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So, I got up early, put on my work-out clothes, went downstairs...

And utterly failed to work out. *facepalm*

Am rescheduling for after clinics today. Though roommate wants to go see a movie. Maybe if I rush home during the lunch break, but no, that's not quite enough time...

Lesson learned: Exercise already. That, or take today off, but that's kinda what I did yesterday, and I don't want to get in that habit.

*waves the 'I win' flag*
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So, the flail of yesterday morning was for naught, since this schedule works fairly well with pre-established plans anyway. So now I can focus on flailing about Boards.

You know, the ones in three days. WHEE.

Also, wtf body, if I eat mostly healthy food (and not a whole heck of a lot of it) and am active most of the day and I run (though, admittedly, not as much as before)... I should be losing weight. Yes. The opposite of what you're doing.


Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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a) Peninsula Humane Society was a good shelter to visit. One of the gals from the class above mine works there now, and we actually got to do things.

It's just too bad there were five hours of driving involved.

b) *eyes tv* Bagelfuls - frozen bagels with cream cheese in you can heat in the microwave. Is there something wrong with getting a real bagel (don't talk to me about Sara Lee, you heretics) and some cream cheese and... taking the five minutes to fix that instead?

c) So I got home, too late for board reviews (3 hours to get home whut), and was about to make dinner and do... not much of anything.

Then decided to not be a lazy ass and go for a walk.

Much better plan.

d) Home. Tomorrow. After this 'field trip' to Oakland. I hope there won't be too much of a fight if I refuse flat-out to ride in Dr. H's deathtrap of a car.

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Am home, for the weekend. This is good, as it puts more distance between me and the rotation that starts next week, which felt the need to page me at 5pm yesterday to make sure I was still showing up on Monday.

Um. I wasn't aware I had a choice in the matter. *eyes rotation leader*

Anyway. We're watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics - most of it is very pretty, but there's a few sour notes that have raised eyebrows.
Also, our announcers are in love with the basketball team. Here's hoping they actually have their act together. I just want to see the running.

SPEAKING OF. I am determined that, no matter what else, I'm going to run in the Turkey Trot in November. This will require I actually get a bit more serious in my training. Doing the 10K would be fantastic, but only if I'm actually training to that point - a strong 5K would be nice too.

Also? So glad the temperature is starting to drop. I'll bitch again when it gets cold, but it's been boiling the last few months.

Am also determined that I'm going to drop the last bit of weight between me and my goal before Christmas, or at least make a solid attempt at it. This is getting ridiculous.

And now, back to the opening ceremonies, with only an hour to go.
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Weight loss for the month of March: 4lb (2.53%), for a total weight loss of 24lb (13.48%).

It's still decent. It is.
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Weight loss for the month of February: 8lbs (4.82%) :D!!!

For a total weight loss of: 20lbs (11.24%)


I think, maybe, I've finally got this figured out.
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So, Trapper decided (at some point last night) that we haven't hung out enough this quarter, and we should do so this Thursday. Sounds good to me, I don't have any tests on Friday.

But she had no ideas as to what we should do.

I suggested a couple things, including a movie or bowling.

After lecture, she started talking about this great idea she had about how there's this new Vietnamese place downtown and...
I asked her if she remembered we had the murder-mystery-yummy dinner thing on Friday.
She nods and goes on about going out to dinner on Thursday.

And then proceeds to look hurt and/or confused when I said no, perhaps another time, we can still do the movie thing, 'cause going out to dinner two nights in a row will most likely deep-six my diet. But we can totally do something non-food related.

Just. Please stop trying to sabotage me? I'm fantastic at doing that all on my own, I don't need help. Really.

The skeptical tone of voice used when asking if I've made any progress just makes me want to punch you, dear.
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My weekend thus far:

Friday: Went to Tango, and recieved one of the oddest/nicest(?) backhanded compliments ever from one of the tango instructors: "I can tell when you're thinking. You'll be doing fantastic and then it will explode."


Anyway, Milonga is fun, even if I keep missing the lead for the syncopated steps. I did want to clobber one of the guys who, upon realizing that I have a hard time feeling that step (especially his, he keeps leaning back) threw them in everywhere. That, and the guy in the earlier tango class who couldn't find the beat with both hands and a flashlight and had the posture of a limp noodle.

Saturday: Actually Got Things Done. Anesthesia notes are written out, nutrition homework is half-done, my take home due on Monday is finished (after much erasing). And then I went to a friend's to watch Torchwood.
In Which Gwen Proves She Has NO Survival Skills )

And then we watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Otherwise Known As Summer Glau Beats Everyone Up )

