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From this meme here, which is still open. BTW. Please?


I have been told I need to write about my favorite song lyric. There's a wee small problem with this.

I haven't one.

Or, I should say, I have lots, depending on my mood, what level of sleep deprivation I'm at, and, I'm sure, whether or not the aliens living behind the moon have got their radio on or not.


Here's a list instead!

1) For the days I'm feeling about as romantically capable as a dead fish:

On my own, pretending he's beside me,
All alone, I walk with him 'til morning.
Without him, I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way I close my eyes
and he has found me.

From Eponine, who is clearly the only sane character in Les Mis besides Val Jean, and who deserves a whole lot better than that utter monkey Marius.
*is frequently grouchy at Marius/Cosette*
Anyway. Bitter realism FTW, right?

2) For when I've gone just a tiny bit mad:

An' I'm tellin' you son
Well it ain't no fun,
Starin' straight down a .44

From one of the most ridiculously awesome faux-country songs of ever, where-in our poor misguided hero totally smooches on the wrong gal, and ends up pissing off the local gun nut. :D The best part is singing out loud. Singing it out very loud. With the bad accent. Yup.

3) Whee I'm driving halfway across the state again, early in the morning:

An' raise your voice
Every single time
They try and shut your mouth

No. Really. Belt it. Adrenaline beats any coffee ever. It does tend to make me a bit hoarse at meetings though.

4) For no reason whatsoever:

All of these men are famous...
And they're also
Very Dumb
History is made by stupid people
Clever people wouldn't even try
If you want a place in the history books
Then do something dumb before you die!

.... I feel this is self-explanatory. :D If you really don't get it, watch this.

(Utterly unrelated, I found this link from that link and... oh. Oh Doctor. I may need to watch some Seven episodes again.)

5)... Do I need a reason to love this song?

The road, it was so lovely,
As she stood there on the side
And she grew smaller, in my mirror
As I watched her wave goodbye.

Makes me giggle every time. So bad. :D

There's others, I'm sure, but these at least made the short list. ... Actually there's lots. But yes, I could go on forever, so, stopping at five.
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