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Now at the College Station airport, waiting for screening to begin for our flight. I've heard they do obnoxiously complete searches here - at least the plane will be safe?

We had thunderstorms yesterday, which started while we were out see campus. We took sort-of refuge behind a pillar of the George Bush (Sr) presidential library. It... sort-of kept us dry, until we made a mad dash to the car. And got soaked. Srsly, five minutes of rain, and it was most like "You have chosen to ford a river, you have lost 3 oxen, and 20 ammunition".

Due to everyone and their brother being in town, many of the food-type things sis talks about were gone - no lambkins, no blackberry coffee cake, though we did get some Laynes, where all things vegetable are banned. We (I) told sis she has to bring the above sweets back to California when she comes in a few weeks.

Well, we're through security, and it's half an hour until takeoff aaaaaaand... No plane at the gate. No one else seems worried about this, so.

Finish 'Pride and Prejudice' (again), and I only have one complaint about the book - Darcy's second proposal isn't written out. The climax of the book, and Austen skips out. So... anyone know any good fanfic? C'mon flist, don't let me down.

And here comes a plane! Yay!!
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Well, the sister is graduated. :). And her present, which I have carefully not talked about on this journal since she reads it, was well recieved.

We're having a cookout tonight, though I may just go for the dessert - dinner was super filling.
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So, here I am in College Station. It's rather muggy, but otherwise nice. The Grandparents are already here, we'll be meeting them for dinner, I guess. Sis picked us up at the airport, which was surprisingly large for a town this size. The flights were uneventful, and as sis predicted, there was no free WiFi at Dallas-FW. There was, however, yummy frozen yougurt.
Am currently being the bad sister, and not going to a little ceremony my sis is going to for a certificate of something or other. I'm tired, and all bleh from the airplane, and I'm barely a social creature at the best of times. Oh well.
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Am off to sell books.

The world might be coming to an end, yes.

And then I went to the store and enjoyed clothes shopping.

World is definitely ending yes.
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Today I:

- Did not wake up to an alarm

- Nearly drove onto a crime scene

- Made a kickass dinner

- Made an even more kickass dessert (nutella hazelnut triple-chocolate brownies, Booyah)

- Made despairing handwavy motions at the monstrous pile of books

- Entertained the cat immensely

- Cried at freaking Grey's Anatomy even though I haven't watched that show since, like, a year ago

- Made faces at Barbara Walters (who was on a TV screen, but whatevs)

- diiiiiiid not go for a run oops

- Am considering having another brownie. :D

In other news, this week will be the last time I get to use this tag. O.O
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I know that exercise is good for me. After nearly a month of no regular exercise other than dashing around the hospital, two days in a row is fantastic.

What's not fantastic is my currently-not-as-fit-as-it-was body feeling like it has been beaten with particularly large sticks.

Remember 'Run Fatboy Run', the scene riiiight after the spin class, where Dennis is sprawled on the locker room floor? Yes, like that, just without the powder (say thankya). Though there was the greatest line in that movie, and one you know I'll be thinking every time someone feels the need to comment on my weight.

Anyway. Two more days, and then it's back to the hospital grind. Maybe I'll get some cool cases. Maybe with the power of Ettinger backing me up, I won't be as much of an idiot. Maybe it will be much like last year, just with a graduation ceremony in the middle.

Got my hair cut today. Once it dries and goes all curly-like (which is does much better, at the moment), it only just brushes my shoulders. Which means I really do need to discover a good way for keeping it out of my face while on duty, without succumbing to the horrors of the minuscule pony-tail. The hair that was cut off is just about long enough for Locks of Love, so it'll be heading that-a-way once I find a padded envelope. Yes, it had been a really long time since my last hair cut. Try years. Srsly.

Have discovered that while I am finally able to beat Civ III by world domination, I can only do that on the default difficulty setting. Up one level, and everyone wants to go to war with you, and develop tanks entirely too fast. Spoil-sports. I'll go back down a level and return to beating up on archers with my mechanized infantry. Neener.

Saw little shelves for plants, that have full-spectrum light sources built in. I'd have to get some of those if I ever moved up north, to defeat the winter BLAH due to the sun mysteriously disappearing and betraying all of us who need natural light to not go wailing to Ben & Jerry's for Chocolate Therapy.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Why? I'm not entirely sure. *eyes result skeptically*
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So, sis is here overnight, to be shuttled to the airport at ungodly early AM. I have converted her to the ways of Nugget paninis, and she enjoys Bleach. Bwah.

