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I think Ace needs to catch Dean doing this:

Best of Ever

? :D
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So, I've backed up Bones, Ace, and Balthazar on DW - I'll probably do Katya and Shaz too, to round out the ones of mine I play most - I should, honestly, delete the others (save Romana, I swear I'm trying to play Romana more, poor girl) since I barely touch them. But then I can try new pups! :D
(Still think I could have made it with Hon Rosie)
(Am determinedly not re-apping Hon Rosie)

OMG end of year inventory is coming up. It is majorly not of the non-stressful. *makes flailyface*

So, the exerbeats game? Ridiculous amounts of fun. For serious. Still think I should go no where other people can see me with the hip-hop stuff. *fears*

So, here's some things I never did get around to posting earlier (links go to the Kodak website, swear):

Martha the Pirate Kitty

My Christmas Tree, and oh yes, I have the coolest calendar this year

In other news, does anyone have a good recommendation for a online photo-storage site? The one I've been using for almost 7 years has suddenly become a portal to that evil 'omg you're infected with a virus click on THIS TO SAVE YOURSELF' virus. Thank goodness for MacAffee. *snuggles it*
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Taking a page from Cam's book: Pups I'd love to play but won't.

1) Sargeant Patrick Harper from the 'Sharpe' series. The show's been on BBC America the past two weekends, and I've become rather fond of him. But he really wouldn't be happy in the bar, trapped away from Ramona and the baby.

2) Daniel Hagman, also from 'Sharpe'. The poacher turned best shot of the Chosen Men, who just happens to have a fantastic singing voice. You have to love a man that can offer snarky comments in song. He could be brought in after Waterloo, but what would he do?

3) Earl Sigma - from DW, 'Happiness Patrol'. A medical student in psychology who gets trapped on colony that's a perfect example of several types of psychosis. He was paying his way through a wandering vacation by playing the blues on his harmonica, but that doesn't work so well when you're likely to get killed for being a killjoy. He'd be fun to play, I think... but there's so little info on him given.

4) An Ood. ... Do I really need to explain this one? It'd be very very ood.

5) Elton from the DW episode 'Love and Monsters'. Come on, you know you love him too. Poor Elton. Big Absorba...trix, and they're having a go at him.

6) Bunter, from the 'Peter Wimsey' series. I shouldn't really need to explain this one either. Bunter is love.

7)Stephen Maturin from the 'Master and Commander' series. Who doesn't love the doctor/naturalist/spy? Again, I'm just not sure what he'd do with himself, other than study the patrons. I'd fear playing him if only because of his atrocious taste in women. He always picks such oddballs.


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