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Hi yuletide writer!

First off, thank you in advance. I know how these things always seem to eat up more time than they should, and time gets precious this time of year - I definitely appreciate the effort!

For general likes/dislikes - I'm a pretty easy keeper. In general, I love slice-of-life / behind the scenes / scene expansion, and of course adventures in the style of canon are always awesome. :D Shipping is fine, as long as it doesn't alter what's already canon or force characters to be out of character. H/C can be awesome when well written (and clearly I have no problem with it in general, since it's in the requests...). TBH I tend to skip over smut unless it's either integral to the plot or very well written, so.

I don't like noncon/dubcon, mpreg, omegaverse.

And then, reposting the requests for ease of not having a million tabs open:

Ashes to Ashes:
Shaz is one of my favorite characters in this series, with her double challenge of being a good cop and being a woman in what's still decidedly a man's world. I'd love some Shaz-centric work, whether it's what she got up to when Alex was back in the real world / in a coma, or the rise and fall of her relationship with Chris, or what happened from her POV when she was stabbed by Hollis... basically, the world needs more Shaz.

Cadfael Chronicles - Ellis Peters:
So, Hugh is an awesome guy - confident, skilled, intelligent, moral... and he's _forever_ throwing himself at trouble and only very rarely getting himself hurt. While this is probably better for him considering his timespan's lack of antibiotics or understanding how disease spreads, this doesn't seem realistic to me. So I'd love a little H/C with Hugh with Cadfael getting to lecture his favorite arrogant sheriff to his heart's delight. Alternately, I know they're on opposite sides of the war, but surely there's a situation where Hugh and Olivier can work together and not have to constantly be dancing around each other (other than as one part of one book c'mon I need moooooore).

RED (movies):
I'm fascinated by Victoria, and I want more about her - her time in MI6, her illicit love affair, why she felt the need to pretend to be a Martha Stewart twin in her civilian life, how she got into spy work (or how she got into wet work particularly), daring escapades, the jobs she's been taking on the side, difficulties in dealing with the non-spy world... anything. Go nuts. :D

Star Wars Legends: X-wing Series - Aaron Allston & Michael Stackpole:
So, this is hands-down my favorite series in the Star Wars book-verse (how much have I been hoping that the new movie will have some flyboys in it? SO MUCH.) There's so many ways I'd love this to go - Adventures with the main four pilots, Wedge/Iella romance (zomg those dorks), Tycho trying to maintain some sort of Alderaanian dignity in the face of the combined might of Wes and Hobbie, Wedge unloading an old-fashioned smackdown on some poor hapless idiot newbie, Operations does not take orders from Intelligence (and vice versa)...
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2014 edition to go here. :D Placeholder of awesome right now.
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Achievements unlocked in the last 24 hours:

* Winter driving: Made the usually 3-hour trek south to Roseburg in six hours. ... Took nine hours to get back.

* Chains are for wusses: The ride down was done sans-chains, as it didn't seem like anyone needed them?

* Revenge of the chains: Chain requirements were enforced (and needed) on the way back north, and... I'm sorry. Spider chains are a pain in the ass to put on. There was cursing, and blood loss involved. (Just an abraded knuckle, but it hurts, dangit.)

* Smarter than you: Watched someone ahead of me in line at one of the (many) freeway blockages decide to turn around and get off at the previous exit. ... At least, that was his plan. He got ten feet, and then got stuck in the unplowed median.

*Did you pack a sleeping bag: Spent two hours being slowly convinced that the accident up ahead wasn't going to be cleared any time soon enough to prevent having to sleep in my car.

So that was... exciting.
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So, the quilt festival is this weekend - it opened today, so I drove to Silverton today to go see some very awesome quilts. I... get the feeling I'm not part of their main demographic, but the quilts were gorgeous. My favorite was one that re-did Van Gogh's 'Starry Night', but with a local mountain in the background. Very very pretty. The venue for the festival was nice too - it was held at the Oregon Garden, which is a huge showplace garden. I'll have to visit again when it's, y'know. Not January.

On to the Eowyn Challenge - Current mileage: 149.65. I have now passed Bree, have acquired a ranger, lost all of Tom's ponies, and got a Bill the Pony. Currently in Chetwood, east of Bree, and Aragorn is pushing the hobbits on a punishing pace towards Rivendell.

*taps mic*

Jan. 16th, 2014 10:27 pm
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*sheepish* Heya dreamwidth, long time, no see.

Starting year two in Portland (which is awesome, BTW) - the goal this year is to see more, hike more, and for the love of goodness, GET A HOUSE. Because this apartment complex (while possessing a lovely view, I'm going to miss this view) is driving me batty.

So on Saturday I'm going to a quilt festival! :D

I'm also restarting the Eowyn challenge - walking from Hobbiton to Mordor (figuratively), using this, and the miles count from my Fitbit. Based on the miles logged since I got it on December 25th, I have now left Tom Bombadil's house, and am now heading out into the Barrowdowns. ... Bad move on my part, but needs must.
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Item the first:

THANK YOU. Whoever you are, thank you for doing this. :D

Item the second: general stuffs

In general, I love slice-of-life / behind the scenes stuff, though I'll never say no to an adventure or two. :D Shipping is fine, as long as it doesn't alter what's already canon or force characters to be out of character. H/C is fine (more than fine when it's well written :D). TBH I tend to skip over smut unless it's either integral to the plot or very well written, so.

I don't like noncon/dubcon, mpreg, omegaverse.

Item the third: requests!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: So many feels for this show, so many. I love every one of the characters, though I'll admit, the science team are my favorite, far and away. I love their geeky multi-syllable-word rants, I love their codependent sibling-ness, I love Jemma's awkward smile and Fitz's obsession with monkeys. The others are fun too, so if you want to write them in to your fic, I have no problems at all.

