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So, I've backed up Bones, Ace, and Balthazar on DW - I'll probably do Katya and Shaz too, to round out the ones of mine I play most - I should, honestly, delete the others (save Romana, I swear I'm trying to play Romana more, poor girl) since I barely touch them. But then I can try new pups! :D
(Still think I could have made it with Hon Rosie)
(Am determinedly not re-apping Hon Rosie)

OMG end of year inventory is coming up. It is majorly not of the non-stressful. *makes flailyface*

So, the exerbeats game? Ridiculous amounts of fun. For serious. Still think I should go no where other people can see me with the hip-hop stuff. *fears*

So, here's some things I never did get around to posting earlier (links go to the Kodak website, swear):

Martha the Pirate Kitty

My Christmas Tree, and oh yes, I have the coolest calendar this year

In other news, does anyone have a good recommendation for a online photo-storage site? The one I've been using for almost 7 years has suddenly become a portal to that evil 'omg you're infected with a virus click on THIS TO SAVE YOURSELF' virus. Thank goodness for MacAffee. *snuggles it*
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Lookit what the Yuletide Fairy gave me: A Nightwatch Fic! It is so awesomely done. *draws hearts all over it*
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So, um. *taps mic* Yes, new journal, nearly 8 years after I made my first online blogging journal.


It's 1am and I should be in bed. That's as insightful as I can be. But! I have presents wrapped, and laundry done, and... I have utterly freaked out my cat. Mission accomplished!
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Got your card, Aspen! It's so cute! :D Thank you!

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you, They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

So, the first round goes to [ profile] ceitfianna

My earliest memory of veterinary medicine is James Herriot on PBS - the world of Trickie Woo, Yorkshire farmers, hillsides covered with snow or wind-swept fields or fluffy fluffy sheep, crazy-ass bosses, and lots and lots of animals.

Just the opening music makes me grin. And if you haven't read the books, go do so. Tragically, a lot of his gripes are NOT EXAGGERATIONS.
I did my undergraduate work at UCD, as an animal science major, which is more about herd management and such than veterinary medicine, but it satisfied all the pre-reqs, and I did spend a memorable winter quarter getting up way before the crack of dawn to spend 2-3 mornings a week at the sheep barn playing with bebe sheeps working in the sheep barn. There were hay hooks, amateur surgeries, and pocket knives involved. Good times. Besides, our major had the best barbeques by default. Very much so didn't get into vet school on my first attempt, not through lack of trying. Went to vet tech school instead, and while I was getting my AS in that, I spent two years working at a local shelter, getting all sorts of crazy experience. It's there I picked up Martha the Wondercat. Did get into UCD VetMed the second time, also got into University of Florida, and almost got into University of Washington. Spent four years working my ass off getting through killer classes and endless labs, learned to love coffee and all of its wakeful goodness, started pulling my first all-nighters, experienced surgery at 2am, experienced doing an ultrasound on a horse (protip: the probe does nothing from outside the horse. Think about it.) which is an ungodly filthy experience, learned that I still cannot develop a love for pigs and that horse people are crazy and small animal people can be crazier, and that cookies are a viable form of payment. I've been a vet for two and a half years, and... thank you, James Alfred Wight. It really is an awesome job. Despite the crazies.
And yes, that does mean that thanks to all that school, my name can have seven letters after it, at my most ridiculous - Bodldops, AS BS DVM

Doctor Who
So, my introduction to the world of Doctor Who came when Fox Network got together with the BBC to create what is essentially the 8th doctor's screen canon.

It was horrific.

Based on that? Odds are I would have never watched anything in that canon ever again.

When I was 18, just starting my undergrad career, I got a summer internship at a local vet ER/specialty center. They put me on the graveyard shift to start, so I started staying up super late to try and shift my internal clock over before I had to work, so I'd actually do some good. I was flipping through channels, and to my shock and glee, there was Tristan Farnon! (See clip above)
Except it wasn't.

It was this fellow. I only caught the last twenty minutes, so it was fairly incomprehensible, but it looked like fun. So on my next trip to the library, I looked for more videos of this Doctor Who stuff. When I found them, I could have sworn the lead character didn't look right, and I was afraid I'd remembered the name of the show wrong, but... hey, nothing ventured, right?
I was right, the lead guy was wrong.

It was this fellow. :D Sylvester McCoy, you are my Doctor. In all your zany, manipulative glory.

It's where I live! I've actually always lived here - and I rather like it. I've played with the idea of living other places - Colorado, Washington... but... yes. California.

