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On the list of 'Reasons I'm a Vet':

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Forever, actually.

Also, I need to learn to curse in German. *adds this to the list*
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So, no Yosemite this weekend, since I managed to accomplish absolutely nothing yesterday (but I did catch up on my sleep!), so today will be the 'straighten out the apartment' day.

Here, have some beat-boxing Carl Sagan for your morning. :D
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I'm not... at all sure what this is. Other than the most cheesy, hilarious thing ever. It's like he decided to make his very own rock video, and wanted to be a fantasy hero, and... really really couldn't choose a genre. Or a plot. Or. Um. Much of anything. THE DRAGONS, PEOPLE.

In other news, felling slightly less like roadkill, but that could be due to repeated doses of Theraflu (in that after drinking that cup of nastiness, you have to feel better, relatively).

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So I, feeling very proud of myself, took a 40 minute walk during my lunch break.


I don't think my slip-on shoes are built to shield from hot pavement heat. Why? 'Cause I think the soles of my feet are now burned.


Clearly, the winner is me.

In other news, I did ultrasound exams on a couple dogs and a cat today. Whee!


In other, other news, I keep watching this vid.

It is so awesome. It's perfect - The Doctor is fun, and a little (lot) vain, and entertaining, and a whole lot dangerous. Also, there's some scenes from that vid I can't place in the series yet. *pokes them*
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More Scaramouche! I don't know where the other vid went to. *eyes Youtube*
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It is Scaramouche! :D!
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Saw this first on [ profile] boz4pm's blog, and then it showed up today at the end of Small Animal Medicine lecture. So fantastic. :D
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I is dead. Like zombie. OMG 7am treatment times is brutal.

And now I must study like madwoman to be ready for another test tomorrow. All I really want to do? Re-acquaint myself with my pillow.

Though, at least I am not getting chewed out like one of my classmates probably is. I don't think they take kindly to someone showing up an hour and a half late to morning treatments, when the dogs are probably on their way back to Oakland. Eeep!

BUT. Edwin the entirely CRAZY pit bull is fine, and he is GOING BACK TO OAKLAND.


*stamps 'done' on this adventure*

The Count of Monte Cristo by the Noisettes. I've had this vid on repeat for the few hours I've been home and conscious the last few days. It's... rather addictive. Now to get coffee and print off notes for this test I hope I'm not going to fail utterly.

9m 11s

Click here to try the quiz.

Which I almost failed because I couldn't remember how to spell things.
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Spam, yes. Fun? More yes. LYNNE. LOOKIT. :D
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One of my favorite clips on Sesame Street as a kid. Who says TV can't be educational?
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Warning for Cybermen being silly.
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God's Inbox

This is why I love TIME.


Well, that, and it lets me catch up on all the news I've missed over the week.
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... Like I told Lynne. Crack. Onna plate. And whever did the editing is a genius.
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1. On yesterday's crossword puzzle: "Alain's affirmative" There wasn't enough room for 'Aye, thankee-sai', which made me sad.

2. Someone sent out an e-mail concerning the mini snack-bar our class is running in the lobby of our building. And she stuck a little story at the end of her e-mail. This is... rather common amongst vet students. We're suckers, on the whole, for stories about animals. So I read it, thinking it'll be a cute little story. Gist of story: There was a damn ugly cat. Really really ugly. That liked to fight and eat and have sex. With your family And everyone tried to make the cat go away, with rocks and hoses and such. But it just wanted petting and love and would suck on your shirt and was so sweet OMG. So one day... the cat gets torn up by dogs. (this being the point where I start to go 'wtf?'). And as the ugly ugly cat (now rather gruesome) died painfully in the author's arms (more wtf) it was purring and trying to suck on the author's ear.

Dude. Do NOT send me stories about loving misunderstood cats that get mangled by the neighbor dogs and die a tragic death. Not with the cool.

3. Am I the only one annoyed that they finally get around to making a movie off of 'My Friend Flicka' and change it from a coming-of-age story about a boy and his horse to a teenager grrlpower wangstfest that doesn't even get the color of the horse right? My childhood is being traumatized here. Next they're gonna remake 'Black Beauty' but use a fiesty chestnut mare and a abused orphan girl. *SULKS*

4. From 'TIME': In an article talking to McGraw about his part in 'Flicka' (grr) they ask, why the heck did it take you so long to record something you've written? His answer? 'The rest of the ones I wrote sucked' Dude, can I e-mail that to approximately 99.9% of the authors on If it sucks, and you know it sucks, don't put it out there! I am so sick of summaries that start with 'I know this is bad, but...'

5. Pharmacology test was horrid, but I'm certain I passed. It's just... I spent like 15 minutes agonizing over this one question (yes, I'm anal, shut up) and narrowed it down to two choices... and I totally picked the wrong one. So annoying. At least I know it now, right?

6. Also, McGraw says some things about his faith I find particularly fantastic. I can almost forgive him for being part of the 'Flicka' travesty.

7. I think, after a few more paychecks, I'm gonna make this a paid account. Mostly because I wanna do all the neat stuff in here that you can do with a paid account, and I hate the ads. La.

8. Geek night out tonight! Yay!

9. Am now squared away with at least one of my payroll people, so that is good. ... Though I didn't get keys, and only realized that a half-hour after leaving the place, and they were closed. So. Monday. Get keys. Because none of mine work to the VMTH. Oops?

10. I love the Bacteriology professor. The gal that sits next to me hates him, because he's not all professional and anal and detail-oriented and such, and I'll agree that most times the lab... seems like an utter waste of time, but he makes an effort to get us to laugh, and think, and is a nice break from the dry, rapid-fire lectures of every other class we have this quarter. Also, he shows clips of Richard Simmons on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' which made me laugh so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. And he showed the 'Pinky the Adoptable Cat' clip, which I so need to find and put up here. Anyone with animal experience starts going 'dude, let go' about half-way through the clip. He totally got what he deserved. *is so unsympathetic :D*

Also, anyone who does dramatic readings of ancient (translated) poems about anthrax in class gets my vote.

11. Got lots of pics of Diego today on the camera with the debatable film, and he got to play with the German Pointer puppies, which was chaos. Of course, this means he was much too distracted to work on his commands, but he had fun, and that's what counts.

12. Treatment Crew loses. With losing. That is all.

13. The Army's new slogan: Army Strong. To be combined with War Suck and Bootcamp Hard. Also maybe Campfood Gross. *giggles*

14. I still want to see 'Flyboys'. Need to wrangle someone into seeing it with me. >.>

I... think that's everything. For now. *flops*

Found Pinky. For the record? He did manage to hit the... obvious target. :D Just let him go, dude.

Found Richard too! Um. Not terribly worksafe. Because it is Simmons at his most... flamboyant. *snickerfits*
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Okay, over my snit now. It's that time of month. *sigh* I hate hormones.
Annnyway. Everyone must watch this video. Warning: Do not consume liquid at the same time. Your monitor will not thank you.

The Joy of Cats
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Consider yourself bugged.

A quick call

*grin* Love the bug.

EDIT: Book meme!
I read too much )

This is too cute!
Pop tarts


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