Also, people, if you're thinking about seeing 'Australia'?

Do it.

Do it now.


More coherent review to follow when I don't need to go to bed in preparation of ungodly AM.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Nov. 29th, 2008 10:44 pm
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Driving home tomorrow morning - slightly tragic, since it seems we just got here, and I'll have one week of Orthopedics before getting dumped into Neurology where I'm going to get my butt kicked. Awesome.
We didn't find any cute Christmas cards today (they were all rather.... eh), but we did get mint cocoa from Starbucks, and we found the missing Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (even if their employees were lazy layabouts), and we got movies and stuff for mint chocolate brownies.
And I finished my book, and basically didn't think about school all day.


+ Post it in your own journal and encourage others to copy, paste and complete their own answers to the following questions to let others know a little more about themselves.

+ Re-post this as your name followed by "-ology"

Cut, because this got really long )

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So Thanksgiving was fantastic, with all the yummy food as always, and I liked the Chianti even if no one else did (more for me, neener). Friday morning was good too, with a long hike in the Sierras down by the lake (complete with bushwacking, because of the people leading the hike, which was okay until there was rock scrambling along the lakeside, which makes me nervous).

Friday evening... was not fun, in the food-poisoning sort of way. Whee.

But! It's a whole new day, and maybe there will be shopping, and even if the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has vamoosed and left us without yummy chocolate treats, it will still be fun. And maybe I'll find adorable Christmas cards.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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And now: Amazing Race, the Sierra Edition!

*cues dramatic music*

So our two heroines, 'Ro and Raurence, can be found teaming up at the UC Davis VMTH, where they're cannily making use of the working printers and printing out directions to their next destination.

And, totally talking about the relative eye-candy merits between 'Quantum of Solace' and 'Australia', which isn't exactly race-worthy behavior, but Hugh Jackman is hot. :D

They race off to their first roadblock: 'Repack 'Ro's backpack so it's less 'VMTH survival' and more 'fun things to do in Tahoe'. The second part of this task involved moving 80 pounds of cat food from the back of the car into the closet, so that the car won't get pried apart by a bear like a sardine can once in Tahoe. Our heroines did fairly well on this task, managing to complete it in under an hour.

Successfully completing this task, they charge off East in their trusty Saturn coupe towards Tahoe.

And immediately run into traffic on the Causeway between Davis and Sacramento.

One hour later, our heroines finally make it to a gas station in Sacramento, where the car is successfully filled with gas for under $15. They also get beverages, because the person driving has been working 13-hour shifts the last two weeks, and the person riding can't drive a stick. Traffic is better once they get back on the highway, and they make good time to Auburn.

Where all windows in the car promptly fog up. Completely. Within ten seconds. 'Ro, trying to stay calm, throws in the emergency lights and pulls over onto the (very narrow) shoulder, and attempts are made at fiddling with the controls to provide clear windows. Their attempts begin to succeed when... a tow truck arrives.

Our heroines, thinking they're about to see someone smashed on the highway since there are great big trucks rumbling on by in the slow lane (thanks so much for getting over, guys), try to wave him off, but he makes it all the way to the Saturn's driver's side window (why he didn't go for the passenger side, I'll never know) before getting the message that there wasn't a car failure, there was a window failure. Tow-truck guy then trundles back to his truck, narrowly avoiding getting squished, and disappears off into the night while the girls wait out their windows.

When the windows are finally clear, they take off again.

Fifteen minutes later?


Rinse and repeat (sans tow-truck guy).

Once the windows are clear again, they take off up the hill.

Fifteen minutes later?


This time our heroines (now rather flaily and wanting their car to just work damnit because it's 7pm and it's really time for dinner) are able to make it to an actual exit, and pull into the lit overhang of a gas station (very slowly, because any attempts to wipe off the fog just brings it back a second later. The user's manual is dug out of the nether regions of the glove compartment and consulted.

(This would be the scene where the two racers are looking worried and at their wit's end and there's dramatic music. Yeah really.)

Finally, it's discovered how their window-clearing strategy is wrong, and it is adjusted. Clear windows! Enheartened (and kinda hungry), they speed off into the night.

