so above your boots just looks lame. Sorry.

EDIT: Also? Other people's goof-ups need to stop being my fault. WTF.

EDIT: And my first patient on this service, the one I spent three days taking care of, was just euthanized. Today is totally fired.

EDIT: There are no words for how freaking annoyed I am right now. RARGH.
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So, my car is trying to wreak my perfect record.

I get in the car this morning (after being allowed to sleep in, because we started late today), and... the engine does that unhappy 'oh, where'd my oil go' thing that it does. Me, realizing that I hadn't yet restocked on my oil supply in the trunk, hopes that the car is just at an odd angle or something (which does sometimes cause this).

Check the oil.

Yup, low.

All of the sudden.

It was fine a week ago.

WTF, Bessie the car. I thought we were over this.

So I got to call in and say I'd be late before dashing over to the store (which, luckily, isn't that far away) to buy mucho oil and dump it into Bessie. Turns out I wasn't late after all (getting all of the Oncologists into one room is a bit like herding cats), but it was a close thing.

Not on, car. Not on.

In job search news, I've applied to a couple different places now, including Banfield (boo hiss, I know, a job's a job, for serious), and discovered I still hate writing cover letters as much as I did before (why hire me? HELL IF I KNOW!), and still no replies. Um. From last night, so. >.>

Now, to call the CA Boards people and go 'oi, where's my packet, you people who have too much power over my life?', and hope they don't laugh before hanging up. After is fine. Before is just demoralizing.
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Subjects covered in case rounds after gross rounds (which were an experience, truly):
1) Which famous celebrities it's good to look like.
2) Which famous celebrities it's an insult to be compared to, even in looks
3) A children's pathology cartoon book, to best answer the question: "Mommy, what happens when Daddy drinks too much?", to be complete with dying, screaming liver cells and the Evil Mr. Fibrosis.
4) What are the possible results of a pit bull mix eating two batches of high-fiber pumpkin cookies?
5) The awesomeness of Liam Neelson and how his characters tend to die part-way through movies.
6) Related to 5: The awesomeness of 'Gangs of New York'
7) Related to 6: How sad it is the resident has not seen 'Gangs of New York'
8) Related to 5&6: Why movies need to not be 3.5 hours long
9) Related to 5,6, 7, 8, and life in general: The awesomeness of 'Taken' and how we all need to see it.
10) The relative merits of Jason Bourne, violence in movies, and book vs. movies
11) Who's going to eat the last muffin?
12) The making up of words to sound official. Off-shoot: Con-specific violence is an awesome term. Protip: does not relate specifically to prisons.
13) How we all lose at Trivial Pursuit but would kick ass if there was a medical version.
14) Related to 13: How do we know that seminomas are the most common cancer in pigeons but don't know the answers to the Trivial Pursuit game?
15) Who studies cancer in pigeons?
16) No, seriously, who's going to eat the last muffin?
17) Taking bets on if that rabies-suspected horse is cleared for necropsy yet.
18) Taking bets on when the horse will actually be cleared for necropsy (most popular: 2:30pm)
19) Dinner plans (most popular: Burgers at the TG)
20) Residencies and where to go for the best social program.
21) Related to 20: Not pathology anywhere but UCD, as the other programs are boring.
22) Cases
23) Guys, that muffin looks lonely.
24) Vegan people vs. Normal people. (I DIDN'T SAY IT)
25) The things animals eat, and a rehashing of the pit bull vs. high-fiber cookies problem
26) The school of CYA
27) The resident's artistic ability, and how she needs to illustrate book discussed in topic #3
28) The tragedy of not having any cookies, because the pit bull at them, and the relative merits of cookies vs. muffins
29) ... Do we now have lunch break, now that we've had coffee and muffins (except for that last one, someone eat it quick)?
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So, good news/bad news

Good news: Got to sleep in until 9am. So unbelievably nice.

Bad news: Woken up by my pager, and I'm on call.

Good news: They don't need me to come in.

