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I am tired.

I am tired, my knee aches, I'm working my sixth day in a row, yesterday had entirely too many charming clients in it, I feel overweight (am, but not moreso than usual, sigh), and I wanted to murder my alarm clock this morning.


I'm leaving to go Tahoe after work.

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It is being a morning.

Bessie the car has started this new thing where the 'stop for repairs' light (or whatever it's called) will flash on... and then go off. Randomly. Usually only in the very cold morning. Maybe the oil I put in isn't rated for cold? It's due for a trip to jiffylube anyway, but... could we find a less annoying way to announce that, car?

And then I was locked out of my building. So I had to go into another building, up the stairs, over the breezeway, down the stairs into my own building. Which isn't that annoying except I'm failing at walking with coffee this morning. LA.

I dunno. I call do-over. Can I get one on the last four years?

In less early-morning-cranky news, 'Castle' was hilarious. :D

EDIT: Also, someone who is not me needs to tell the Air Force pilot I saw this morning while getting coffee that yes, his hat and shades and leather jacket are way cool, but that more-than-half-hanging-out-envelope in the pocket four inches or so above your boots just looks lame. Sorry.

EDIT: Also? Other people's goof-ups need to stop being my fault. WTF.

EDIT: And my first patient on this service, the one I spent three days taking care of, was just euthanized. Today is totally fired.

EDIT: There are no words for how freaking annoyed I am right now. RARGH.
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Today wasn't that bad. Boring. But not bad.

Still feel rather eeeeeeeh.

I did clean up the backyard and watered all the plants (some of which are looking worse for wear after the cold).

And I answered some of the questions in rounds without sounding like an idiot.

Still eeeeeeeeh.

Me and my brain, I swear. It's... screwy. I do understand there's nothing wrong. But it's still eh.


Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Dear self: Today is hardly going to be one of the more difficult days of the week. You got through the massively over-booked, under-staffed yesterday, and Wednesday hopefully won't be under-staffed (still over-booked), but today? Two easy keepers, one with a procedure you just have to kinda keep an eye on, and the other a short surgery.
Suck it up and deal. Srsly.
*thumps self*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Because, you know, the ONE weekend, the one DAY on one weekend I want to leave this damn town, I'm scheduled as on-call surgery assistant.

*throws things*

So freaking mad.


It is Saturday, yes? *eyes website* Now I'm just all confused.

Also mad.

But confused too.

And stressed, did I say stressed? So freaking stressed.

Though, seriously, dinner Saturday night and going to festival Sunday would work. Though it's entirely too late for changing plans now. *sulks yea mightily and... well, I don't know if I should finagle. Because of plan. Things. Which might not be what I think... and. ARUGH.

Here. Have dragons. Dragons are not stressful. They're just there. And pretty.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Yeah, so today?

Has done nothing for my mood. Nothing good, anyway.


And while I'm at it, I want a pony
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There's something wrong with the universe when, after two days of basically snoozing and studying and not running around at all, I'm in a fouler mood than when I left the hospital on Friday.


There's no reason, just feeling out-of-sorts and growly and... *sigh*

Just kinda want to hide under the covers and not come out for anything.

Except I can't, because all of the covers are in the dryer... drying.

Why does this always happen? I even started the laundry at like 9am. It should be done! Would've been done, if I'd moved it immediately.


Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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One of those nights, when I should just go to bed and give up on cheering myself up. Oh well. One week of cardiology down, with no major trama, and a couple of clients thanking me profusely (for what, I'm still not entirely sure, since the residents still aren't comfortable letting us do much more than the basics). I'm secondary on an emergency shift Saturday night, and I'm on call for Cardiology Sunday night, so. Time for house cleaning!
There's also a plant sale on Saturday, which may help re-supply the die-off of greenery in the back (due to my complete failure to water on anything vaguely resembling a reliable schedule).

To Do This Weekend
Finish reading about pigs, start on cows
Clean/vacuum room
Clean bathrooms
Clean dishes/kitchen
Investigate how that rug cleaner thing works
Plant things
Don't get called in on emergency
Don't get called in on cardiology
Advantage for Martha the Wondercat
Vacuum stairs
Get test file to little sib

On a more amusing note (geepers, the house is a mess), there's a cat that's gone missing a few blocks away from here, which looks almost exactly like Martha the Wondercat. Same gender and everything. She only gives me an enigmatic look when I ask her if she sometimes goes by the name of 'Maus'.


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