Sunday: So, I woke up extremely ungodly early, shivered a lot, put on a short-sleeve shirt and shorts, grabbed my gloves and jacket, and headed out into the world. The moon and stars over the trees were, I admit, very pretty as I was going to my car. The only problem with them was if they were still there it was NOT YET LATE ENOUGH TO BE AWAKE. But I had to be at central park at 7 because I hadn't picked up my race packet on Saturday from the running store. Yup, I did sign up for that 5K (The Davis Stampede) and today was the day! Got my number (218) and my chip (my first race with a chip eeeee) and my shirt (which I wore, because cold) and tried to get half-frozen fingers to pin the number onto my shirt correctly. It was then, of course, 7:15, so there was 45 minutes of just standing around trying not to freeze in one spot or go running off in terror of all the OMGSKINNY people looking dreadfully athletic all around. Finally they called up the 5K, and we all got behind the start line... and waited. And waited. And 8am came and went. There was a group of four frat boys near me with what I assume was their coach, all being very very loud and rambunctious for 8am.
And then we were off! There was lots of cheering and clapping and such, which is always encouraging. Sadly they were not all through the race. There were a lot of kids running - I felt sorry for one boy who looked like he was going to have a heart attack as he tried to keep up with his leaner friend (though it's probably good that he's running). The mile one marker came a LOT later than I was hoping for it to show up, but I made it there without stopping. I had to walk a few yards of mile 2 to get the cramps to stop (my body was not entirely pleased about this morning's adventure) but I didn't stop, and started running again before I'd even gone half a block. There were a few uphills, but not as many in the arboretum, so they weren't that bad. Passed a lot of people on the hills. :D I had chosen a lady ahead of me as the 'person to beat' earlier in the race, and I caught her somewhere in the middle of mile 3. There were too guys I kept pace with the entire race, and they were fun to watch, since they seemed like old buddies and kept joking with each other. Mile 3 seemed overlong too, but hearing the announcer at the finish line calling out names kept me from walking again. I actually manged a sprint in the last tenth-mile of the course, so that ought to be an interesting picture later today. Finishing time is somewhere around 35 minutes, which is only a few minutes off of my old race times when I was in better shape. Not bad, eh? Turned in my chip, drank some truly foul sports drink to keep from wobbling sideways on the way home, picked up a flyer for another 5K at the end of March, and made my way home.
But I did it! :D
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Weight loss for the month of January:


Go on, guess.


1lb (0.6%)

*thunks head on desk*
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Moment of glee for today:

My old (smaller) scrub bottoms fit.


*wanders off to go deal with my new surgical patient and Frank. Who are not the same creature. Thankfully.*
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First, a year in review. AKA the first sentence or so of every first post of each month:
Memecakes )

Other news: I has a bike! Or, rather, my old mountain bike, which has worked faithfully for years and years, had been dragged out of storage, repaired, given a healthy dose of oil, and it's ready to roll again! *glees*

Also, have been watching Season 2 DW - on the cyberman episodes now. WAUGH.

In other, other news: Going back to school tomorrow. Whee?

In other, other, other news:
Weight loss for the month of December: 1lb. (0.60%) - At least I'm consistent? Mrr.
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1) Frank is at it again. Trapper is surgeon on Wednesday, and bounced over to the section where Frank and I sit to say she's going to examine said dog at a certain time tomorrow.
Frank? Gave her non-answer which history has proven means: "No chance in hell".

Nice, Frank.

2) Walked to school again, after doing so yesterday. Am contemplating the hattrick, but I'm not sure when I'd be getting out of lab tomorrow, and walking in the dark isn't much fun. That said, that particular lab tends to get out eons early, so.

3) Weight loss for the month of November: 1lb.


The worst thing is I know what I'm doing wrong, I just... keep doing it.

4)The ROTC boys next door have us whupped on Christmas decorations. They've got a wreath up, they've got a lit and decorated Christmas tree... I've been told in years past they've even put out singing Christmas lights. I'd better get cracking.

5) Mucho studying today. *eyes calendar and tells self it is only 9 more days*

6) Re: Amazing Race - Go little gothbunnies go! They bring me much glee.

7) Dear Hershey/Nestle/whatever company you are now:
NO MINT CHOCOLATE KISSES?!? This is truly not keeping with the spirit of Christmas here, people. I'm sorry, but those mint truffle thingys Just Don't Cut It. I need my mint chocolaty goodness! Don't make me go buy the M&Ms, they aren't as good.
(If there are no mint M&Ms I'm gonna cry. Right there in the store.)
No love,
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Happy Halloween!

Now for something completely different:

Total weight lost this month - 1lb (0.58%).


It's something, right? La.
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There is one less obese American in the world.

There's one more overweight American, but I'm working on that.

*bounces off, trying to avoid the pissed off cat who's been cooped up all night in my room so she won't kill the dog*
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Total weight loss this month: 8lbs (4.5%).


Also? Ran, outside (not on a treadmill where it is ether run or hit the wall behind me), for the first time in nearly four years this week. Admittedly, it was only the length of the dirt road from the arboretum to the VLMF where the colony dogs are housed, and at freakishly slow speed, but still. I have decided I'm going to try to get in shape in time for the Davis Stampede in March (not the Turkey Trot in November, because that will lead to me doing the weekend warrior thing over a few weeks and ending up in pain and limping and losing all the ground I've gained. So.)

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Finals are almost over, YAY.

I swear I live with toddlers. I cleaned up the apartment (again) on Wednesday, so that when the family got here, it wouldn't look like the place is generally a pigsty. Now? Looks like a tornado came swinging through here. I am definitely insisting on house rules next year, instead of this silly 'oh, we're all adults, I'm sure it will all be alright'.

Yes, I am that gullible.


There's a 10K in Big Sur on October 21st, and no test (lalala assuming I'm not doing first year again ARGH) that week until Thursday. I am strongly tempted. It'd be a very pretty first 10K race, and all on blacktop, plus? Music. And it's in Big Sur. The only major problem is it's down south, and I'm in Davis, so I'd either have to get up rather very early to make the 10am start time, or get a hotel room for the night before. I could go home to San Jose the night before, that'd cut the drive down by two hours... I've got a few months to figure it out.

I'm almost up to my old race speed for the 5K, this makes me very happy. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to go on a fast (errr, for me) run.


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