So, waaay back, I played on the NeoPets board. Which is, on the whole, horrific. However, there was one group that played a group of hares from Salamandastron. Bonus points if you know what that is without wikipedia. I played a medico hare with a penchant for getting hit over the head. That group slowly died, so I found a new group - LotR, in which I played Elrohir and a Gondorian Ranger named Sallyn. There was unknown Rohirrim princess, the entire Peredhil family, a couple dwarves... and of course the requisite Mary Sue characters. There were many good threads. But like all good things, it was slowly winding to an end.
And then I saw a post on my LJ flist about Mways. I decided Ace would be a good option to test the waters, and... yeah. Still going. :D

So, I was convinced to watch Night Watch... which lead to reading Night Watch... which lead to reading Day Watch... which is leading to reading Twilight Watch, but I'm working on that. And in the books, there's a sparkly, bold-as-brass, downright lethal gal who totally gets downplayed in all the books and fandom (along with pretty much any pup who isn't Sveta, Anton, or Olya).
So yeah, I took the crazy Russian tiger. La. :D
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1) Yuletide continues apace! It's already twice the length required, and the basic premise is only just barely set up. :D! If this continues, my person may get two fics, as the other prompt of theirs that I recognize the canon of is pretty awesome too.

2) ..... Okay, just gonna say it - the lead gal on 'Unforgettable' is the biggest Mary Sue character I've seen in a long time. Wow.

3) It's that time of year again! I have Christmas cards, and they should be sent out! The replies to this post will be screened, so no one's info will be public, but if you want a card, please give me your address! Even if you think I have it - I've got addresses spread out over so many places, it's ridiculous. :D
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*pokes* Is this thing on?

*waves* So, um. Am still alive? Hi!

An update on the Boodledop since... um. Good lord, when is the last time I updated this thing? Last January? *fails at blogging in the RL*

1) Am now the lead vet at my clinic. I am not entirely clear how this happened, but I'm still doing my best to kick ass and take names. Some days I succeed. Some days I threaten to become a waitress in France. (Long story)

2) Martha the Wondercat is still an awesome bundle of fuzz, though she's earned herself a nasty reputation at the clinic. She's a saint!kitty... right up until someone goes for a needle. Then she decides that it's only fair that she gets to poke people back.

3) Drove in the snow for the first time this Thanksgiving. There are even pictures of my snow-going mini!SUV. It was pretty awesome, yo.

4) UTTERLY fell off the 'taking care of oneself' bandwagon. Working on getting back on that, yes.

5) Am working on my Yuletide fic, and I wonder sometimes if the organizers of that thing if they look at what I offer, and purposefully pick the one offer in the canon I love, but haven't read/watched/etc in a while. Every year! *flail* Gonna make it. Must has more research!

6) Am doing Christmas Cards! Better late than never, right? Responses are hidden if you give your address (I'll unlock the others, unless you say otherwise), and... I think the cards are cute. :D
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MERRY CHRISTMAS, all! I hope you all are having a fantastic one.

Lookit what my Yuletide writer made for me! Experiments, a Amelia Peabody fic. :) Ramses for Christmas!
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As noted before, I'm home! :D Tonight we're going to see Cirque (OMG YAY) and eating yummy yummy tapas. And then it will be Christmas Eve!

Tragically, I have to work the day after Christmas, so I am driving home Christmas Day. Also, I really hope I remembered to order the computer to tape the new DW coming out. >.> I'm pretty sure I did? Mrr? Oh well, I'm sure it'll get replayed if I miss it.

Any messages over the next couple days, feel free to leave'm here - I'm not going to be on very much at all.
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I have finished my Yuletide fic! And I have one waiting for me in return! Clearly this is made of awesome.

So is the fact that in 24 hours I should be home (Homehome, not NewHomeTownhome) for Christmas YAY!


So really ought to get started on that laundry. And wrapping. Definitely those. >.>
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I should be in bed. I should have been in bed a long time ago.


Today I got a care package from home - a bunch of the ornaments I either made as a kid/teenager/college student or were made or bought for me over the years, as well as a couple family ornaments.

So tonight was tree re-decorating night, because as the pic below shows, the tree was missing a certain... something. Something besides a good sweep-up underneath. The cat and the tree are in a shedding competition some days.

Half-way through, I couldn't wait any longer and put on the shiny star my Grandma and Grandpa (the one who calls me Boodledops) gave me one year.

