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So, today I actually went hiking! And because it's me, there's picspam. :D

So, got up at ungodly am, got set up, and drove the 2.5 hours into Yosemite. It's a gorgeous sunny day, if a bit warm in the valley. So I decide that I should take another crack at Vernal Falls.

Now, Vernal Falls/Mist trail is evil. It's 0.5% uppish, 0.5% random dips, and 99% evil uppish. With low oxygen content, 'cause we're up in the Sierras, yo. But it's a good day, right?
So I head out from the day-use parking lot, 'cause honestly, the hike across the valley is flat as a board and actually, really nice. It's just sliiiiightly farther across the valley than I thought, but hey, I still felt good rolling into Happy Isles.

See? Pretty! )

And then I remembered. It wasn't just uppish. It's evil uppish, and I haven't done any high country hiking this season. And oooooooow. Theoretically, it's only 0.8 miles up the trail to the footbridge that goes over Merced River to start the Mist Trail. I'm not sure where this point is, but it's the point where I was wondering if maybe I shouldn't turn around and find another trail to be on, 'cause I'm getting slaughtered. Look, there's a waterfall across the way - it's actually a very nice waterfall.

Technically, I see falls, thus mission accomplished )

But no, that wouldn't make a good story, and I really set out to get to Vernal Falls today, not just the footbridge. So I set off again, trying not to look too pathetic. Five minutes later, I found the footbridge.

Mrr. )

So, the total distance to the top of Vernal Falls, from the trailhead, is 1.5 miles. So I've already done more than half! So off I go, merrily, feeling rather good about things at this point. And I was doing well - the trail sets off in that slightly-uppish way that msot of the trail doesn't, and I was making good time...
And then I found the evil stone stairmaster from hell. For the record, I'm not great about heights. And I'm really not great about going down from heights - there was a time even escalators were kinda really not fun.

Would it really have killed them to cut the blocks a little shorter and a little wider? )

So I kept on scrambling up until the rocks started getting wet, and really, the view was good from there:

Right. So. Do I stay or do I go now? )

There was a short portion of evil stairs that had a guardrail, so I went up those, but then the rocks were not just a little slick, and I was getting tired and not just a little freaked out, and decided maybe this should be re-attempted a different day. The view was pretty awesome anyway, though.

Next time, Evil Stone Stairmaster of Doom! )

The hike back wasn't nearly as bad, once I talked myself off the stone steps. I'm sure there's quite a few people who, tonight, when telling their hiker stories, are going on about the chubby white chick who side-stepped down half a freaking mountain, but I don't even care. Steep downhill has been known to make me whine in that particular pitch usually only heard made by German Shepherds at the vet. Maybe I need to go bungee-jumping or something to get over this.

And here's the rest of the pics )

Until next time, Yosemite.
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Here's that 'first sentence of the month' meme thing!

January!: And it's a new year!
February: So, I've at least partially finished my big goal for today, which was 'revamp resume'
March: It's 3 in the morning, do you know where your vet student is?
April: So, vacation week was wonderful, I've got four clinics I'm getting replies from, I'm taking my state boards on Saturday...
May: Fic for [info]fightingthecage, from here.
July: Today I start my new job yay!
August: Woke up inexplicably cranky this morning.
September: I actually got up early and worked out this morning.
October: Alright, it's my weekend, so I've a list of things I need to do today if I want to go hiking tomorrow (see me being all adultish and whatnot?)
November: a) I've started NaNoWriMo.
December: Re: Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

All in all, actually, it's been a rather cheerful year.

In other news, we spent quite a lot of today up in a gorgeously snowy Yosemite. Pics will go up probably tomorrow, but... seriously people. Gorgeous. And the falls are flowing again! And the deer really really don't give a damn about the tourists.

EDIT: And I can reveal Yuletide now! My donation for my year 1 is: Before the Storm, a Sir Percy Blakeney/Scarlet Pimpernel fic which tragically has no chappeu-bras (despite being quite bemused by them) and in which, somehow, I miss-spelled M. Chauvelin's name persistently.
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Today I hiked in Yosemite \o/!

Right now my feelings can be summed up with \o/ and 'ow', but to sum up with words:
1) The Mariposa grove is totally worth the visit.
2) My National Parks pass is now completely paid for in visits, so any visits to any national parks for the next 11 months are essentially free.
3) The overlook at the north (ish) side of the Mariposa grove is worth the hike, even if it doesn't look over Yosemite Valley proper
4) The hike from said grove to Wawona is... um. Really really long. Ow. Especially when coupled with a previous 5 miles around the grove. Ow.
5) Mudd pie makes everything better.


I'll do more than sum up later. And there are pictures!
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Today was... overly traumatic. Some very very good things, but...

Tomorrow is my Friday. YAY.

Also, I've uploaded a (very very very very) small portion of my Yosemite pictures thus far:


I'd do a whole traditional picspam thing, but I'm tired. :(
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Today I learned that the High Country in Yosemite might just be the prettiest place ever. And that there's a place to eat in Oakhurst that is fantastically yummy.

And scrub jays evidently like salami-and-goat-cheese sandwiches who knew?

More later, going to crash now so I can be coherent (somewhat) at work tomorrow.

*falls over*


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