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500 Mile March

Week 4: 22.8 miles
Total: 115.9/500 miles
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500 Mile March

Week 4: 12.2 miles
Total: 105.3/500 miles

WHOOT! One hundred miles done!


Ignore the fact I'm supposed to reach 200 by the end of this week if I were on track. >.>
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500 Mile March

Week 1: 22.7 miles
Week 2: 50.6 miles (YAY!)
Week 3: 15.5 miles
Total: 88.8/500 miles

So, I decided to skip last week. There were other things, and my feet hurt. Yes, I am wimp. But I am a stubborn wimp!
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500 mile march:

Week 2: 39.4 miles
Total: 62.1/500 miles

OW. Just. Ow.

And I'm going to have to push tomorrow to even make what I need for this week, let start catching up on next week.
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500 mile march:

Week 2: 27.9 miles
Total: 50.6/500 miles
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500 mile march:

Week 2: 22.8 miles
Total: 45.5/500 miles

Definitely a slog today.
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500 mile march:

Week 2: 15.6 miles
Total: 38.3/500 miles
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500 mile march:
Week 1: 22.7 miles (grr argh blisters *sulk*)
Week 2: 5 miles

Total: 27.7/500 miles

Boy do I have some ground to make up. >.<

In other (very belated) news, chatter about Hell's Kitchen:
Spoilerificness Ahoy )

500 mile march, week 2: 8.1 miles
Total: 30.8/500 miles
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500 mile march:


Note: That new-skin stuff? Does help. But it feels annoying as all get out when I'm not walking on it. Argh. But? At least I'm walking again.
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*sighs* No walking today, I think. I, in my massive winning ability, managed to garner a massive blister on the ball of my left foot that has extended between my big toe and the rest of them.

It burns. So much. And I can only get it to stop for limited periods of time. Sucketh so much.

*mutters unhappy things*
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1) 500 mile march: 14.1/500 There's blisters on top of blisters. OW.

2) Costco? Is a zoo. People lose all conception of how to work shopping carts, and seem to think five carts can occupy the same spot of concrete. But the worst?

Those guys who stand at the exit and go over receipts. They usually don't even look at the carts - they just stare at the little white scrap of paper for a while, and then run their highlighter through it and send you on your way. What the heck?

3) A few days ago, the last of the bunnies I raised for 4-H when I was in highschool was put down. Her name was Hassen, and she hated my guts. Mostly because I wasn't home much, and when I was, I was the one clipping her nails and other such unpleasant things. She was old, and had a good life. I was just sorry that despite two years of classes and whatnot, I couldn't save her.

Yeah, that day sucked.

4) Sis made a Gordon Ramsay meal - pork chops with tomatoes and thyme and such. It was very yummy.

5) Note to self: If you're waving the cat wand around for Martha? Close the laptop first. Because she will land on the keyboard and dislodge keys.

G and H had to be surgically re-inserted. But at least they went back on? *facepalms*
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The 500 mile march:

Slow start, I know. I'll try to pick the rest up later.


Day one finished successfully. Hurrah!
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1) Saw an ad for a reality show called 'Fat March'. It's another one of those weight-loss reality shows, like 'Biggest Loser' - in this one, teams are challenged to walk 500+ miles in 10 weeks.

And then I thought: Could I do that? Seriously, could I walk 500 miles in 10 weeks?

So I'm gonna try.

My body's gonna hate me. Thank me later, maybe. But hate me now.

2) My cat's been uberclingy lately. Usually she'll sit somewhere in the room, not really wanting any petting. Lately, she's been hard to keep out of my lap. Right now she's sitting on the couch next to me, leaning hard against my leg, purring like an outboard motor. Could it be my cat's gone soft?

3) There is, sadly, such a thing as paper made from elephant poop. No kidding. Do you think they'll use it at the Democratic Party?

4) Annnnd that's about it.


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