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So, my car is trying to wreak my perfect record.

I get in the car this morning (after being allowed to sleep in, because we started late today), and... the engine does that unhappy 'oh, where'd my oil go' thing that it does. Me, realizing that I hadn't yet restocked on my oil supply in the trunk, hopes that the car is just at an odd angle or something (which does sometimes cause this).

Check the oil.

Yup, low.

All of the sudden.

It was fine a week ago.

WTF, Bessie the car. I thought we were over this.

So I got to call in and say I'd be late before dashing over to the store (which, luckily, isn't that far away) to buy mucho oil and dump it into Bessie. Turns out I wasn't late after all (getting all of the Oncologists into one room is a bit like herding cats), but it was a close thing.

Not on, car. Not on.

In job search news, I've applied to a couple different places now, including Banfield (boo hiss, I know, a job's a job, for serious), and discovered I still hate writing cover letters as much as I did before (why hire me? HELL IF I KNOW!), and still no replies. Um. From last night, so. >.>

Now, to call the CA Boards people and go 'oi, where's my packet, you people who have too much power over my life?', and hope they don't laugh before hanging up. After is fine. Before is just demoralizing.


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