And then, about twenty minutes later as they roll into Truckee... snow. Did we mention that neither of our heroines have ever driven in an actual snowstorm? Lucky for our heroines (who did have chains in the back, but weren't relishing the idea of using them), they got in right behind a plow truck, thus not needing chains.

And then the truck turned on all of it's lights, which our heroines decided was a lot like being at a rave party (in the mountain, near cliffs, in the cold). It was at this time our heroines hooked up the iPod to the radio and Raurence got control of the play list. A grand time was hand by all, and the rave party truck was left behind once the snow turned to rain. They finally rolled into the pit stop at 9:30 where... tragically, there was no Phil to tell them their place.

There was, however, family, and food (yummy chili) and warmth, and beds. Which is better than Phil, actually. :D

And now we're criticizing the acts in the pre-parade show, and (really) waiting for the dog show later. :D

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So last night?

Went to Cirque du Soleil's 'Kooza'.


So much fun. So so so much fun. And still managed to be very different than the other show I saw, 'Alegria'.
Spoilerisms )

After the show we went to a tapas restaurant in the city, and we had fun picking which little dishes to try. Ubersalty, which we realized later, but it was all so yummy!
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So, other than my rather non-spectacular performance in Neurology?

All B's and two A's (Orthopedics, a total sleeper class, and Exotics Med, where I seriously kicked butt).

Also, the official Neurology grade is not in. Am hoping, probably futilely considering my inability to remember all things neurological (freshman neurology was an agonizing ordeal of hate), that I actually did better than what they said, because... um. I would have had to have gotten the exact same grade on both tests. Which. You know. Studying hard for a week and a half on the dang thing, I should get a better grade on the second, yes?

It's probably still a C-. But.

I can hope, right?


B's and A's. :D!!!

Why yes, I am moodswingy with grades. I like doing well. It is a thing.

Lalala went back in my transcript to see what, exactly, I got in freshman neurology (C), and saw that that was the v.v.v. bad quarter that had Cardio in (WAUGH). That was... not a fun three months. Nope.

Also, we went to Whole Foods today, the ginormous one that is roughly the size of a Costco (just more organic), and there was ooooohing and aaaaawing over tiny one-person tea kettles, and the tiny little saltcellers with their tiny little spoons. There was also drooling over the fancy chocolates, laughing at the ones named 'Tetons', and consumption of chocolate hazelnut ice cream (YUM).
I also finished the first of twelve Christmas ornaments (Twelve Days of Christmas theme) I've been working on - I'll need to pick up the pace if I'm going to get them done by Christmas. Probably won't happen. But it is awful cute.
We also iced the gingerbread cookies the other day - not the most professional job in the world, but it was fun.
Also, why do they not sell pasties and samosas with meat in here? Why? *misses them*

Last note: I would not think it a good idea for a OB:GYN to have a book titled "What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding" on your waiting-room table. Just sayin'.
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It is getting very very cold. Sadly, there are no clouds, and thus, no snow. Just v.v.v. cold.

Also, it's amazing how one comment can ruin a mood. At least I was defended. Mrr.

We saw 'Breech' today, very good movie, actually. Nice timing, doesn't drag as much as the 'serious' spy movies tend to.

*sighs* Studied most of today, don't feel I know any of the material any better than I did yesterday. I had nightmares all last night that there's a class I started taking at the beginning of the quarter, but then promptly forgot about, and now I'm going to fail out of the year thanks to this easy, but forgotten, class.

Ugh. For the record, there isn't. It's just my brain being stupid. And. You know. Adding to my stress levels. Tomorrow we'll go shopping (at the few stores that are interesting), and then?

More studying.

*falls over*
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We got up pretty early to eat a nummy breakfast of egg puffs and an upside-down pear and cranberry cake. And lots of Satsuma tangerines, of course. We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while the kitchen buzzed, making little snacks and the big dinner tonight. Then we watched the National Dog Show, where I was expected to know all the breeds (I knew... most?) and the terribly cute Aussie Shepherd won. :D

Now, I think, a walk. I'll bring my camera. :D

(oooh, look, pretty horses! *eyes equestrian dressage on tv*)
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Am safe in Tahoe now - looking over the lake, I can see the Tahoe Queen, a refurbished paddle-boat, making its way across the lake.