Bad news: Because the case came in at 8am, and they've been paging me ever since, and this is the first time I've answered.

Good news: It isn't my fault (either they were paging the wrong person or my pager is a POS, or both), and the resident knows this, and is fine with me just coming in for 8pm treatments and I don't need to run down there right now.

Bad news: I'm now going to be in town until Sunday evening. *SULK*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So, my morning/afternoon is being fairly cruddy, mostly due to catastrophic disease in my patient and the owners are going to cry at me, I know they will, and it will be ugly and I'll be crying and.

Andandand. Damnit.

In other news, I caught my very own Autumn egg, though it's already sick, silly thing:

Adopt one today!

Saw a dino egg and a chicken egg, but wasn't quite fast enough for those.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So, somehow the senior student covering the surgery services over Thanksgiving things he's only on-call and not responsible for a surgery patient (my surgery patient, which I actually don't want to be here to take care of this weekend, shockingly).

My sis is currently in a plane (or at least in an airport) preparing to come here, so we can drive to Tahoe tonight (once I'm free from my patient and have watered my poor plants).


And my clinician keeps forgetting I'm so not going to be here this weekend. With no. Please to be stopping giving me orders for this weekend. For really.


And my dragons keep dying. Possibly because I haven't been posting the eggs as often. Eh?
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So, the flail of yesterday morning was for naught, since this schedule works fairly well with pre-established plans anyway. So now I can focus on flailing about Boards.

You know, the ones in three days. WHEE.

Also, wtf body, if I eat mostly healthy food (and not a whole heck of a lot of it) and am active most of the day and I run (though, admittedly, not as much as before)... I should be losing weight. Yes. The opposite of what you're doing.


Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Because, you know, the ONE weekend, the one DAY on one weekend I want to leave this damn town, I'm scheduled as on-call surgery assistant.

*throws things*

So freaking mad.


It is Saturday, yes? *eyes website* Now I'm just all confused.

Also mad.

But confused too.

And stressed, did I say stressed? So freaking stressed.

Though, seriously, dinner Saturday night and going to festival Sunday would work. Though it's entirely too late for changing plans now. *sulks yea mightily and... well, I don't know if I should finagle. Because of plan. Things. Which might not be what I think... and. ARUGH.

Here. Have dragons. Dragons are not stressful. They're just there. And pretty.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Today is a day off! So, things to do (because true vacation isn't for a couple more weeks).

1) Finish Behavior records
2) Work on Behavior project
3) Study for boards
4) Catch up on sleep (what? It's important)
5) Cuddle kitty lots

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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The Obamas are adopting a dog, not buying a purebred!

If you believe Entertainment Tonight.

*hopes it's true*


Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

In other news, I once again managed to visit a shelter and not come home with a new cat. (Even though there was this adormidably sweet lynx-point kitty with the bluest eyes you've ever seen and. ANDANDAND. I'm so bad.)

There was also a very very cute Bernese Mountain Dog cross, who was also very sweet and will make someone a very good dog, but she'd need way more work than I can give right now, and introducing a dog to the household right now is WAY with the wrong move.

In other, other news? I need to see 'Australia'. Just for the eye-candy, if nothing else. Who's with me?
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A meme stolen from everyone:
1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.

In other news, my Behavior resident is making me re-do most of my record for my appointment the other day, because it's not in the order they like. Even after I asked repeatedly how to do Behavior records, because I knew there was a certain trick to it. And they told me to just do it and see what happens. This? Is what happens. DUH. *facepalms muchly*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Alright, now I'm really done with medicine. :D On to behavior, where... I know nothing. Whee? >.> Anyway. Coffee time for me.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I, ladies and gentlemen, am officially done with SA Medicine.

Except for morning 'treatment' of my ICU case, that is, but that's, like... paperwork. :D

Maybe I'll be able to catch up on my sleep this week. So awesome.

On to the dragons:
The adults, now named:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

The baby:
Adopt one today!

And the eggs:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

And! The egg of Cerenia and Keflex!
Adopt one today!



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