And this, folks, is what I believe a Christmas tree should look like. Y'all can keep your fancy color-coordinated trees - trees are supposed to be a mis-matched motley crew of ornaments that are equal parts memories and awesome. It helps if at least one of your ornaments is a caroling ex-soda can. There's two on this tree, but I thiiink you can only see one in this shot. It's like 'Where's Waldo', except better.

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Alright, seriously though, Christmas cards are going out tomorrow (or the next day, depending on how tomorrow goes) so I need addresses! I've got a few people's, and I've got some folks' from previous years.

But still! Cute Christmas Critters ahoy, yes? And this post is all locked and whatnot so folk can't see each other's responses.
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Also, my hospital actually made plan this week. RAWK.

But mostly:

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, bodldops sent to me...
Twelve icons drumming
Eleven kittens writing
Ten cookies orienteering
Nine adventures graduating
Eight rabbits a-running
Seven cats a-studying
Six horses a-reading
Five lo-o-o-ogic puzzles
Four wedge antilles
Three peabody mysteries
Two sam vimes
...and a raven in an english naval history.
Get your own Twelve Days:

This amuses me a lot more than it should. Possibly because it is very nearly very very early in the morning.

Still need a Christmas icon, mrrr.
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I should be in bed, but I figured out how to juggle USB ports for the time being, and thus was able to upload the pictures of the UTTERLY AWESOME wreath I made tonight. Or, more accurately, decorated, but it is still made of awesome. There was happy squeaking while it was being made, I'll admit. And I think the pictures don't do it justice. The tinier baubles don't show up, which is sad.


This is right after I finished it - I was so freaking pleased, I had to go grab my camera and document the awesome.

Here it is, performing it's proper holiday function.
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Alright, since it seems my co-doctor has managed to get to work and I haven't recieved any frantic 'OMG NO DOCTOR HALP' calls, I'm in the clear to get my stuff done today. Thus, list!

The List of DOOOOM
Clean/dust apartment
Finish emptying the last of the big move boxes for crying out loud
Hang up the Christmas lights. :D!!!
Re-pot that poor plant outside that doesn't seem to know it's a poor plant 'cause it's going nuts
On that note, weed the garden
Cooking food for the next week
Wreath-making! :D!!!

*eyes list* It is a good list. For now. We'll see what else it needs as time goes on. And if it all gets done? Yosemite tomorrow. :D

Also? CHRISTMAS CARD POST in my previous entry. Go. Give me addresses. The power of the cute critter on the cards demands it.
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WHOOHOOO! I am now on the intarwebs, without the help of the iPod. As previously mentioned, the trusty laptop has bit the dust due to the computer version of H1N1, proclaimed dead as a doornail last Monday by two computer specialists.

I am... um. Ridiculously behind on my Yuletide fic, but I have an idea for it, and since I love this canon (though honestly, I can't remember ever seeing any fic for it ever), it should come along nicely. Or at least come along.

NaNoWriMo has defeated me once again (yes, I know I have a couple more days, but dudes, I've only just barely cleared 10,000 words and... um. It was all on the laptop. So no. I'll get you next year, nearly-impossible writing task!

Work continues to be work, with it's joys and sadness and 'no seriously tell me you aren't that crazy'-ness of it all. Lalala yay.

Also! I now have Christmas lights! And cards! So I'm going to make all replies viewable by me only, and say HERE BE CHRISTMAS CARD POST. They have the requisite cute animal. Srsly. C'mon, it's me... did you really think it wasn't going to have a cute animal on it? Even if I should have your address tattooed on the back of my eyelids, plz respond, for lo, I am a disorganized critter, and people move, and things. Yes, I'll send cards overseas.

And. Um. Yes? Thanksgiving (done a day early since I had to drive home last night (5 hours omgwtf) was marvellous, and evidently it's snowing in Tahoe now that I've left. Figures, though I'm glad I didn't have to drive home in the snow.

Also, I need a Christmas icon. I had one lined up - Urahara with a Christmas hat, but it was... say it with me... on the laptop. Alas.
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Posting this with my iPod. V. V. Difficult for someone who never texts.

In other news, I have a new coat, one made for grown-ups. :D
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Armed with the new iPod of awesomeness and my Ettinger of all the things I can't remember and chocolate bacon, I'm totally set for the new year. Bwah!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

EDIT: Saw the CiN DW special. Emphasis on 'whut?', definitely. *stares* Moffet, don't make me throw things at you.


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