Oct. 9th, 2013

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Item the first:

THANK YOU. Whoever you are, thank you for doing this. :D

Item the second: general stuffs

In general, I love slice-of-life / behind the scenes stuff, though I'll never say no to an adventure or two. :D Shipping is fine, as long as it doesn't alter what's already canon or force characters to be out of character. H/C is fine (more than fine when it's well written :D). TBH I tend to skip over smut unless it's either integral to the plot or very well written, so.

I don't like noncon/dubcon, mpreg, omegaverse.

Item the third: requests!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: So many feels for this show, so many. I love every one of the characters, though I'll admit, the science team are my favorite, far and away. I love their geeky multi-syllable-word rants, I love their codependent sibling-ness, I love Jemma's awkward smile and Fitz's obsession with monkeys. The others are fun too, so if you want to write them in to your fic, I have no problems at all.

Elementary: Some of my favorite parts of the show are when Watson and Sherlock are just trying to live in the same place without killing each other. And Joan's training - I'm loving how the new season has her picking up some new tricks.

Wire in the Blood: How much do I love Kevin/Paula? Those two, or Tony with anyone, good grief - the amount of awkwardness that goes into the relationships on that show is amazing. And how they all manage to stay human and (mostly) sane in the face of dealing with some of the worst humanity can dish out - that's pretty awesome.

Grimm: I love this show's quirkiness, the way it pulls on common fears and myths and makes them very real in that 'verse (the less said about the spider and bee episodes, the better, omg, was hiding behind the couch, no lie). Monroe is my favorite of the main characters, and I want to know all about him - why he's doing what he's doing, what he thinks about being bffs with a Grimm, why he fell so hard for Rosalie (she's certainly nothing like the ex!), what he thinks of Aunt Marie's trailer, his opinion on Nick's human friends, the everlasting awkwardness that is the Juliet situation, even a bit of omg!zombies. :D Go nuts.


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