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So, for my birthday I studied the single most boring set of court cases ever. Seriously, brain-killing legaleese, ugh.

And then Mom and Sis drove up from San Jose, and we went to see Iron Man (yes, I loved it muchly, despite some gratiutious ignoring of basic biological and physical principles) and went out to dinner at Buco di Beppo - pork with hazelnuts and blueberries and capers (Yum-o, srsly) and baked ravioli and the house bread and... um, this chocolate brownie thing with caramel and gelato and more yum, and a chianti for me. Sis had a Lemon Drop, which I thought was just a bit (lot) too sweet.

Also, Mom made me the best framed picture in the world - Me and Diego, my first colony dog, in a series of three pictures. *snuggles it* Though that does mean there needs to be some serious rearranging of pictures so I can hang it up right.

Then back to ethics and veterinary law. Whee!

Yesterday was... ethics and law. And finishing yet another surprise!takehome, and working on the killer immunology takehome of killer doom. It's like a book, it's so huge.

Today, the ethics and law test, which took just about every minute of the 3 hours scheduled. *flops* Now to finish off some more of the killer immunology takehome of killer doom, and study for SA med tomorrow and Emergency med on Wednesday. *falls over*

In other news: DW: "Forest of the Dead"
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So, happy birthday to me!


It's finals week. Things are bound to be stressful. I am bummed (not as much as I was this morning, but still) that I didn't do nearly half as well on the Radiology final as I thought I would. I am now very fervently hoping I did as well on the other tests in Radiology as I thought I did, or there's a chance of me repeating first year.

Which would suck.

P-chem and Cardiology again. *wibbles*

Anyway. *fervently ignores worry*

Got a take-home exam from Neonatology, and it case on it deserves to be quoted:
So, here's the deal: )

So, that was fun.

Then the family came up, and we had Italian for dinner, with Ben & Jerry's for dessert (yes Gar, that B&J). Then, of course, presents.

I am so much of a geek I don't know whether to glee more over my new vet toys (nifty hoofpicks, a pen clip, and a nifty pen light that I have been playing with all night), my books (Soduko and other puzzles, and Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul (btw, did they have to put all the stories that'd make me cry IN THE VERY FRONT?)), or the notice I got that says in a month I'll be able to get my hands on the DVD set of Ninth Doc?


Yup. Geek.


Dad spent most of the time after present-opening trying to figure out how hoof picks work. There was demonstrating with imaginary horses. I don't think he believes me. People at nearby tables probably think I'm madder than a hatter. This is me not caring.


A classmate made me carrotcake muffins. :D

So, overall, not a bad birthday. Even if finals suck.
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Well... a quick object lesson in why I like celebrating other people's birthdays, rather than my own.
Got up and did something good for myself this morning (even though the nordictrack evidently decided that it didn't want to work... I had to use the TV for a timer. Got to watch part of Star Wars though. I love the garbage chute scene.). Got done in time to see sis and dad off... no Happy Birthdays yet. Hrm. Checked three times to make sure that my breed project was in my folder before leaving the house this morning... paranoid much?
Hey, not much traffic on 680. It's a miracle, stop the presses! Sheesh, it's like people get on that freeway and forget how to drive. There's always a major accident. Except today, which was very nice.
Angela and Robyn showed up with a prezzie for me! I love those chicas, they're so cool. And Jen and Allison, who also chipped in. *beams* It's a new copy of LotR. I had mentioned a few weeks before that my old copies were... shall we say... trashed. I've read them so many times, the backings have fallen off, and there are many loose pages. Now I have a spiffy new hardback copy, with this huge map... I'm in love. It was hard to pay attention to Dr. Mac and not my spiffy new book. Dr. Mac got my attention back by talking about James Herriot, whom I also love. He rocked, muchly. Even if that wasn't his real name. Has anyone else read the books or seen the spiffy TV show? It's great...
Read LotR through A&P lecture. Much more interesting. Dear Eru, if she spends much more time on cell-mediated immunity, I'll scream. Nevermindthat, if she spends fifteen minutes telling us that, hey, it's the tenth week of the quarter, and just to let you know, these are the pages we'll be covering and, hey, these are the pictures, don't look at them yet, I'll talk about them later and, hey, for those of you in lab... wait, for those in Mon... no, Tuesday lab... it's the tenth week of the quarter... *headdesk* One of my classmates is threatening to bring skittles to class to use as projectile missiles.
Came home (avoiding the cop, who wouldn't have liked what my spedometer was reading.... *looks innocent*), realized there was _no_ food in the house. And me needing to get going for work in half an hour. So I made up some canned crab and mayo sandwich sorta thing. Too bad the crab was foul. Had a balance bar instead. Much tastier, less illness-inducing.
Now, I should explain... there's this sorta tradition at work. People have birthdays, and by some awful decree of the scheduling gods, people always seem to have to work on their birthdays (me being no exception). So management usually brings a birthday cake. Or something. Unless, you know, the person is the underpaid temp. *sigh* Oh well, I'm on a diet anyway. Vaccinated allllll of C-ward today. Used two and a half boxes of vaccines - that's over fifty cats. *whistles* And I'm still not a kitty chew-toy. Amazing. Why? Because I'm just that good, ladies and gentlemen. Nah, I'm just a lucky bugger. That, and I've got fast reflexes. I've felt the wind of teeth closing centimeters away from my hand or face before. That gets the old heart pumping, I'll tell you. I know why Steve Irwin does what he does - it's quite a rush.
Lack of proper lunch made me a very hungry vettecher by the time I got out (perfectly on time, take _that_ human resources!) Went out for b-day dinner with the family. Mexican food, and pretty tasty stuff at that. Yum. Evidently, however, Grandma thinks that I stashed away the check she sent for Christmas, and that's why I didn't get a gift from her this year. *sighs* I cashed it already. Great. So yet another person thinks I'm a hopeless loser. Well, join the club, mate. Founding member, me.
Came home (lots of fresh-made tortillas in tow - those things are sooo good) and lit the cake my mom and made for me. It was gorgeous - like a cake you'd buy at a fancy shop. It tasted even better. And yes, I made a wish on the candles, and yes, I blew them all out, and no, ain't tellin' ya.
Then I watched some of this show "Finding the Humor Self" which was actuallly pretty funny on purpose... then some of this spanish version of King Arthur (which was funny, but not on purpose).
All in all?

I like celebrating other people's birthdays better. Much more fun all around.


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