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2011 ended with me driving 3 hours from the city I live/work in after being stuck at work for 2 hours overtime, to spend New Years Eve (or at least the very last bit of it) with my family. This was not a bad thing :D.
Today we spent at the San Francisco Exploratorium - this may be the most fun museum ever, excepting only (maybe) the Smithsonian. It is fueled by Science!
(Also you can play with bubbles. This wins always and ever.)

So, Yuletide Reveal!
The fic I was assigned:
Ponce de Leon's Folly - Grimm - This thing ate my brain for most of December, but the challenge was to have poor Nick face a Grimm creature that isn't European-mythology based.

The fic I did as a pinch-hit:
Long Family Tradition - Grimm - Eddie and Christmas and the awesomeness of Christmas (and Eddie).
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It's about time I did this - there's some great stories written this year. So, starting from the top:

The Shop Around the Corner Alice (2009) - Hatter attempts to adjust to the routine of Alice's world. It is so sweet!

Written in the Stars Cowboys and Aliens - Even with his memories back, Jake still has nowhere to go. Basically, the ending the movie deserved.

Lullaby Dark Tower-Stephen King Eddie can't sleep, can't get comfortable on the beach or in his own skin, and can't really believe Roland said something that actually helps.
If Stephen King's new book only has a little of this, I'll be happy.

Go and Catch a Falling Star Lord Peter Wimsey / Doctor Who "No," Harriet Vane said, having given it some thought. "I don't suppose I do believe in spontaneous human combustion." OMG. The author needs to write More Of This.

Role Model Lord Peter Wimsey Viscount Saint-George never meant to make a role model out of his uncle, but somehow Peter wormed himself into Saint-George's conscience. This is... just perfect. So perfect.

Less Substantial Than Fairy Tales Nochnoy Dozor / Night Watch
Olga adjusts to life off the shelf and the modern world of the Night Watch.
OMG. I've linked this one before, it's the one written for me for Yuletide, and it's amazing, yo.

Clear Skies Star Wars X-wing Series A routine escort duty provides Wedge with some long-overdue relaxation. In theory. And this is why we love this series. :D

Midwinter Toast Wire In The Blood In the aftermath of a case, Tony and Carol share their first Christmas. Pure, unadulterated fluff. Title taken from the Thea Gilmore song of the same name. It's the fluff we wish the author would indulge in more often. Also, I love that the cat has a tag.

That's just my short list of favorites with a brief read-through. Now I need to go through and find the ones I missed. :D
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Lookit what the Yuletide Fairy gave me: A Nightwatch Fic! It is so awesomely done. *draws hearts all over it*
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Yuletide fic: Finished! WHOOT!

May still edit it a bit. But. Definitely finished. :D

This thing. Totally addictive, and somewhat educational! I've gotten to level nine, but I did miserably on it, so I think it'll be a while before I beat this thing. I am amused that a town 2 hours away is on the list. :D

Also: This thing. Can it be next December yet? :D

Also, now I want Sherlock-Bilbo. C'mooooon.
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A) Back to Vegas again. I was sorta excited in October.... willing to pass on it now. It'll be okay. I'll hide with my Yuletide fic-writing and my Kindle and it's only 5 days. At least this year I get my own room?


B) OMG Grimm. I am loving this show so very much - if the network loses its mind and cancels, as network TV loves to do with so many of my favorites, I will cry. Well, no, but I'll be very unhappy 'bout it. The characters are so awesome! *draws hearts around Eddie and Juliette and Nick and Hank and whatever that plumber was and the hexenbiest and everyone*

C) Okay, so one of these years I'll write a short, sweet story for Yuletide. This is not that year. *sigh*
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1) Yuletide continues apace! It's already twice the length required, and the basic premise is only just barely set up. :D! If this continues, my person may get two fics, as the other prompt of theirs that I recognize the canon of is pretty awesome too.

2) ..... Okay, just gonna say it - the lead gal on 'Unforgettable' is the biggest Mary Sue character I've seen in a long time. Wow.

3) It's that time of year again! I have Christmas cards, and they should be sent out! The replies to this post will be screened, so no one's info will be public, but if you want a card, please give me your address! Even if you think I have it - I've got addresses spread out over so many places, it's ridiculous. :D


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