Elementary: Some of my favorite parts of the show are when Watson and Sherlock are just trying to live in the same place without killing each other. And Joan's training - I'm loving how the new season has her picking up some new tricks.

Wire in the Blood: How much do I love Kevin/Paula? Those two, or Tony with anyone, good grief - the amount of awkwardness that goes into the relationships on that show is amazing. And how they all manage to stay human and (mostly) sane in the face of dealing with some of the worst humanity can dish out - that's pretty awesome.

Grimm: I love this show's quirkiness, the way it pulls on common fears and myths and makes them very real in that 'verse (the less said about the spider and bee episodes, the better, omg, was hiding behind the couch, no lie). Monroe is my favorite of the main characters, and I want to know all about him - why he's doing what he's doing, what he thinks about being bffs with a Grimm, why he fell so hard for Rosalie (she's certainly nothing like the ex!), what he thinks of Aunt Marie's trailer, his opinion on Nick's human friends, the everlasting awkwardness that is the Juliet situation, even a bit of omg!zombies. :D Go nuts.
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*taps mic* Okay, for reals, promise to actually update this thing more than once a quarter. >.>

Anyway, I'm back! As an update, I'm now living in Lake Oswego, OR - managed to get all of my professional licenses switched over, and I'm now lead doctor in a new stand-alone Banfield hospital in Portland (it's so pretty guys, so very very pretty, and my new staff is made of amazing). I now get to be on four-day weeks, so I'll get more time to explore my new home, which is all kinds of awesome.

I'm thinking of getting a dog, now that I'm in an apartment that will allow them, and I'll have more time off work to properly train said dog. Maybe a poodleface? Or a Sheltie? There's more work to be done, clearly.

Meme last seen on [personal profile] vivien's journal: The premise is "what were you like at a specific age?" and the number she gave me was 15. My answer is supposed to address relationship, where I was living, what I was doing for work and school, what I feared, and my best memory.
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First: Thank you! I love Yuletide fics, so thank you for taking the time to write this.

Request 1: Peabody Mysteries
I'll admit, Ramses is my favorite character, and has been since he first appeared as a tiny trouble-making boy. The parts right before and during WWI are the best - I love his stoic act, the scenes where he drops it just long enough to show the character underneath.

Request 2: Night Watch
My favorite parts of this series are when Anton (or whichever Dark character is narrating at the time) gets out of his own head long enough to describe some of the down time on either side - Katya's summer party (and her weapons collection), hints of the story of how Seymon hitch-hiked across the whole of Russia, the way the older Light Others know something about how scary Olga can be but never really say, Ignat and his conquest of the feminine half of both watches, the way Bear and Katya are so comfortable together (and maybe their not!romance?). And yeeeah, I like the Light Others better - they seem better defined and a bit more quirky. I'd love a fic elaborating on some of these - go nuts!

Request 3: Star Wars
In my opinion, the flyboys rule the extended universe. I love how this particular series allows the reader to see the universe through the eyes of 'normal' (albeit ridiculously talented) people. And of all of those, my favorites are Wedge, Tycho, Wes, and Hobbie - slightly predictable, but their friendship makes the series. Also, any time Wedge gets to prove that younger does not equal better to the new hotshots who think they can outfly Rogue Squadron veterans.
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It may be unpatriotic of me, but I really enjoy watching dark horses win at the Olympic events. Like the Lithuanian who just won the second gold medal by a woman for her country. Go you, Meilutyte. That's freaking amazing.
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IDEK where this came from. Maybe I'll post it on a fic site later.

Apologies for all Brit!speak mistakes and Avengers!mistakes.

Movie Night should be sacred )
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So, I finally saw Avengers...

And since I'm sure I'm not the last one to see it, here's some cuts for spoilers )

In short - really liked the movie, thought it had some holes but less than some other superhero movies I've seen (*cough*X-3*cough*).
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So, I'm planning a trip to England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales (IDK I CANNOT CHOOSE HALP). And last night I was reading that most time is kept in military or 24-hr time.

I AM RETURNING TO MY PEOPLES. I drive my techs nuts because I record all times in my records in 24-hr time. :D
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I am now 32.9 miles on the way to Rivendell, and that means I've just run into my first Black Rider - only several million more scary things to go!

Also, off to my first Chief of Staff training meeting, yay! Am very excited about this. Not so excited about driving back home from Dublin.
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1) Ain't dead. :D

2) Am now 30.7 miles on the way to Rivendell - we can now see across Woody End to the River
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Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.
Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

The first round is from [personal profile] ceitfianna!
It'd be great if I had more single, simple answers, I think )
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On the list of 'Reasons I'm a Vet':

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Happy Galentine's Day
my thread

And, stolen from [personal profile] ceitfianna
Give me a pairing and I will write you at least a hundred words of them being together. Feel free to give me a lyric, an image, anything and a sense of would you like fluffy or sexy.

Even though I'm still working on prompts from the last one. The last ones are challenging!
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From this meme here, which is still open. BTW. Please?


I have been told I need to write about my favorite song lyric. There's a wee small problem with this.

I haven't one.

Or, I should say, I have lots, depending on my mood, what level of sleep deprivation I'm at, and, I'm sure, whether or not the aliens living behind the moon have got their radio on or not.


Here's a list instead!

Read more... )
There's others, I'm sure, but these at least made the short list. ... Actually there's lots. But yes, I could go on forever, so, stopping at five.
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Forever, actually.

Also, I need to learn to curse in German. *adds this to the list*
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Thoroughly enjoying my first day off in a week, and that day has included logging some more miles on this quest to find a wise old elf. :D

28.6 miles in, and it's almost time for a hobbit meal (though, based on the size of their meals, one wonders how the heck they got anywhere so quickly).


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