The great cooking marathon has begun - egg puffs, pumpkin pie (I helped!), apple turnover cake, butternut squash casserole, baked mashed potatoes, and that's just the first couple hours of pre-Thanksgiving prep. :D Yum-o.
We also have the food network on, and are mocking the people who add ginormous amounts of butter or salt, and then call the dish a 'healthy choice'. Just... with the no. Unless it is in tiny wee amounts.

Dad and Mr. J are off to Sacramento to pick up the sis and Mr. J's son. Soon everyone will be here!

*wanders off to study more because omg five tests next week*
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So, we're almost home. Like, maybe 45 minutes.


There will be fetching of the Martha cat and eating of storebought tacos and massive unpacking and clothes cleaning and so on and so forth.



Over 400 pics, people. I'm scary with a camera. Of course, not all of those pics are share-worthy, but still. That's a big damn pile of photos.

Also, I now have my anatomy book, two of my breed books, and all the back issues of TIME that I missed because I neglected to change my address back to home address.

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So, after a bit of a rocky start, Mom and Sis went to the RV to chill out for the day, and Dad and I took off down Paradise Valley.


No one mentioned there wouldn't be a trail for most of the way. >.<

But, it was really pretty, and there were tons of wildflowers. We hiked down the river gorge, over the river (which was scary!) to see down into the valley, over Dearshit Saddle (our name) to try to climb down into said valley, gave up on said valley when I decided the view wasn't worth screwing up my knee, back up the saddle and up the ridgeline to hike up on the bluffs back to the truck. All in all, almost 4 miles. Not too bad.

Then I spent the rest of the day lounging around, reading (and finishing) the second book in the Nate Starbuck chronicles, working on my knitting (so, so slow. so slow.) and getting utterly whipped by my sis in Canasta. We had chili for dinner (yum!).

Today, we're driving over to Devil's Tower. Am excited, since I've never been. :D
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One thing I forgot: After the cowboy cookout? On our way over to the valley to look for wolves, we saw a big female moose contentedly munching away at water plants, while her absolutely adorable baby moose sprinted around the lakeside on his impossibly long, spindly legs. Cutest thing ever, if only because it was the most improbable collection of head and limbs and body that ever existed.
On Monday, we got coffee drinks at a little drive-through hut in West Yellowstone (he gave us little yorkie patties with our mochas) and after taking pictures of a lot of painted buffalo, we meandered off through the park. We went up the west side, going to Mammoth, and then over to Roosevelt lodge for an early lunch. It was good, though they were out of what looked tastiest. The waitress was enormously slow though, but she brought huckleberry ice cream at the end, so.
Then we took off out of the park through the Beartooth Mountain pass, which is horribly steep. We got lots of pictures, but it wasn't much fun going down. After that, it was the plains of Montana and Wyoming as we made our way across to the Bighorn Mountains. There are lots of little towns along the way, some doing really good (one looked like a resort town) and some just barely hanging on. None of them sold good pie, which is sad. Sis read from a book we'd picked up from Gardiner, which equated how things work in Yellowstone to cooking things. There's some tasty recipes in there too.
Five hours later we were up in the Bighorn Mountains, where my Grandma and Grandpa are volunteering at one of the ranger visitor stations. They like it up here, though it is a bit... isolated.
On Tuesday we had wonderful muffins courtesy of Grandma, and after sitting around talking for a long while, we drove up to the edge of one of the buttes and ate lunch. Again, many pictures were taken, both of the many wildflowers, and of the mule deer.
Wednesday we did much the same thing, though over a different set of hills. We saw a herd of sheep guarded by two huge white dogs (the breed name escapes me just now), lots of pretty butterflies, and a gorgeous golden eagle that had been stooped over some prey on the ground and startled away when we drove nearby. SO COOL! That night we cooked marshmallows over the campfire.
Today Dad and I are going to take a hike down to Paradise valley, I think. Maybe. Dunno, there will be hiking.
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I aren't dead! Just without connectivity for a while.
On Friday afternoon, we drove up through the South enterance in Yellowstone and drove up to see Old Faithful erupt. On the way, I thought I saw another moose, but all we found in that spot was a woodpecker. Old Faithful was, yes indeed, faithful, and was fun to watch while we had chocolate icecream. Then we meandered out to the West enterance, pausing to get out our camp chairs and watch a herd of cow elk and their babies for a while first. That evening, we had a delicious dinner - thai calamari, basil tomato soup, and pan-fried Walleye. Yummy! Also, in West Yellowstone, there is a painted buffalo project, like the painted cows in Chicago (or the much less popular and talked-about painted sharks in San Jose). So I began my painted buffalo picture collection.
The next morning we woke up v.v. early and drove to the North enterance, past the cow elk herd again, a few buffalo, and Mammoth Falls, and then we ended up in Gardiner, where we had a pretty good breakfast (for a buffet) and after fueling up, went white water rafting. It was so much fun, and mom actually came with us! I rode down one of the rapids outside the boat on purpose, which was also a lot of fun. Sis and I tried to drag Dad out of the boat, but alas, our effects were unsuccessful.
Then we headed out along the northern portion of Yellowstone to Rosevelt Lodge and the valley beyond (where the Druid Peak wolf pack lives) to see if we could find anything, but a storm rolled in, turning the view all misty. We headed back to Gardiner to go on a one hour horseback ride and 'cowboy cookout'. We did get rained on a bit, and there were two little boys who were very loud, but had a lot of fun, but all in all it was a good time. We tried to go back to hear the wolf pack howl at nightfall, but we got there too late. We drove back along the canyon in the dark (EEP) and got back to the hotel at 1130.
The next morning we got up a little later, and drove back along the canyon to Gardiner. Sis and I hadn't had enough beating up yet - we went on a three hour trail ride up in the hills beyond Yellowstone. It was a gorgeous ride, but I'm still sore two days later. Yeowch. But afterwords we went to a little cafe and bookstore in Gardiner and got the most fantastic panini sandwiches ever, then drove back out to the wolf-having valley to hear the wolves howl. We saw massive herds of buffalo, lots of pronghorn antelope, mating sandhill cranes (they sound like a pack of monkeys), and it was gorgeous evening overall. No wolf howls though. I'm still a bit sad about that. We didn't drive back over the canyon pass, but it was still midnight before we got back.

