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Here's that 'first sentence of the month' meme thing!

January!: And it's a new year!
February: So, I've at least partially finished my big goal for today, which was 'revamp resume'
March: It's 3 in the morning, do you know where your vet student is?
April: So, vacation week was wonderful, I've got four clinics I'm getting replies from, I'm taking my state boards on Saturday...
May: Fic for [info]fightingthecage, from here.
July: Today I start my new job yay!
August: Woke up inexplicably cranky this morning.
September: I actually got up early and worked out this morning.
October: Alright, it's my weekend, so I've a list of things I need to do today if I want to go hiking tomorrow (see me being all adultish and whatnot?)
November: a) I've started NaNoWriMo.
December: Re: Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

All in all, actually, it's been a rather cheerful year.

In other news, we spent quite a lot of today up in a gorgeously snowy Yosemite. Pics will go up probably tomorrow, but... seriously people. Gorgeous. And the falls are flowing again! And the deer really really don't give a damn about the tourists.

EDIT: And I can reveal Yuletide now! My donation for my year 1 is: Before the Storm, a Sir Percy Blakeney/Scarlet Pimpernel fic which tragically has no chappeu-bras (despite being quite bemused by them) and in which, somehow, I miss-spelled M. Chauvelin's name persistently.
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As noted before, I'm home! :D Tonight we're going to see Cirque (OMG YAY) and eating yummy yummy tapas. And then it will be Christmas Eve!

Tragically, I have to work the day after Christmas, so I am driving home Christmas Day. Also, I really hope I remembered to order the computer to tape the new DW coming out. >.> I'm pretty sure I did? Mrr? Oh well, I'm sure it'll get replayed if I miss it.

Any messages over the next couple days, feel free to leave'm here - I'm not going to be on very much at all.
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WHOOHOOO! I am now on the intarwebs, without the help of the iPod. As previously mentioned, the trusty laptop has bit the dust due to the computer version of H1N1, proclaimed dead as a doornail last Monday by two computer specialists.

I am... um. Ridiculously behind on my Yuletide fic, but I have an idea for it, and since I love this canon (though honestly, I can't remember ever seeing any fic for it ever), it should come along nicely. Or at least come along.

NaNoWriMo has defeated me once again (yes, I know I have a couple more days, but dudes, I've only just barely cleared 10,000 words and... um. It was all on the laptop. So no. I'll get you next year, nearly-impossible writing task!

Work continues to be work, with it's joys and sadness and 'no seriously tell me you aren't that crazy'-ness of it all. Lalala yay.

Also! I now have Christmas lights! And cards! So I'm going to make all replies viewable by me only, and say HERE BE CHRISTMAS CARD POST. They have the requisite cute animal. Srsly. C'mon, it's me... did you really think it wasn't going to have a cute animal on it? Even if I should have your address tattooed on the back of my eyelids, plz respond, for lo, I am a disorganized critter, and people move, and things. Yes, I'll send cards overseas.

And. Um. Yes? Thanksgiving (done a day early since I had to drive home last night (5 hours omgwtf) was marvellous, and evidently it's snowing in Tahoe now that I've left. Figures, though I'm glad I didn't have to drive home in the snow.

Also, I need a Christmas icon. I had one lined up - Urahara with a Christmas hat, but it was... say it with me... on the laptop. Alas.
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I am tired.

I am tired, my knee aches, I'm working my sixth day in a row, yesterday had entirely too many charming clients in it, I feel overweight (am, but not moreso than usual, sigh), and I wanted to murder my alarm clock this morning.


I'm leaving to go Tahoe after work.



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