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It is being a morning.

Bessie the car has started this new thing where the 'stop for repairs' light (or whatever it's called) will flash on... and then go off. Randomly. Usually only in the very cold morning. Maybe the oil I put in isn't rated for cold? It's due for a trip to jiffylube anyway, but... could we find a less annoying way to announce that, car?

And then I was locked out of my building. So I had to go into another building, up the stairs, over the breezeway, down the stairs into my own building. Which isn't that annoying except I'm failing at walking with coffee this morning. LA.

I dunno. I call do-over. Can I get one on the last four years?

In less early-morning-cranky news, 'Castle' was hilarious. :D

EDIT: Also, someone who is not me needs to tell the Air Force pilot I saw this morning while getting coffee that yes, his hat and shades and leather jacket are way cool, but that more-than-half-hanging-out-envelope in the pocket four inches or so above your boots just looks lame. Sorry.

EDIT: Also? Other people's goof-ups need to stop being my fault. WTF.

EDIT: And my first patient on this service, the one I spent three days taking care of, was just euthanized. Today is totally fired.

EDIT: There are no words for how freaking annoyed I am right now. RARGH.


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