But? Stars in Yellowstone = totally awesome.

And there's more, since this only gets to Monday morning, and it is now Tuesday evening, but people want to go to bed now, and I'm keeping folk up.

I really hope I sleep tonight. I've been all not with the sleeping through the night through the whole trip, and it's getting old fast. I'm getting something to knock me out tomorrow if I don't sleep tonight. Mrr.
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We met Sis's boyfriend, Mr. Wonderfulness, in Idaho Falls, after getting rather lost. We then proceeded, much to MW's despair, to go to the Potato Museum. There we saw quite a lot of pictures of potatoes, potato fields, potato-planting machines, potato picking machines, potato picking girls, Marilyn Monroe in botato sacks, and pictures of various species of potatoes. There was also the world's largest potato chip (no really. A giant potato chip. Made by scientists who really didn't have anything else to do. Officially, it has 960 calories), and a potato signed by Dan Quayle. There was also a picture that they claimed was the world's largest potato, except the caption claimed that the potato was from the 1700's. Um? Then we claimed our potato products - freeze-dried instant hash browns in one of those little pint milk cartons you get in school lunches.
We then tried to check into our hotel, proceeding to get very very lost despite MW in the back giving helpful directions. We did find the hotel, and then proceeded to go to dinner.

Note to self: Don't eat at the Brownstone Brewery again. The 'fresh' Idaho trout was. Um. Gross. The fries were good though.

Then there was walking along the falls and taking of many pictures, and after that a swim.

Today, we had breakfast with MW (yay IHOP!) and took off for all points east. We with through the South Fork of... some river, I'm guessing the Snake river, and a little ways further stopped at a gas station/convinence store at Rainey River. Why? For the world famous square ice cream, of course!


No, it wasn't Klondike bars. It was actually very good.

We listened to 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me' all the way to Jackson Hole, where we have gotten buns from the Bunnery and saw the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar On ethe way out of Jackson Hole, we saw two moose! Thus, we have started the wildlife count. We are now in the Grand Tetons National Park, taking many pictures of the... attractively named mountains. :D

Wildlife count: 2 Moose
Boyfriends Embarassed: 1
Number of square icecream cones eaten: 3
Questions right on 'Wait Wait...': More than the actual contestants


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